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Memory of My Childhood

I am Central Govt. employee. I write poem story and blogs. I also interested in study.

My Childhood Memories


All people lead a

worry-free life in childhood.

Enjoys playing and jumping,

eating and drinking.

Parents, grandparents and other big people

Love and affection are very good.

Really, childhood days

are very cute and entertaining.

I remember many things from my childhood.

Some of these memories are

dear and some are unpleasant.

Most of my childhood

was spent in the village.

How enjoyable the village school was!

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The teachers gave punishment

in many ways for not remembering the lesson.

At this time,

when someone used to cry,

many companions kept on seeing this

and kept laughing again and again.

I used to do many mischief in my childhood.

Playing Gulli-rung throughout

the day on holidays,

Having a blast with friends,

Breaking raw mangoes

by throwing stoned, bricks

Climbing the prickly plum tree

was my favorite task.

In these works,

there were occasional bruises or scratches.

Father used to get scolded

at home but there was no worry,

the next day this work started again.

Was going to the farm someday

When a raw bush of gram was uprooted

it would uproot the carrots in one's field.

We children used to hide in their homes.

Sometimes breaking the sugarcane

and sometimes uprooting pea plants

from the fields

knowing why they had a lot of fun,

taking a bath in the village pond

and catching fishes

with our friend was a different fun.




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