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Meisha My Baby
The Only Real Love I Know
I Saved You From The Shelter
And Your Love For Me Does Show
Cute And Calm You Always Are
So Affectionate And Sweet
So Loving And So Gentle
My Pet Therapy Needs You Meet
Soft And Furry Cuddles
Any Time I Damn Well Please
Jumping Up In My Lap
Stretching Out Over My Knees
Always Purring And Playful
With Lots Of Love To Give
12 Years Old Already But Still
Lots Of Life To Live
I Love Everything About You
When Sleep You On My Chest
Even Though You Drool And Snore
Meisha You're The Best
The Timing Was Perfect For Our
Lives To Connect This Way
I've Loved You From Day One
And Will Continue Every Day
I Don't Care About Much In Life But
My Girl You're At The Top,
There's Nothing You Could Do
That Would Ever Make Me Stop

© 2020 Mike


Lorna Lamon on November 03, 2020:

Such a lovely tribute to Meisha who obviously means the world to you.