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More, Right??

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Alright, structure, rupture.. starlight, minds, battle Brite,

Scotch hopped over, why, whine wouldn't even try.. moon, man, up, shines, night,

close sky, gazes, open, eyes..



ship's, sent, U.S. supplies...

border, ease, rise..

silver, shield, (please), save our lives.

Act III, surprised..

times, tic, quick... flies...

shit, Hey Guys!!! look ma' I'm on TV.. Sun, why..

write... gibberish, stitched, all words, switched.. thoughts, gone, (A), miss... fruit, twist, ripe..




pick sings, IT, live,

one, to, 3, for, 5....

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crowd, crowned, down, have, half, arise,

... probably in like 1985,

Future, backs, side,



yours.. of course, have to be blind...

forward leaves behind..

dunes, sand, ground, lines..

compass, cracked, pocket, sacked, little, travel, device,

drone, devised, (A)I, rhyme..


Soda.. knows ya', mime..

hands lack, abilities to pull slack, invisible crack, has knack, knot, wins, all 9,

without even trying...

sweat, flying..

Southwest, Crest, must, bee, buying,

tickets, crisp.. speech, lisped.. ship's list, rudder grinds...

let's take five...

six, 7, ate.. Dimes...

change, rang.. wheelhouse, fine,

Jing-a-ling.. Cod leans, you mean... beams, bind..

lash, down... "the deck.." wrecked, cards cash, collect, 52, reveals, kind,

of, like, (love), hugs.. Bug's, Sylvester's, brine..

sufferin' succotash, spit, lip, fly's..

Guy, guy, cartoons now?? where are we going and why??

they just don't give directions as insight's despite,

trying to explain it rite,

oh well.. just a sleight detour viewer, read on and find light..

shining, shine..

remind mind, mine, divine,

souls consign..

pen says.. "Just Sign.."

.......... Heir swears, dots find..

search, perched, piano, keys, sight...

look, purple, Borat, "Very Nice"

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