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Mindful - A Poem

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Mindful – A Poem


Try your best to be mindful

when others are spiteful.

Try to rise above.

Envision a sign of peace

like an olive branch

or a dove.

Picture it as a focal point.

Focus on what is real.

Try your very best to heal.

Return to yourself

Because what happened

to you changed you.

Some vindictive people

tried to rearrange you.

But it is okay.

You have lived to

see another day

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so be mindful

and aware

of how you treat others

despite what

happened to you.

It will be key

to surviving.

It will be key

to thriving.

Hold on to your goodness

and light.

Always be mindful

to touch other lives

in a positive way.

Return your blurred vision

to clear sight

of what is right.

Do not become too jaded

because some dreams

that you had faded.

There is still a lot to look

forward to.

When you are self aware,

your vision can be clear.

You can rise to challenges.

You can overcome fear.

Just be mindful.


© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH

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