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*May She*


May She Be Everything You Ever Wanted
Sweet, Caring And Kind
May She Also Be
Beautiful And Healthy And Happy
With An Active Intelligent Mind

May She Be Easy To Raise And Not A Little Witch
May She Be A Sweetheart, A Princess
Always To Enrich
The Lives Of Those She'll Encounter In Life
May She Always Be Your Little Girl
Even When She's Somebody's Wife

May She Listen To Mother Closely
And Have All Your Rules Followed
May She Never Make You Wish
She Was A Load You Should Have Swallowed

May Hubby Have A Shotgun
For The Boys That Come To The Door
No Matter How Many Shells You Have
You Will Always Need Some More

Your Family Is Just Starting Now
With This Little Bundle Of Joy
But Don't Wait Too Long
Before You Try Again For A Boy

Little Girls Are Great And All
Even Raised Rough And Tumble
But A Little Brother In The Mix
Would Ensure She Grows Tough And Humble

Give It A Thought Or Two
I'm Sure Hubby Would Agree
Get It Right With The Best Position
No Need To Pop Out Three

May You Be The Best Mom You Can
To Help Your Girl Succeed
May You Have Enough Love To Give
And All The Attention That She Needs
May You Two Be Close Forever
And Talk Every Day
May You Two Be Close Forever
And Bond In Every Way

May Your Life Be Full Of Happiness
As We Know Always It Should
May Your Life Be Full Of Love
And Enjoy Your Motherhood