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Umair and George Soros — Peas in a Pod

Umair and George Soros — Peas in a Pod

I am not one that believes in conspiracy theories but it occurred to me that the stories Umair write sounds awfully similar to the what George Soros supports and funds.

Just perhaps, Umair is being paid to do what does everyday like clockwork.

I read article after articles all by Umair, all about the same lengh…9 minutes long, and all with the same theme of bashing America…and capitalism and why it is a failed state and why socialism is the better way…

George Soros has spent millions of his own money over the last several election cycles doing exactly that. He funds groups like antifa and OWS and BLM all trying to take down America. His Open Society Foundation has a stated goal of making the world into a one ordered state.

Soros made his fortune manipulating currency. Umair is well versed in economic theory having studied in Harvard…

Soros is a big donor to the DNC and Barack Obama. He helped elect Obama in 2008 and probably was a big factor in helping Biden and Harris in 2020.

Soros and Umair share the same political ideology, a progressive left socialistic and Marxist agenda.

By Jack C Lee on May 5, 2021.

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