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True Motives of My Writing


Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance.

-- W. Clement Stone

My writing is not in the criticizing gear

sometimes showing our humorous side

often trying to make our flaws look clear

maybe to inspire, and then help to decide.

While it may look like pile of negative crap

it's merely pointing at some pitfalls of game

dumping responsibility on everyone's own lap

for their life outcomes -- with no others to blame.

Ignorance and jealousy may see it all as a "cult"

but my niche has always been more than clear

reminding reading man that now he's an adult

with a free will and power to snap out of fear.

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Breaking free from anyone's manipulation

has been my theme in much of what I write

my highest ideal always being self-liberation

but to have noticed that takes someone bright.

To call it a "cult" is not only downright insane

as my "disciples" would be ridiculously few

but may also point at an issue of the brain

when some total lies are pushed as true.

Agony over shaken popularity will do its charade

always finding loyalists to join that pathetic craze

blind leading blind with hopeless need to degrade

forever in that bond created by their mutual praise.

© 2023 Val Karas

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