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Murphy's Law 1


car touble in paradise...

Hello, and welcome to my “Murphy’s Law” stories. These are true stories that usually happen to me or that I see and would like to share with you. Everyone likes to laugh so I thought I would share. Enjoy!

So it’s a Sunday mid morning and we are leaving my father’s camp down in Naples NY and headed to my mom’s for cake and ice-cream. A few months ago my car crapped the bed, I blew a head gasket among other things so we (mostly my boyfriend, Chris) rebuilt the engine, replaced some vital parts that desperately needed replacing and it’s been up and running for about a month now. At first we had some problems with my radiator drain plug so we replaced the O rings that go on the plug and biggity bam no leak! Chris and I go into the gas station get a small thing of oil, for a new engine burns threw oil naturally, and a coffee…. 6.85!!! Say what??? If I didn’t need the oil and if I wasn’t in a hurry I definitely would have refused to pay that much for it but I did. We go outside, I pop my hood and I notice the look on Chris’s face… not a good look either. So I come around and see the antifreeze almost pouring out of my car…ok so it wasn’t super fast but still bad. We call his mom who lives 15 minutes away from where we were parked and drove the car there.

We park the car to let it cool off and his mom knows I have a soft spot for wine, so we get a glass of wine or two or three… I lost count really and go sit by the bomb fire they were having. It wasn’t very hot out but the sun was out and the fire was hot. Now mind you we were sitting on a slight hill with my back facing downhill. For some reason I didn’t really notice the hill…. I was sitting in one of those plastic chairs and I leaned back and next thing I knew I was on the ground, feet over head and my wine spilled and glass tossed… you can imagine my confusion I had at first and then the wet butt from the ground I thought I wore the wine or peed myself. Well it turns out neither had happened just the rain from the morning. So after careful inspection, I concluded that the chair broke under the combination of the force of me leaning back and the slope of the hill and the heat of the fire weakened the plastic joint… the wine had nothing to do with it I promise.

So after that we went home using his mother’s car… one hour and a half later we were at home loading up the radiator we had picked up from the junk yard when we thought the one that just turned bad was bad before. Long story short we get back, another hour and a half later, and we take the car apart in the dead of the night and the damn thing is to BIG!! We took it out of the same model and make and year car as I have but it didn’t fit. UGH!

So the next morning, skipping classes, we went hunting for a radiator. One junk yard said “sure we pull it for you give us 45 minutes to an hour and we will call you when its ready” two hours later and they still haven’t called we were in the area and stopped in… half hour after that they finally admit that the one she thought she had was missing and the other one they brought up was rusty….sssoooo you couldn’t call me and tell me this?!?!?!?! You had to waste my time???? She offered to get us a new one at her cost for the wait but she couldn’t get it till the next day…. Hum ok how much? 165.00!?!?!?! so I called the auto parts store and found one for 106.00 brand new about 20 minutes away in the next town over and we could have it the same day. Ha 165.00 a discount price? Ya ok. So needless to say we got the new one, Chris put it in my car and she is up and running in no time and no leak! What a weekend!


Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on October 19, 2011:


You are most-WELCOME for my comments of truth to you. You? Love Mayberry? Wow! Your profile says you are from upstate New York...this is an amazing fact I have just learned. I found, not only a creative writer to follow, but a fan of Mayberry. What a good God we serve. I am very interested in your other Murphy's Law hub. You are an fantastic writer. Keep the hubs coming. Kenneth

ashley (author) from upstate ny on October 19, 2011:

Kenneth - if you enjoyed this one i have another Murphy's Law :) and thanks i love that show btw

Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on October 19, 2011:

Hi, hazeleyedbeauty, GREAT hub! Amazing and funny reading, but I feel for you in this dilemma. You have a witty style of writing. Very refreshing. Voted up and away. I am now a fan and follower if that is cool with you. Sincerely~~~Kenneth Avery, from a rural town, Hamilton, in northwest Alabama that resembles Andy and Barney's town of Mayberry. Nice to have met you. Keep up the great work!

Don A. Hoglund from Wisconsin Rapids on October 01, 2011:

Well you got it fixed with the usual number of setbacks, I think.