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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall What Is the Scariest of All?

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What you see when you see yourself in the mirror?

One Halloween morning it was as like any other day, we went over the usual routine. Got up early in the morning, got ready before everyone and made breakfast. I helped kids with their early morning chores, their breakfast, fixing their lunches, preparing them all for school and my husband for his work. After dropping the kids off to their school and on my way home, I bought some groceries, Halloween candies and Halloween decorations for evening Halloween celebrations. Like every other year I decorate them with lights and decorations. I came home, cooked dinner and got everything ready for the afternoon. Cooking dinner, cleaning and decorating the whole house took long enough. I just wanted to get everything done before the kids and my husband arrived home. I decorated the whole house with decorates bats, decorated small light bulbs that shaped like pumpkins for lightening on the walls, some big pumpkin carved with faces and hay for the outside porch. I also baked some pumpkin cookies, and desserts for people; in case any of the neighbors or any of the friends decides to visit. I put some decoration skeletons, ghosts, dry corns and decoration spiders in front of the yard for some spookiest looks and made it the best decorated house in the block. Halloween lights, and decorations; I added fake spider web, as also trees and shrubs for some more spookier vibes. Some fake cottons to make the whole house extra charming, just like movies. Finally! It looks like a real haunted house. I am sure it will impress everyone. I am impressed with myself for being so creative as well. This year seemed to me just extra special. Our house will probably be the spookiest and most charming looking house in the block this year. I am sure when kids and my husband arrive at home, they will be surprised to see our house look like a haunted place just like the movie, they will be happy and will be excited. When all the neighbors ' kids arrive at our house for trick or treat, they will also enjoy seeing our house as well. All dressed up with various costumes and I need to give away candies. Therefore, I purchased tons of goodies and candies and I need to put them right by the door so I can treat the kids quickly once they ring the bell. I have gathered the candies along the sides of the doors in the big bowl. As the afternoon came I was so eagerly waiting for the kids and my husband to arrive home so I could get them to wear their favorite costumes so they can quickly get ready for trick or treat and a dress for myself to get ready for the Halloween event to start. Can't wait any longer for this haunting spirit to begin and this night to be more festive, I love Halloween!

As the kids came from school and my husband came home after work. I served the dinner early so kids can get ready with their choice of costumes that they desire to wear for this trick or treating night. After dressing up, the kids went out with their dad. Usually I take them for trick or treating but today my husband volunteered to take the kids out. But since the guest will come and I need to give candy away too so therefore, I stayed back home. Everything seems awesomely fabulous for this scary night! I already put on some witch costumes for myself and I was eagerly waiting for kids to show up in my house for candies. All alone eagerly waiting for the doorbell to ring and I was checking the treats and the decorations for the final time, checking if everything was properly set up for tonight. All the house lights are turned off and only decorated lights are on. So the whole house is basically, mostly for a scary jester. I am eagerly waiting for the kids to show up in front of my entrance door. Waiting, and waiting by the door and front of the end table by the entrance door. There was a golden decoration mirror right by the end table. So I am standing right beside it, it was all dark. I was standing right in front of it as my image showed my reflection in the mirror. For a moment I was shocked! I was scared to see my reflection in the mirror, thinking to myself what is happening? What was I seeing, not sure? My mirror reflection was unusually different from my image. To be sure I kept on trying to see myself but the reflection kept on looking the other direction. I called out panicky, “ohh, noo”! I scream, “what?” “how”? ohhh! No! ' It seems though I was out of my mind or something, not precisely sure of myself. I wasn't sure what I was seeing in the mirror? Was that myself? Asking myself a question, How is this possible? I mean is this even real or my imagination, I couldn't figure it out. So I looked back and forth to see over the mirror again to make sure that what I was seeing was real or an imagination. But yes, still the reflection of myself is looking in the other direction. I was so puzzled and not sure what to do at that point? Could it be that this is a Halloween night and superstitious tales became real or I am becoming delusional? I Couldn't really figure it out as I was hearing something from far away, not sure what it was that was calling me and there was a light coming towards me it seemed. I was simply frightened and confused, at the same time. Should I run or should I scream for help? Because no one was at the house at that particular moment. At one point it seemed though it would come to life and it would grab me. All of sudden, the reflection of myself turned towards me and it started to laugh at me so hard that I was screaming continuously with fright. Then just that moment I was all blacked out. Then not sure what just happened at that moment? But a few minutes later, I saw my husband and my kids. They are back, looking at me and talking to themselves. Once they saw I was all awake, they asked if I was feeling any better. I glanced around to see if everything was normal around the house. But everything looks good and my husband keeps on asking me if I was okay? I said to him, “yes, I am fine”. I asked him what happened? He said that they found me sleeping during the time they were trick or treating outside. In my mind I was thinking, I was sleeping? Then, what was that incident that I just saw? What can that be? Does that mean I was having a nightmare during my little nap? So, I looked in the mirror once again to verify my confusion. It seems though everything seems normal, as if nothing happened. I was a bit confused, and thought to myself that probably I have seen too many scary movies and that is why it is lurking in my head. Feeling kind of silly, thinking to myself. But just to make myself sure I dabbled, checked the mirror and looked at it to see myself and to verify myself that it is all my imagination perhaps. Nothing happened and I laugh to myself for that funny incident. At that moment I turned and saw myself in the mirror and all of a sudden the reflection blinked an eye a. I was shocked, confused and unsure what to do? I just scream, “ohh! No!", not again. Halloween is a freighting and a very spookiest night in the year. Celebrate this night to get rid of the ghosts, goblins, and monsters that lurk inside your house. Be afraid, be very, very afraid, not sure what Halloween night might bring to you? So, beware of looking yourself in the mirror, your reflection might show you otherwise during Halloween night.

© 2018 Afsana Siddique

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