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More of the Best Bronze Age Comics to Invest In

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An avid comic collector and fan for nearly 20 years, Vic started collecting comics around eight years old. Comic investing since the 2000s.


If you watch the market for comics to invest in, you'd know that bronze age comics are becoming hot comic investing choices. For clarity, this was originally written in 2012.

Like all things that deal with collectibles or actual investing, there is always risk that you may lose money in an investment. I am no exception and not immune to this. I sure have lost on some comic investments.

However, in 2012, quite a few collectors are picking up bronze age comic books in mid grades and up. Some of the more valuable books very good grades like Wolverine's 1st full appearance in The Incredible Hulk 181 have been smart comics to invest in.

The scramble is on! Many bronze age key issues at very high grades are really starting to hit near the $10,000 dollar mark. They're becoming highly out of reach for most collectors and investors.

There are still a lot of great key issues to invest in that wont bleed you dry, and I'm going to list some very important comics to invest in from the bronze age in this hub. Like always, I'm going to give you the exact reasons why I think these issues are good comics to invest in.

If you're serious about investing in comic books, you should really consider these key issues listed here. Not every comic has the potential to be valuable, no matter what age. Making good comic investment choices is about learning what to look for and why.

Of course, I'll save you the time and trouble here. Comic investing isn't as easy as most think. It takes a lot of knowledge about the market, knowing demand, and knowing when to let go.

Nothing lasts forever, so if you read this past 2012, these comics may not as valuable as when this hub was first written. Research and execute.

1st appearance of Moon Knight in Werewolf by Night #32 by Marvel Comics.

1st appearance of Moon Knight in Werewolf by Night #32 by Marvel Comics.

Werewolf By Night #32 (first appearance of Moon Knight)

Moon Knight has always been Marvel Comics Batman, and although this character has a relatively small following of fans, I'm predicting that Marvel Studios is going to bring this character to the big screen someday and skyrocket his popularity.

Other than Werewolf By Night #32 being the first appearance of Marc Spectre and Moon Knight, this key issue is highly collectable for another main reason: Can we say Halloween?

That's right. Halloween comes around every year in the U.S., and many get into the spirit. This includes comic collectors. So, in the Halloween genre in comics, this is an important key issue that will be well worth getting before this character truly blows up.

The prices are reaching past the $200 dollar mark for NM copies, so this issue is getting up there in price. A mid grade Fine is still affordable and a VF is at $75.

Bronze Age Marvel Comics - Black Panther #1

Bronze Age Marvel Comics - Black Panther #1

The Black Panther #1

The Latino Review has just leaked The Black Panther Marvel movie is definitely in the works, and there's even been a few clues hidden in the preceding Avengers movies. Namely two. You can visit my other hub to get more details on new Marvel movies coming soon, and see the clues that the Marvel movies before the Avengers gave about a Black Panther movie.

As you know, this bronze age comic featuring the very first black superhero in comic book history in his own self-titled comic is a piece of nostalgic history itself. For that reason alone, it's a highly worthy comic to invest in.

I predict this comic book will soon be in high demand, as more news about a Black Panther movie leaks out in the coming months. If this movie ties in at all with Marvel Studios future plans for an Avengers 2, this book will be hot for the next several years!

Giant Size X-Men #1 Marvel Comics

Giant Size X-Men #1 Marvel Comics

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Giant Size X-Men #1

One of the holy grails of bronze age comics to invest in is Giant Size X-Men #1. This issue introduces a whole slew of new X-Men members that became quite popular in the series like Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Wolverine.

It should be noted that this is not Wolverine's first comic book appearance. It's Wolverine's introduction into the X-Men team, and his character became the most popular the title has ever had to date.

This comic has been in demand for quite some time. Actually, it's always been a sought out key issue, and it keeps getting more valuable. With the X-Men First Class sequel soon to film next January, there's no doubt X-Men books will be hot again.

Despite whether an X-Men movie comes out or not (it sure does help when one does), Giant-Sized X-Men is still one of the most sought out bronze age key issues out there. This comic is getting more expensive and fast.

It wont be long before this issue makes a huge dent in your bank account in the next couple of years.

Hero for Hire. First appearance and origin of Luke Cage - The first African American superhero to star in his own series. Marvel Comics.

Hero for Hire. First appearance and origin of Luke Cage - The first African American superhero to star in his own series. Marvel Comics.

Hero For Hire #1

It seems this list has another key comic book issue from the bronze age that made history. That's right, we are talking about Luke Cage Hero For Hire #1.

How is this comic book linked to an eventful part of history in America? Well, this issue marks the very first African American to ever star in his very own comic book series. It's also the very first appearance of Luke Cage, and the issue that tells his origin.

Luke Cage is not the first African American superhero in the world of comics. That title goes to The Falcon from the Captain America series.

Hero for Hire #1 is getting up there in price. A low NM is $240 bucks and a VF is clocked at $87 smackers. Historically significant? Absolutely!

I fear this book will skyrocket when more people realize it's importance in American history, as well as the world of comics. Actually, I'm surprised more aren't aware about this issues significance.

Star Wars #1 regular 30 cent issue by Marvel. Still a relatively cheap bronze age comic investment.

Star Wars #1 regular 30 cent issue by Marvel. Still a relatively cheap bronze age comic investment.

Star Wars rare 35 cent variant

Star Wars rare 35 cent variant

Star Wars #1 (Marvel)

The nostalgia for Star Wars is more powerful than the Force in it's movies by George Lucas. There's no question that many around the world continue to love the mythology of Star Wars, which can produce a wide variety of stories as vast as the universe.

This key issue is one of the most sought out and best bronze age comics from the era, and not such an easy find in higher grades. Higher grades are also extremely more expensive as well. However, there are tons of Star Wars fans, and I believe there always will be.

This is the first issue to the first Star Wars comic book series ever, and is a key issue to a movie that made history. Much like the horror genre, the Sci-Fi genre has it's own lovers who love to collect related nostalgic items. So you're really entering two worlds with this comic investment - Sci-Fi fans and comic fans alike.

Keep in mind that there are two versions of the number one issue that Marvel put out. The regular 30 cent copy is still relatively a cheap investment. A VF copy is only $47. A low NM is around $105.

However, the 35 cent variant cover has an extremely limited distribution run and is highly a rare find. A VF copy is $978 according to the Overstreet Price Guide and a low NM is $3000. Yikes!

If you're looking for the best bronze age comics to invest in, this one is one of them. It has stayed in demand for quite some time and that truly says something about the effect the Star Wars movies has had on pop culture around the world.

George Lucas is a brilliant man, and Marvel Comics was brilliant enough to see that making a comic off the beloved film was and is just pure gold.

Discover More Bronze Age Comics Key Issues!

These key issue treasures are not the only comics from the bronze age that are investment worthy. In fact, there are many comics to invest in during the bronze age of comics.

Thanks for reading this hub and please check out my other hubs. Hope you enjoyed and please share on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Much appreciated.

© 2012 Vic

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