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Motivational Poem by Engineer

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Yes I will change myself,

I’ll never give up my tomorrow.

Yes I will win my life,

I’ll never back my past...

Yes I will do anything,,

I’ll never ever remember my past life.

Yes I will love my dream,

I’ll never put my situation.

Yes I will learn myself ,

I’ll never learn any person who hurt me.

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Yes I will change anything,

I’ll never back my life.

Yes I will do everything in life ,

I’ll never go to my past life .

-Mahesh Shinde


Mahesh (author) from Pusad on March 18, 2021:

thanks for your humble reply..

Ravi Rajan from Mumbai on March 18, 2021:

Good piece here.Thanks for sharing

manatita44 from london on March 18, 2021:

Sweet! Uplifting!

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