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Mountain Top

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I stood on a mountaintop, alone

Raised my hands to the heavens,

Baring my soul

Anguish... despair, my only friends,

Loneliness, my cloak,

Shame became my quilt

With it I covered the hate that made me shiver

Pity, clouding my sight

Bitterness, shutting out all sounds,

I stood on a mountaintop so close to heaven

Seeing my life as it is

Regret stood in front of me

Behind me stood doubt

The shield of vulnerability wrapped its arms around my neck

Binding me tight, choking out my cries for help

My armor of dignity, rusted from tears dripping,

Mingled with morning dew,

Misery's hand restraining me

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Dusty cobwebs cluttered what was once a soul empowered by hope

A voice from the heavens spoke to me asking, who is the one that holds my destiny?

Shaking free from my invisible restraints,

Casting off my cloak of loneliness,

Tossing away my quilt of shame,

Kicking regret into a world beyond...

Another arms held open welcoming it

Ancient history, taking with it all my self--doubt...

The shield of vulnerability let go of its crippling grip

My cries, no longer chocked off

With a voice that had been lost

I cried out the earth shook, the heavens rumbled, no more!

My heart sang out

Lightening ignited the sky

Heaven opened up I fell to my knees

Heavens down pour drowning out my sobs, echoing across an empty earth Lifting up

my head, I saw myself within myself

The soul I'd become

The soul, I'm to be

Rising, I felt the chains that bound me for so long; dissipate Burdens evanescing on

the wings of a white dove setting me free

Free to live Free to love

Free to be loved

I stood on a mountaintop, my spirit no longer held in a deep abyss

No longer a stranger to myself

Peace within my soul gave me hope

To face whatever stumbling blocks

Life delivers in my path and

The strength to embrace my destiny

© 2009 ek ellis


Maraiya Storm from Prescott, Arizona on December 05, 2009:

Quite fascinating! A wonderful letting go with inner transformation. Great poem.

Tom Cornett from Ohio on September 15, 2009:

Beautiful...a wonderful poem! :)

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