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Mother of Boys "Horror Story-Part One"

Creative writer , lawyer , mother have three children and dog


Mother of boys "horror story- part one "

Mother of boys

When fear becomes the beginning of a raging sparks ...

know that what awaits you is above the horizon of all creatures.
A blotchy night from the desolate nights ... at that time your aspirations will slowly dissolve into your mind.
And you feel utter death like then a snake without an antidote ..

Hello, I will whisper in your ears about it, so do not turn back .. it is all around you .. it awaits you with cleft eyes and a breathless mouth thirsting for desolation ..

In one of the governorates in the south of the valley, my isolated village is surrounded by a running river that kidnaps every year this young boy from the south ..
The rest of the four sides are arid desert and mountains.

In the morning, we need a half-hour walk with river boats only to reach the nearest village to us .. and none of the boat owners have the courage to move their boat even one step in the river after sunset .. except for George's uncle who is not afraid of the night, not even the mother of the boys who kidnaps a child every year .

Uncle George always searches for the missing child in the river until midnight and brings him, but unfortunately, a body for burial ..

There are those who say that George's uncle is the husband of the mother of the boys, and he goes to her at night ..

No one knows where George's uncle hides every month for several days from the village and returns..and if someone asks him, he does not answer ..

Once, when David, the poor guard’s son, disappeared, Fred.
His brother brought an imposter, called Shafiq, to ​​know the whereabouts of the child David.

He told them that the fairy mother of the boys was angry, so she kidnapped David and would kill him in the evening. The reason for her anger is that her husband does not want to have children ..

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David's mother, when she heard Shafiq's words, she fell asleep at the house of George's uncle and kept screaming at him and begging her son to return to her .

but he remained silent and moved towards his boat. The rest of the women of the village followed her ... and her presence held the hand of George's uncle and fell on her knees, trying to kiss a foot so that her son would return to her ..

but he quickly move away from her and say the last word in which we heard his voice

(I will bring him )

..Indeed, he went in his boat and came back in the evening with the child ..

After that story, everything in our village changed from bad to worse ..The conditions of our village have changed a lot since that fateful day.

The day George's uncle returned the child Farid, the poor guard's son, to his family.
Not a week passed since his return without a fire broke out in their house and his father died in it.

And their family moved to a small house attached to the mayor's garden .. all his ewes died in his huge barn on the first day that the al-Ghafeer family lived.

News began circulating in the village that this family was struck by the curse of the genie, the mother of the boys, especially one week after Farid's return.

The entire village watched his mother screaming and slumbering like a madman, scattered with her long hair and blood in her hand ..

Her sight was terrible and her stop came in front of George's uncle's boat moored in her usual place on the riverbath ..

Her eyes were looking for something.
He is scattered, sometimes looking at the boat, sometimes at the river ..

And as usual, the people of the village gathered at her screaming and horrific appearance.
One of them approached her and said to her:

Uncle George is hidden in his privacy, and we do not know his whereabouts.

And she said to the man,

while opening her hand and looking at the people of the village:
The mother of the two boys gave birth to a boy and took a son from me ..

Her hand contained a red scroll that emptied what was on the ground, so that we found a finger on it and a birthmark marked black on its left side ..

Let everyone who saw her snort because he knew that the little finger had become unique with his distinctive motherhood .. and the whisper of wondering and holding his breaths began for fear .. What happened to the child Nafeh .......

The mother of boys gave birth son and Farid was a black dog owned by the mayor .. Only one bite from his neck wanted the little Farid to be killed .. The strangest thing was that Farid was sleeping in the middle of his four brothers .. He was the fifth of them sleeping in the middle on the floor of the small room in the house ..

After his burial, all the women in the village were afraid to go to his mother to comfort her and console her in her baby ... so that they would not be cursed by the mother of the boys, unlike the mayor who consults on their matter all day long with the head of security.

They are amazed at the dog’s issue and do not believe Umm Fariz’s claim that the one who killed her son was the mayor’s black dog.

The dog, unlike the rest of the guard dogs, was quiet and did not bark except rarely and was friendly with children.
So how first did Farid and his family enter the house where Farid lives, with the doors locked, as well as all the windows, as the weather is very cold in those days ..

In addition, Farid's mother refused to say goodbye to one of her late son and prepare him for burial, and she insisted on that.
And had it not been for the mayor's admonition, she would have gone to the grave instead of men and buried her young son.

( continued, Part Two )

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