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Most Romantic Kissing Scenes in Manga


The list of romantic kissing scenes in manga below are purely based on my own preference... I respect others opinion and I would appreciate any suggestions/recommendations you may wanna share with me...

I've been reading manga for years and I lost count to those that had a memorable or romantic parts so, I decided to list them down bit by bit. The lists below are those that leave an impression on me, kissing scenes that up until now, I can still clearly remember the feeling while reading it. It's just so lovely and wonderful.

I admit there are loads of manga that I haven't read yet, so I am hoping you guys would share your favorite romantic kissing scenes of the manga you think is worth listing down. Looking forward to lots of chilled to the bones moments with our favorite manga couples.

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Kaichou wa Maid-Sama: Usui and Misaki Kiss

Usui and Misaki pair is one of the most loved manga/anime couple by millions of people. No wonder. Their cat-dog relationship gives llife to its readers, no dull moments I would say. There's always this noisy and funny atmosphere around them and the couple always get a perfect timing to please and excite the readers. These two are perfect pair!

Usui and Misaki's Kiss after the Cultural Festival

I liked their costumes here... It adds drama to this particular scene in KWMS. Like always, Usui is teasing her again and Misaki is getting all red and flustered. She was questioning his sincerity and herself being so confused and agitated whenever he's near. In this scene, she was revealing her true feelings for him but somehow she couldn't utter the words "I love you".

I know there are lots of romantic kissing scene in the story but for me, this one is the most romantic of them all.

Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden: Uruki and Takiko Kiss

Uruki confessed to Takiko

This scene was the most romantic kissing scene in Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden... This was when Uruki finally confessed his feelings to Takiko during the festival in Tomite's village. They were wearing a mask and out of nowhere, Uruki grabbed Takiko and asked her to dance. It was a cute scene. Then, he took her out of the crowd to a field where he admitted that he truly cared about her, not as a warrior but as a man... and now that I mentioned it, why does a kissing scene in a festival seemed so romantic?

Dengeki Daisy: Kurosaki and Teru Kiss

Kurosaki's birthday gift to Teru

For over 60 Chapters, Kurosaki and Teru finally kissed. A kiss in the ferries wheel is somewhat teenagers hope for. It was their second date, the first one was being interrupted and completely ruined by Kurosaki's enemy, Akira. On Teru's birthday, they had a s[ecial day to celebrate and make up for the last date they had and here Kurosaki gave her a watch (as a present)... paired with a sweet, loving kiss. It was a romantic moment for the two who aren't even a couple but had a mutual understanding.

Beast Master: Leo and Yuiko Kiss

Leo said the 3 precious words

Ayah! We all know that Leo is a beastly yet childish young boy. But in this scene, he was so serious and mature telling Yuiko the words she longed to hear. After all the trouble Leo had about his inheritance, he and Yuiko become a couple. Having no experiences in love, Leo had struggles in expressing his love verbally therefore resulting to Yuiko's insecurities and jealousy towards other girls. She knew he liked him because she's the one who showed him kindness when everyone around him feared him. He was so attached to her but without words, she's uncertain if how he feels for her was really the thing called "love".

The ending scene left us breathless when the two shared a very passionate kiss. It wasn't shown in the panel but I can imagine how Leo would give her a kind of "not cute" kiss.

Chapter 114. Mikan and Natsume kiss in the balcony on Christmas night. Sealing their vows with the moon as their witness ♥

Chapter 114. Mikan and Natsume kiss in the balcony on Christmas night. Sealing their vows with the moon as their witness ♥

Gakuen Alice: Natsume and Mikan Kiss

Romantic kiss of Mikan & Natsume in the balcony

Who doesn't love Natsume and Mikan? Though they are very young for romance, I just don't care... I just love these children, haha. Like Kurosaki and Teru, they were bickering all the time but this made them more closer. And speaking of the most romantic kissing scene Natsume and Mikan have ever had, a particular event popped up in my mind. Yes, yes it's certainly the Balcony Scene... just like in Romeo & Juliet.

Mekakushi no Kuni: Arou and Kanade Kiss

Arou and Kanade's kiss on top of the tree.

It was the night of Arou's birthday where she brought him to a place she treasured the most when she was young and she considered it as the best place in their area. She personally decorated it with lights to make the venue even more beautiful and romantic. It was her personal gift to Arou but he still demanded he had other request, saying "I want you". Kanade smiled wholeheartedly that made him kissed her intently. That would make a good start, but something happened that ruined the mood. Nevertheless, it was still romantic. >.<

Reimei no Arcana: Caesar and Nakaba Kiss

Caesar and Nakaba are both from royal families of different countries, Senan and Belquat. Since the two countries are not in good terms, they decided to marry off Nakaba to the enemy country as a sign of their peace treaty. Nakaba was ridiculed because of her red hair. She promised to protect Loki, her bodyguar and friend, by all means even if it is to kill Caesar. But, that changes when she started to fall for Caesar.

Caesar gave her an ultimatum to meet him outside the castle. At first, she did not agree to it but when she saw a premonition of Caesar in danger where he fell on something, she immediately rushed towards him...and they both fell in the abandoned well. He confronted her yet she lied by saying she hated him and even attempted to poison him. Caesar saw right through her and hushed her by a kiss as punishment.

Yeonmo (Lee So Young): Misu and King(?) Kiss

No, this is not what you think it is... This is not yaoi. Our little King here is actually the twin sister of the deceased supposed-to-be-King. This manhwa is one of my favorite. In the story, Misu and our King are childhood friend, or so we call it, because in reality Misu is her assistant/maid. Yes, when they were young, they've been living a troublesome life which lead them to disguise as an opposite sex. Misu as a girl, and our King (which name I forgot) as a boy. They parted at young age under certain circumstances.

At present, they met again and Misu became her vassal yet he is unaware of her true gender. Misu was confused by his feelings for the King (as you see, he is a straight). She, by that time, knew that Misu was her long lost friend...

The kiss happened when the King grabbed Misu out of the noisy and boisterous people (I think they're celebrating something) and she brought him in the barley fields looking at the sunset, a very romantic scene indeed. They shared a kiss on the later part of their conversation. This is actually romantic, but NO, I wouldn't pick this one. Because right after this barley scene, something happened where the king was attacked and they ended up in an abandoned hut under the heavy rain. Misu tended the King's wound and I would say he screwed it up! He snapped out of it and lost control. And the king is so careless for letting him discover her dirty little secret.

The One: Eros and Lele Kiss

The One is one of the most trendy and fashionable manga I got to see... and the twin brother, Eros and Angus, are just too sexy and handsome. I keep on thinking if these fictional characters could be living in real life, haha...

For me, the most romantic kissing scene Eros and Lele had ever shared was when she was pleading Eros to teach her things about love by becoming her "fake boyfriend". Though Eros rudely said "No", upon seeing the kiss mark made by Angus on her neck, he suddenly kissed her. Lele's heart was pounding real hard. She was really in the mood when Eros instantly realized that he went out of control. He suddenly pushed her away and throw her in the bathtub to cool herself down.

*** Pardon my English! I really want to write lots of things but I'm not just good in writing though... So, bear with me guys. Thanks! ***


Book Bug on December 25, 2013:

I definitely agree with Mikan and Natsume. Waay too young--but then, they're so freakin' cute that you cease to care! =D Cool blog!

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