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Indian Poetry Calcutta You Changed Ancient and Present Political Economic and Social Narratives of Calcutta Modern Indian Poetry

Victoria memorial


Kolkata has changed

The streets of Calcutta were very deserted.

It is pouring rain.

Low pressure winds are blowing at high speed.

People selling dreams are tired of feeding mosquitoes on the sidewalk.

The poet's pen is only busy telling lies.

Today on the streets of Kolkata, against injustice, against exploitation, candle processions are no longer seen.

Today there is no strike in Calcutta,

there is no movement in the streets,

the flame of revolution is no longer kindled.

Today plagued by numerous mirages, Robert Clive is your dream city.

The protesting Bengalis may have lost their way today.

King where are your clothes? There is no one else alive to say!

Kolkata you have really changed.

The more I see you today, the more I am surprised.

You were a warm-blooded hero.

You were at the heart of the revolution.

You were the elder in fundamental thought.

The whole country used to look at the thousands of brave children born in your land.

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Your soil may not have forgotten them yet.

You forget...

Those who claim to be conscientious, when their conscience was sold in any market is beyond comprehension.

Those who still boast of artistic minds,

call themselves intellectuals...

Those who are still marginal people, think "big man", "good man".

When my dream city is corrupted, raped again and again. They then count the money.

The taste of truth is very bitter for them.

Still Bengali blood is very precious.

The stain of Bengali blood still lingers in the independence of the country.

You cannot change Calcutta for a few selfish people.

History does not accept that.

Come instead.

Those who hit the chest......

Those who suck the blood of the poor and leave the starch of rice...

Those who called injustice justice again and again.....

Those who cheated the people of the country and became the owners of many properties.....

There will be no concessions for them this time.

, remember, we don't just love poetry.

We also know how to light a fire.

We will destroy the enemies of the country.

We will destroy the enemies of the poor people.

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