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Mr. Iden Is At It Again

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What Are You Making Now

On the edge of town, there lives a tall charming older man. He is the friendliest guy I know. He loves to talk. He has dreams of things that could become The Walt Disney World Of Wayitis. He is always tinkering on one project or another. He owns the neighborhood junkyard. If you want to find something I am sure he has it. As a kid growing up we would go there and it was easy to spend most of your day. I remember when I wanted to build a go-cart. I had the idea and all I needed was the parts. Off to Mr. Iden's place I went. He was always happy to see anyone build something. Within minutes he looked around his place and we had old wheels from a broken down wagon. The steering wheel from a very fancy sports car. The tailpipe from a beat-up old Chevy truck. It wasn't long before he helped me put together something that was so cool I use to play in my yard and pretend I was the fastest car in town. The muffler would clank not because it worked because of the rocks that were in it every time I moved. I remember my mom and dad not being too happy with it. Hoping it would break and I would forget about it. Instead, I played with it even more. He was able to create something special. Now when I left there it didn't mean it was perfect. I had the start of something so unique and different.A one of a kind. As I drove home that day so excited and happy thinking this is the best day of my life. Then when my go-cart stopped working because I lost the chain it instantly turned into the worst day of my life. I had to walk it the rest of the way home. It was heavier than me. I learned quickly not everything that seems to be great will be great. It has great potential. I watched so many cars drive by. Thinking why didn't my car work as good as theirs. Mr. Iden helped me fix it from time to time. Sometimes he was so busy helping other kids with their own projects too. It wasn't till later that I learned parents weren't always happy to see him and I couldn't understand why? To a young kid he was KIng. To an adult, he had a home that needed some work. He had too many things piled high and all over his yard. He collected everything. If you need a screw he had it. The problem is there were too many projects going on all at once. Many were never completed and finished. I remember he started painting his house red. Then when it was half done he stopped. He had plans to make the biggest windmill and that was still half-built years later. He always had dreams of what could be.. I don't think there was enough time in a day. He liked to sleep late. He said everyone should get lots of rest. It makes your mind the best. I will never forget that wonderful go-cart. I called it my Super Launcher. Mr. Iden gave me lots of ideas. Where we go with them is always up to us. He was a great starter. He said now you have to be the finisher. The sun got hot later that day. I first thought I wanted a sunroof on my go-cart. He said he would help make it. I could bring it back another time. After riding it that day I got awfully hot. There was no breeze. My next thought I don't want a sunroof anymore I want air conditioning. I hope your childhood memories are filled with joy and you have a Mr. Iden to help you get something you love started.


DREAM ON (author) on October 26, 2020:

Gypsy Rose Lee Those are sweet memories and they sound like you had a ball. What fun it would be if we could do that now. I am sure we would get the strangest looks. Thank you so much for reading my story. I hope we can all bring back our best childhood memories and relive them over and over forever.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on October 26, 2020:

My summertime childhood memories are of the Catskill Mountain in New York State where on a large property parents took us, Latvian kids, to spend our summers and came up on the weekend to see us. I have a vivid picture of ways adults found to entertain us and a bunch of us getting to ride along to the garbage dump and climbing on large trash hills searching for hidden treasures. lol

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