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Mind is Unconscious

I am Central Govt. employee. I write poem story and blogs. I also interested in study.

Mind - What Says?


Mind is unconscious

Have to go somewhere

Don't know which path to take.

Mind is unconscious

What is wrong what is right

Does not know .

Sometimes it suffer for someone

or wants someone else.

If you ever get anything,

As if I were an emperor.

So sometimes the mind wants a lot

Regardless of mind .....

Ever wants to hear someone

So never listen to others except yourself.

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whatever happens.

Life should be quiet.

There should not be turmoil in the mind.

Don't worry without reason

Then there will be no problem.

There should not be any

kind of inequality in mind.

Love must be in mind

Should be responsive to each other.

If you are in control

It does not matter

What do you have or what don't

What does the mind testify

Does not testify

Execute it

And live your life.



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