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Mr. Thor-The Witty tutor

Generose is a new writer here. She is currently studying at CPAC and took a BSED major in English.

Character Sketches—Teacher's Personality

"I am a gorilla!" Tutor Thor shouted. But his learners were just laughing at him. This witty tutor was teaching learners out of curiosity about a teacher. They liked it because the room was like a jungle world and everyone had fond memories of it.

Mr. Thor was a witty tutor who taught grade school thrice a week at JHESDAES to educate them mindfully and joyfully. There was a time when the previous tutor of graders in JHESDAES was known to be strict and a serious tutor who often expressed anger towards the graders. He was nothing but witty, enjoyable, and disciplined, which to him was almost a hobby.

Mr. Thor of Barangay 1, Sagay City, has utterly struck out this ancestral-old concept of teaching graders and is acting for the new picture of today's modern, technological, and happy teacher.

The tutor does not sit still for a single moment. Neither exclaiming nor roaring like a lion in teaching, unlike the previous tutor, he moves around with a happy tone in his voice, speaking, talking, and communicating with his learners. Third- and fourth-graders cannot help but eagerly study their lessons with a smile on their faces.

A graduate of Misamis University, where he took a Bachelor of Elementary Education. Mr. Thor represents the average person who believes that a student should have a well-balanced education.

"Yes! Our teacher is so nice, unlike our previous teacher, she's so bad!” Alyana said.

Mr. Thor moved a step forward to go to Alyana and said, "Alyana, do you like to play a game?" But of course, a game that is related to our discussion is about non-living things. This tutor, Thor, was happily approached by his graders.

"Yes, teacher Thor!" they exclaimed, jumping, clapping their hands, and laughing.

The moment they played "Bring Me", Joseph, a grade 4 pupil, approached his tutor and asked. "Tutor Thor, why is your face like a monkey's?" and everybody laughed.

Tutor Thor was laughing and enjoying himself with his learners. He said, "Graders, bring me a piece of crayon." The learners were running and looking for a crayon in their bags. Abegail was the winner. Tutor Thor said, "Okay, since Abegail is the winner, as a punishment for the losers, I will let Abegail draw something on your faces using chalk." Everybody's screaming and laughing.

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A few weeks later, Mr. Thor acted like a clown and visited the classroom of his learners. The learners were just sitting there silently, confused as to why their tutor was not yet there. After a while, the tutor appeared in the room, and then suddenly, the learners were shocked and laughing. They were not scared of clowns.

Tutor Thor said, "Good morning, graders! How are you today? “The kids were shocked, and suddenly they laughed. “Was that you tutoring Thor?" John asked with a confused face.

The class was silent for a moment, for the tutor, Thor, decided to make a trick for the graders to be more confused. However, tutor Thor could not help but laugh and removed his mascara head.

"Hello, hello graders. I am your tutor, Thor. “Greeting them with a manly voice then, the third graders laughed and clapped their hands. “Tutor Thor!" they shouted and ran towards their tutor, and they hugged him.

Tutor Thor points out John to answer his question. Everybody was in silence.

"John, why did the teacher wear eyeglasses? Tutor Thor asked. There's a silence between everyone. Then, John replied seriously, "The teacher wears sunglasses because his eyes are blurred. Tutor Thor answered it extremely well, "because his class was so bright!" And everyone is laughing and shouting.

Abegail was just sitting at the back and suddenly crying. Aya, her friend, asked her, "Abe, why are you crying?" Abe replied, "I am crying because tutor Thor's joke was corny and at the same time witty." And everybody was laughing again.

After a year, their tutorial sessions will soon end. The third graders planned to have a surprise party for their tutor. They prepared something sentimental for him. They asked for help from their parents with the food. They prepared everything because that was the only and best thing they could offer as a thanksgiving party and farewell party for their tutor, Thor.

According to G.K. Chesterton, "Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another." Tutor Thor began his farewell message. "I thanked God that He had given me this gift of talent to teach youngsters with a well-balanced education. I want to extend my gratitude to all the parents here who have trusted me since then. Kids, thank you for your cooperation. Thank you for making our one-year session tutorial class memorable."

The program ended with a special prayer. Not only that, but Tutor Thor provided entertainment for everyone. That was Tutor Thor, a witty tutor.


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