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Much Love in Her Heart


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Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

She has been seeing,

Seeing him for a while

His thought has always

Enveloped her heart

Much love in there

She has been finding

Means to express herself

For she knows this deep

Sited feelings in her

Is much love indeed

However, she has been

Full of fears for she

Would not be certain

Of what he will term

This much love in her to mean

Then she remembers her

Birthday, its days away

She desires to be taken

Out like other ladies

For much love is in her heart

It’s avenue to express the

Deep sited love in her

Heart to him, fear all

Gone, how to express ‘self

Of much love in her gone

She puts it forward to

Him of her birthday,

She notices he was glad

Asks him to take her out

For much love is in her

He agrees to take her

Out and it becomes a

Memorable date and day for

Her, a day that she

Expresses her much love for him

Has read “much love” all

Over her, but has been

“On and off”, but when the

Occasion meets right time

The much love in them was revealed

Secret Love Song (Official Video)

His presence comforts her

His talks her joy, there

Is no place so comforting than

Being with him, where she ‘ll

Fearlessly express much love

His smile her peace

Her head on his body

Fires on her sex hormones

Placing her at top of world

For this much love is overwhelming

Thinking about him sends

Signals all over her body

Making her alert like animals

On “heat” preparing for coitus

Much love sited in her heart

Hearing his voice makes the

Resting potentials to become

Action potentials and the

Organ storing the estrogen becomes

Activated because of the much love

All over her body has the

Estrogen circulated making

Her alert, elevated and being on

Top of the world yea she is there

For she has much love

Now she can touch the firmament

Her hand passes over the

Moon and the stars she has

Been elevated by love for

This much love is unequal

Having been elevated by much

Love she is someone else, this

Is beautifully written all over her while

Others are depressed she is

Alert and alive for much is the Love

Now she knows she is

On top of the world,

Now she knows what love is

Because this kind of love is

Distinctly distinct the Much-sited Love



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on September 16, 2020:

Swati Khandelwal Thanks a Bunch. I am elated you enjoyed reading through this.

stay safe. Have a lovely day.

Swati Khandelwal from Nainital on September 16, 2020:

Nice to read, I thoroughly enjoyed

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