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Merciless: A Short Story!

MERCILESS: A Short Story!

One sunny morning, a tall sturdy, below par, and beautiful young girl was coming in the university, towards the canteen. She had an accessory bag in one hand and held a water bottle by the other. She kept all her things aside, after reaching at the canteen. She started to clean everything, and manages till the lunch break as usually.

John and Kevin came, and sat on the chairs while discussing a topic, that they learned in previous class. "Bring 2 cups of tea", John said to Diana . John was very kind and generous. He was a mediocre in studies but he had came to university, just to see Diana, whom he loved very much.

Diana brought a couple of tea cups to them. But Kevin didn't like that taste and he threw the cup on her indiscriminately, as he was very arrogant .By cause of this, John slapped him in front of everyone. From that day on, Kevin becames John enemy. He was always looking for an opportunity to get his revenge.

John was always staring at Diana by his wishful eyes. He tried to talk to her but she was always busy in her work. Kevin was observing. One day, John came to Diana, who was gardening plants in canteen. "Do you like to study" , John asked to her, with queasy vision and restlessness, as he was aware of her swarthiness. " Too much", She replied forlornly. But his father was addictive and didn't allow her to study, she further said. John promised to teach her himself.

They went to a particular point as usually, as John was teaching her the basics at first. Kevin was observing all this. He found it, a best chance to take his revenge. He went to John's mom, who was just the opposite of her son. She had torpid eyes like a wolf, She was hubristic. She used to see poor ones disdainfully . He told her everything in opposite way. Kevin knew all jonh's moves and he surely knew about his love interest in Diana, which he took advantage of.
John's mom scolded him a lot, when he got there. she even stopped him from going to university. The days were passing. Diana waited of him everyday. But he didn't come to meet her, as he was bounded by his mother in his room.
One day, when John's mom was not at home. He tried to come out by his room's window, which was already broken. and left to Diana. He proposed her as soon as he got there. She replied in yes. And they both decided to go to court marriage and they did so.
Diana reached at her home after got married with John. She told her mother about all, she had done. By fortune, Diana's father was not at home, by which her mother took advantage of. She let them go with her prayers. She was very happy on her daughter decision, of marrying with a respectable guy, who loved her daughter.
After this, they finally went to John's house, where his mom was waiting him with vexation. When she saw them together, as Diana was embellishing in shiny red bride dress, which John had bought in a way. She was mad by rage. She started to beat Diana, even she started bleeding, her lips was fissured. John was trying to push her back but couldn't do. With that, she started to beat him too and held his hand tightly and took him to the nearest room, and locked him there. After that, she took Diana in another room and started to beat her again until the sun rised. On the next day, she didn't give her a sip of water or even check her that she is alive or dead? And so she did with her son.

On the third day, when she went to torture her again, she found her dead. She was completely pale by seeing that. But she had no regret. Even she burried her body in backyard. She lied to John that Diana ran away in the night, after being little tortured by her. And she will never come back to him, as she ran away by her own will. She had polished his mind. He had broken completely, as he was madly in love with Diana.
He became silent, after this incident. He gave up everything. He would had been spent his days in his room . He used to cry everyday, in memory of Diana. Still his mother had no regret. But she got her punish by God later, as her rest of sons died in a car accident and all her vaingloriousness ended. With that, she got nervous breakdown and was dead in the same backyard. There was no one but the son, with which she had done so bad.

Life always gives you that, what you gave it already. So be true to the life!

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