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Maybe Things Will Never Change
Maybe I've Run Out Of Luck
Maybe I Should End It All
Maybe I Don't Give A Fuck
Maybe I Can Hold On More
Dig Down Deep To My Core
To Find The Part I Want The Save
And Not Put Myself In The Grave
Maybe I Can Make Me Whole
And Find The Missing Piece To My Soul
Maybe I Just Want To Care
Maybe I Should Try A Prayer
Maybe I Should Give God A Go
I've Never Believed But This I Know
If Something Doesn't Change And Fast
My Time On Earth Will Not Last
A Harsh Move It May Be
Freedom With A Permanent Penalty
There's No Coming Back, So Make Damn Sure
There's No Other Fix For Your Torture
Its Hard To See Light
When You Drown In Depression
Its Hard To Get Help
And Spill Such Confession
Tho It Does Beat The Alternative
And That's A Big Affirmative
Suicide Is The End
That's It
Your Problems Wont Last
Its Not Worth It To Commit

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