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Mind memories

Mind memories beautiful puzzle

  1. I do not get tired of wandering in the streets of memories.
  2. The turmoil of thoughts in the mind keeps happening. Flying like birds but do not know the nest.
  3. If I find those thoughts somewhere, can I stop my mind? The mind would have been fickle, maybe then do not know stop
  4. . In this small mind full of immense potential. Why is it so huge that it never stops without thinking.
  5. Memories that are sometimes happy sometimes sad. Never mind as much as the desire of the mind.
  6. Don't know whether it is mind or memory or both. Where is the memory, it is the mind.
  7. Where is the mind, it is the memory. Life from both the forms, otherwise what is there in this life?
  8. Even if the mind does not allow it, then it has to walk. Without restlessness the mind will reach non- stop.
  9. He is trapped in the memory of memories, but he does not have to stop. Memories mind to mind is connected to life
  10. . When the mind is playing with the memories, it goes to sleep. When the clock of memories of life ends.
  11. Those memories of the mind would get a break wherethe mind was stable with those memories.
  12. In some imagined world I would sleep with all my
  13. Sometimes in the mind and sometimes it disturbs the mind
  14. His existence is in life But that memory becomes.
  15. The question that ever remained in life were memories.
  16. Keep asking us like a riddle, answer some questions.
  17. And in life, it keeps on spinning like a puzzle and we cannot extinguish it.
  18. All this keeps going on and we keeping like this, sometimes in losing, sometimes in getting.
  19. But knowing the answer to this riddle, everything will be over with memory.
  20. And the page of happy memories will be closed.

© 2021 Sultanakhan

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