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Moments by the Shutter

Click! Click! Click!

Once again, there goes the shutter sounds of my camera, capturing the most enigmatic moments of the everyday life.

Photography has been one of my passions. I didn’t know when and how did I start but all I know is that I’m totally captivated by what it is- an aesthetic preservation of memories, a nostalgic scrapbook of life, a compilation of the best points of our existence.

In our lives, we have these moments which are incomparable and well, priceless. Some happen in different venues but with the same sentiment. Some which cannot be repeated- like your graduation or your first ever promenade, and some with it just simply being a beautiful moment.

To me, this is the reason why people are so fascinated with capturing photos, notably now that they’ve developed easier ways of taking them compared to the traditional dark room development phase. With just one click from your phone, you’ve once again successfully preserved a beautiful token that you’ll cherish for the years to come.

Yet these exquisite moments of the human life are not the only images that my memory card possess. I also have with me snaps of the Junoesque world we live in. May it be a photo of my hand on the plane window, flying 40, 000 feet above touchdown or a photo of my overused shoes stepping on the bricks of uncertainty. It could be photos from my travels, reminding me that the most difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. It could be the scenic views I get to spoil myself with upon landing- mountains, flowers, seas, infrastructure, people in harmony, literally anything! The sky is the limit. Simply, it could also just be photos of spontaneity- a kid with a balloon, a skateboard kid pulling off tricks, or a family enjoying their time.

You see, photos don’t only show off memories. They also remind us of what it felt like back then. How much of a nervous wreck we were when we were about to give our first speech. How excited we were to go on our first flight. How amazing we felt when we learnt to play a song on the guitar. How overwhelming it was to see and meet our idols. How happy we were, regardless of whatever happened.

In each click, I am always reminded how lucky we are to be living in the same world at the same time. In each click, I go back to the very first quote I saw about photography.

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“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.” — Anonymous

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