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More of the Best Comics to Invest in - Silver Age Comic Investing!

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An avid comic collector and fan for nearly 20 years, Vic started collecting comics around eight years old. Comic investing since the 2000s.

The Wasp

The Wasp

In a recent report, superhero movies have made comic readership rise and have pushed quite a few comics to dramatically increase in value. New interest in favorite characters that many of us have grown up with are now reaching a whole new generation.

Although digital comics are increasing in popularity, it seems that many of the blockbuster movies such as the mega hit the Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises has contributed to a rise in demand for the paper version of comics. Comic Cons are sprouting up all over and comic shops as well.

Thank, God! It seems many new converts to the amazing tales and awesome worlds of comics want to read and learn more about the origins to their favorite on-screen comic characters.

Many new converts to comic collecting can't remember a time when there weren't comic book movies. As for an old collector myself, I was lucky to have T.V. shows featuring some of my favorite comic characters, dreaming about how awesome it would be to bring these characters to the big screen.

I had no clue then how a big blockbuster comic movie would impact my comics or comic collection. I wasn't tuned onto what the best comics to invest in back then. Too bad, right?

Well, now it's a bit more easier, and the really exciting things that Marvel Studios has lined up are making quite a few books hot! I should say scorchers!

The beautiful part is that many of these comic investments aren't just flare ups. No, not with how Marvel led up to their huge Avengers event by releasing solo movies of Earth's Mightiest Heroes most popular characters one by one to set up for the most ambitious comic book movie in history.

And the great part is that the ambition hasn't stopped there. An Avengers sequel in 2015 is slated to carry on the Marvel mayhem in theaters, and this will bring about new characters to hit the screen.

Of course, in the world of comic investing, more comics will be on the hot burner for quite a few years to come. So without anymore B.S., here are the more of the best comics to invest in and best comic book investments to get right now - from my favorite era The Silver Age - before demand skyrocket's value.

Brave and the Bold #28 - 1st appearance of the Justice League of America

Brave and the Bold #28 - 1st appearance of the Justice League of America

Brave and the Bold #28 - 1st Appearance of Justice League of America

Super-hero comics reigned supreme in the beginning of the Golden Age, but they fell out of favor after World War 2 for some strange reason. Just seemed kids weren't into them at that time. Other comic genres came into favor after, especially EC's horror comics. However, comics came under scrutiny and certain governmental powers dethroned horror comics. For a while, the industry bounced around the romance, war, and sci-fi genres until DC Comics decided to expand its super-hero line again.

While superhero comics were not popular, DC still published their Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman comics during this time. They revamped The Flash with Barry Allen and Green Lantern with Hal Jordan. Those two superheroes seemed to revive the genre in comics, and it was a no-brainer that a superhero team would follow. Justice League of America, of course, was a revamped version of the Golden Age Justice Society of America team. This comic also proved that the popularity of superheroes was coming back and in a big way. Enter the famed Silver Age of Comics and the revival of superhero comics. This revival would also give birth to Marvel Comics and the industry would be forever transformed.

As an investment comic, Brave and the Bold #28 is no slouch, but it is highly undervalued compared to its Marvel counterparts of the era, especially when its historical importance is taken into factor. Stan Lee even has admitted that this comic and team inspired the creation of Marvel first family, The Fantastic Four.

With that in mind, Brave and the Bold #28 and the debut of the JLA, one of the most recognizable superhero teams ever in the history of comics, should always be on any list that involves important Silver Age comics. Just my opinion but also the opinion of many other comic fans too.


Tales To Astonish #27 - First Appearance of Henry Pym!

If you don't know who Henry Pym is, he's the first Ant-Man! If you don't know the character of Ant-Man, pay attention!

Not only is the Ant-Man an original member of the Avengers superhero team, his long-talked about movie has been confirmed by Marvel Studios! That's right!

At the Comicon in San Diego this summer, director Edgar Wright showed test footage of the Ant-Man movie at the Marvel Studios panel to an excited crowd. Also, Marvel Studios confirmed it's movie line up pre Avengers 2 movie.

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So you can guess what most comic investing geeks are doing right now? That's right, they're scrambling to get their hands on Tales to Astonish #27 - The First Appearance of Henry Pym!

This comic was already a sought after key issue, but since news of the Ant-Man movie coming soon...well in 2014...and speculation that the Ant-Man will join his comrades in the Avengers 2 sequel, this first appearance is especially hot right now!

Now, this issue is the very first appearance of Henry Pym. However, he does not appear in the iconic Ant-Man costume.

However, Tales to Astonish #35 is the first Henry Pym in costume. I actually think it's the 1st true appearance of Henry Pym as Ant-Man. Below is a video where I make my argument, and you don't have to agree with me. It's all in good fun anyhow.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Marvel Comics)

Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Marvel Comics)

Amazing Spider-Man #1

This isn't just one of the best comic books to invest in for this year, it's one of the best comics to invest of all time. Okay, so it's not the Holy Grail of Spider-Man comics which is Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance of Spider-Man, but it's the very first issue that kicks off Spidey in his own titled series.

And that's history! There's no doubt that Spidey is one of the most popular Marvel comic characters ever. This issue isn't an easy find even at lower grades currently but that could change. However, this issue is only for the real serious comic collector, who knows it's real comic investing potential.

Those who know, already know that this comic investment will only increase in value. And the rate of increase will depend on how high the grade is! Furthermore, The Amazing Spider-Man movie and reboot was a hit and is slated for two more sequels!

Who the villain will be in the upcoming sequel is still unknown. Some speculate Electro! However, whoever it may be, it's something to watch out for!

So for those smart enough and who have the cash, I've located a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1. No, it's not at a low grade either. This copy is CGC graded 8.5, a Very Fine +, which is currently not an easy find at the time of this writing (2012). Once again, that could change.

High grade copies of this book are definitely in demand, so if you're on the hunt for this comic at a high grade, don't hesitate!

There's a reason this issue is one of the best comic book investments of all time!


Fantastic Four #66

No, this isn't because of the Fantastic Four reboot that director Josh Trank has signed on. This key issue is on the list of silver age comics to invest in is because of a fellow named Adam Warlock.

If you're not sure about Adam Warlock, he has quite an interesting and confusing origin. Fantastic Four #66 shows Adam Warlock as HIM in cocoon form in this issue. It is part of a story arc that introduces the character of HIM and his origin. The story continues in Fantastic Four #67.

Why this key issue? Guardians of the Galaxy movie! With Marvel and Disney determined to bring the Guardians to the big screen, there's very little doubt that Adam Warlock will hit the silver screen sooner or later as well.

The character is closely tied to Thanos, Drax The Destroyer, Gamora, as well as the mighty Thor in the comics. Once, he is announced, I'm betting that all the related Adam Warlock 1st appearances will get a huge boost in demand, and there are quite a few 1st appearances of the character.

To see the important keys of Marvel first appearances of Adam Warlock, just click the link to learn more.On the hunt for this silver age key issue?

Tales to Astonish #44 - 1st appearance of Wasp

Tales to Astonish #44 - 1st appearance of Wasp

Tales to Astonish #44 - 1st Appearance of Wasp!

Hey, let's not forget about the ladies here! Janet van Dyne as the Wasp has been a popular supporting character for Ant-Man originally but was also a founding member of the original Avengers. When the Avengers movie was first announced, I thought this character would definitely be a part of the team since she is an original member.

Little did I know that obviously wasn't the case. Still, I had a good feeling that the character would be brought on board Marvel's cinematic world sooner or later. Just would not make any sense if they neglected her.

I was sort of right. Well, Janet as the Wasp did appear in the Ant-Man flick in a flashback, but it seems that those movie creatives deviated from the comics. Instead of Janet as the Wasp in Marvel's cinematic present time, it looks like Henry and Janet Pym's daughter, Hope Pym, will suit up as the awesome Wasp!

We will get to see the crime fighting duo on the big screen soon in Ant-Man & the Wasp. Regardless, Wasp was an early Silver Age "Marvel" super-heroine. Actually, she is a very early super-hero character under the Marvel banner of comics, and an important character that helped to expand on the Marvel Universe during that time.

The Wasp's 1st appearance in comics should definitely be a great comic investment to consider, and I think the value of this one is actually pretty under-valued.

Marvel or DC Comics?

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Linda hill from Bali on April 28, 2018:

best commic

Vic (author) on November 14, 2014:

Cool, thanks for commenting. I don't really collect the newer stuff. More the vintage stuff.

Aaron from United States on November 07, 2014:

I try to keep a balance, but I just enjoy DC's books more, plus, DC doesn't have their flagship titles releasing two comics a month like Marvel, so it's easier for me, budget wise, to collect DC.

This is my collection:


Superman/Wonder Woman

Superman Unchained (completed)

The Amazing Spider-Man (dropping)


Vic (author) on September 25, 2012:

Heya, mymoneywish, that can be a struggle indeed. There are alternatives now to reading comics for just the story, which are digital comics.

I know what you're saying, however. It took me quite a while to separate comic collecting from comic investing. Doing both can get extremely expensive when dealing with paper copies. I've found digital comics a cheaper alternative to read up on back issues.

Comic investing and hunting down certain issues purely as investment comics is a completely different beast. Thanks for commenting and glad you liked my hub.

mymoneywish on September 24, 2012:

Cool - I have a bunch of comics myself and finding good ones to invest in is always a struggle when comparing it against the ones you want to read for the story!

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