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Meeting the Reality

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In search of self discovery,

I found true what they say:

Everything happens inside you,

and outside it happens nothing,

there is nothing like outside,

just an endless maze

of ideas and words they speak of,

where a man get lost so easily,

invaded and blinded

by the vertigo of the immense possibilities,

of so many thoughts

that prevents us from thinking at all.

Never question the sane what life is about,

They talk logic, In such matters,

insane people have more experiences

I have found them so more deep

Deep to the reality, they talk philosophy,

Which not everyone understands,

They talk things without a logical reason,

And calls their theories as logic,

Which others can't believe nor bear,

Whereas, the sane lives for a reason

and he lives wisely, but finds nothing,

He measures every step taken,

which is like never having lived. The way it should be.

Ask the poor or a dervish,

A life of worn soles,

of dust on the street and roads,

of trips without arrival,

But attentive to every single sign,

looking at what he hear,

listening to what he see,

weaving a whole constellation

of ideas and emotions,

of images and words,

as if his poetry is actually,

the happiness of the entire world.

Ask the one who dance in rain,

As if in the gesture

to shrug his shoulders

be focused

His entire biography,

let the days pass

stranded in custom

to watch how he falls

melancholy the rain

on the roofs of the city.

Ask the drunkard, why

On such a cold night

like this, in some bar

thawed and gloomy, he sits

he see so many people,

Like him, they are also all alone

But still keeping company...

Alone in the crowd,

As if the bar solitudes

they feel they will get along better

than the silences of an empty house,

Starts to roar,

Every face, every being tries to reach,

towards the absolute non-being

of a faceless totality.

We then realize,

Through paths that are different,

But we are the same name,

We have the same nameless destination:

We are the lonely rivers,

in search of the same sea.

The last days of life are always fast approaching,

increasingly at higher speed,

The days like a door,

behind which darkness lies.

That darkness feeds the same dream

than the night of the sea:

invites you to cross his shadow line

and abandon yourself to the silence of its waves,

the same one where you came from

and to whom you will inexorably return.

Like a glare,

like lightning,

the infallibility of an intuition

that is not in the senses,

but in the eyes of the soul,

that can glimpse

the place where he sleeps,

At last he meets reality.

At last he meets himself

At last he meets his lost soul.

At last he meets freedom, and

The boredom ends.

My Thoughts:

Deep down we are all the same. We are passengers of the same destination but we are walking in different directions. We are all in the search of the same thing but have different thoughts and perspectives. In the end we will all meet in the same place. Some of us will reach faster than others but eventually we all will reach there one day. The journey of self discovery is something we do throughout our life but only we realize the reality of this world when life ends.

Make your journey worth remembering for the next generations. We are all fruits of the same garden. It is just the eyes which show us that we are different. Deep down there is a reality that is undeniable and understandable for those who want to discover the purpose of existence.


Aiden (author) on August 25, 2021:

Thank you, Misbah, for your beautiful comment.

Misbah Sheikh on August 23, 2021:

Aiden, you've done a fantastic job capturing it. Your thoughts are lovely that deep down we are all the same. I also believe that we are all looking for the same thing, that we all have the same goal, but we all take different roads to get there, and we will all end up at the same spot sooner or later. We'll get there eventually. I agree with your last words that Deep down there is a reality that is undeniable and understandable for those who want to discover the purpose of existence.

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Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful hub.

Blessings and Peace!!!

Aiden (author) on August 23, 2021:

Thank you, Manatita. I'm glad that you enjoyed the hub. I shall definitely check Chitrangada ji's hub, and do the corrections.

Thank you for your beautiful comment!

manatita44 from london on August 23, 2021:

Lovely! I'm with you most of the way. Just add a little more clarity and you can do this with Grammarly, an editing tool.

The outside is not any different, or there will be 'two.' But yes, once we are balanced inwardly, then the mundane will fall into place as one complete whole.

Let me also send you Chitrangada ji's Hub for beginners here. You may find it invaluable:

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