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Miracles from Heaven Book Review

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Miracles from Heaven book review


Miracles from Heaven is a great book. You probably won't put Miracles from Heaven the book down until you've finished reading it. Miracles from Heaven the book is in the category of autobiography/ biography, memoir. Speaking of true events, Miracles from Heaven the book is written by a woman named Christy Wilson Beam. She is a married mother of three daughters and in this book, Miracles from Heaven, she tells the story of supporting her middle daughter through a chronic health battle.

Miracles from Heaven the book written by Christie Beam is inspirational, motivational and encouraging

This book, Miracles from Heaven by Christy Beam is inspirational, motivational, encouraging.

The author is a person of deep faith and this faith helped to sustain her family and helped them to be resilient.

It takes a lot of strength, dedication and devotion to care for a profoundly sick child. Christy Beam has really been a champion for her sick daughter.

Miracles from Heaven book review

The writing of this book, Miracles from Heaven was completed in 2015. A movie based on the book was released and stars movie actress Jennifer Garner.

Here, I am writing a review of the book only.

Christy Beam's family - Miracles from Heaven the book

Christy Beam's husband's name is Kevin. Their three daughters all have names that start with the letter A. The daughters' names are Adelyn, Annabel and Abbie.

Annabel, often called Anna is the middle daughter.

Anna's health problems were gastrointestinal in nature and began to manifest when she was just three or four years old.

The Beam family resides in Texas but Annabel and her Mom, Christy had to travel to specialized doctors in Boston, Massachusetts during Annabel's health battle. Annabel's health condition caused her to miss a significant amount of school days. She often had a distended belly and had to manage taking a lengthy list of medications and having dietary restrictions.

Kevin has a busy veterinary practice and Christy is a stay at home mom. When Christy and Annabel had to travel for medical appointments, Kevin and Christy's other two daughters frequently had to stay with other relatives or friends during that time.

When Annabel was about eight years old and still struggling with her gastrointestinal illness, she had a day where she tried to be energized enough to go out and play with her sisters.

From Christy Beam's description of her family's house and land, the property seems to be quite expansive and the girls enjoyed running and playing on the property and especially liked to climb the trees.

On this day, the youngest daughter was waiting in the grass down below, while the two older girls climbed a tree.

This tree ended up being hollow on the inside of the trunk. While Annabel and her older sister were climbing the tree, a branch broke and Annabel fell right through the hollow trunk of the tree!

Her older sister got down from the tree safely and ran to the house to tell their mother, Christy what had occurred.

There was a lot of panic and disbelief among the family members. Christy followed her oldest daughter outside to the tree, not really fully understanding what had happened. Then she ended up calling her husband at his job as a veterinarian before calling emergency personnel. From what Christy was saying on the phone, Kevin thought that he could probably rescue Annabel himself and he rushed straight home from his veterinary practice to see what was happening.

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Kevin Beam's simple ladder and rope were not nearly enough to help him to get to Annabel. She had really plummeted to the ground on the inside of the hollow tree, somewhat like being trapped in a well.

While there had been some delay, the Beam family finally called an ambulance for Annabel.

Teamwork among first responders including firemen with long ladders and EMS workers eventually helped Annabel to emerge from the hollow tree.

A medical helicopter had also responded and was waiting to transport Annabel to a hospital. Only one parent was allowed to accompany Annabel to the hospital in the helicopter. Kevin and Christy Beam agreed that Christy would go. Kevin stayed behind with the other two daughters.

Before Christy and Annabel left the property in the medical helicopter, Christy had to help her oldest daughter to calm down because she appeared to be having a panic attack about the incident. If she did not start calming down and breathing properly, she might have also needed to go to a hospital for medical attention.

Annabel, an already sickly young girl managed to survive this life threatening incident without even a broken bone.

It was truly a miracle that Annabel was relatively unscathed after falling in the tree.

When she went to the hospital for observation, she turned out to be okay!

Not only that, though.

In the subsequent months following the accident in the tree, Annabel's other health problems, her gastrointestinal issues that she had been dealing with for years started to subside and diminish!

Annabel was blessed with a truly remarkable recovery from her illness

Annabel's rare gastrointestinal illness was expected to need lifelong management which of course can lower quality of life and cause enormous stress. Just as Annabel and her family were coming to accept that they might have to deal with this and manage it for years to come with frequent medical appointments that might require extensive travel, Annabel and her family received miracles. Annabel was blessed to receive a truly miraculous recovery from her illness and even medical professionals were confounded by what transpired.

That before mentioned lengthy list of medications that Annabel had to take became irrelevant as she was able to be weened off of each and every one! She no longer had to take any prescription drugs for her condition!

Miracles from Heaven the book is quite the page turner

Christy Beam pours her heart into writing this book, Miracles from Heaven. It is quite a page turner and Christy Beam shows contagious enthusiasm in describing the remarkable miracles that this family experienced.

Miracles from Heaven the book is a heartwarming book

I definitely recommend that you read this heartwarming book, Miracles from Heaven.

Parenting is not easy and families go through a lot together. Families are teams and there has to be a lot of teamwork to conquer challenges. Even so, some things that families go through can still seem insurmountable. This book is a triumphant true story of overcoming difficulties. This book is a wonderfully encouraging book for anyone to read.

Struggle and pain are relatable experiences but triumph and overcoming can be very relatable experiences as well. As you read, you will want to cheer this family on in their journey and be so happy for them when the middle daughter, Annabel is healed!

You will genuinely be hoping for the happy ending that does come in this story.

Did you enjoy climbing trees as a child?

What became of the tree where Annabel had her accident?

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What became of the tree where Annabel had her accident?
    • The Beam family left the tree alone.
    • The Beam family had the tree cut down.
    • Kevin Beam carved an etching of a cross into the tree.

Answer Key

  1. Kevin Beam carved an etching of a cross into the tree.

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