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Mating With a Celestial Spirit-a True Tale?

An Air Warrior and devotee of Lord Krishna has published over 120 short stories and 15 books on fiction and 4 on military history.


The beginning

Life has many vicissitudes, unwelcome and unpleasant and Ronnie was not immune to them. Despite his belief in the supernatural, when he landed at Indore for a regional conference, he never for a moment imagined that this visit would lead to an extraordinary experience. He later co-related some weird happening’s for which he has no explanation.

He checked in at the Marriot, a day earlier to the scheduled conference. He had a day to kill and thought it best to explore the city and its surroundings. While entering the city from the airport, he had observed that the city still had the quaint and ancient Indian form of transport, Tonga. What is a Tonga? it is the ancient Indian form of transport like a carriage pulled by a horse. He had seen a few of them on the road and he thought it would be a good idea to have a ride in one of them. Tonga’s and auto-rickshaws are not allowed inside the foyer of a five-star hotel and accordingly, Ronnie decided that he would take a taxi and go to the railway station where he was sure they would be many Tonga’s. The bell boy arranges a taxi and Ronnie is on his way to the railway station,

He reaches the station and observes that a half dozen tongas are parked there. He had a look at them from a distance and decided the one with the sturdiest horse would be his vehicle for the day. He walked up to one of them standing in a corner and seeing him the driver's face lit up.


The myth

“Sir where would you like to go?”

“Anywhere” Ronnie replies “Out of the city, to see an ancient monument or just the countryside”

He settled into the front seat with the driver after having fixed remuneration of rupees hundred for the day. As the carriage moves forward Ronnie looked at the driver and asks, “What’s your name?”

“Salim Khan”

“Where are you going to take me, Salim?”

Salim replies with a laugh, “Nowhere in particular, you wanted a ride so I will take you into the countryside.”

He paused for a moment and said,” sir it’s going to rain but that doesn’t matter because we will be safe in Tonga.”

“Any place to see Salim maybe an old relic of the British Raj?”

“Yes sir,” Salim replied enthusiastically,” there is an old building here called the old mansion. It is a building which was never completed and has a small history behind it which I will relate you”

“Tell me”

“Sir, it’s an old, dilapidated structure-built by the ruler of Indore. The building is over 100 years old but the quaint part of it is that it has no doors and windows. Don’t misunderstand me sir, it is a proper mansion but there are no windows and doors and only the openings exist?”

” Why is that?” Ronnie asks.

“Sir. There is a myth about this building. People say that when the ruler erected this mansion the wind blew so strongly that it blew the doors and windows away. He tried it twice but every time the same thing happened, so he gave it up. Sir, I don’t believe this, but it is more likely that the British resident here did not want this building to be made, for whatever reason I do not know, so he wouldn’t allow this building to be built and the doors and windows were taken away on his orders in the dead of the night.”

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Ronnie pauses for a moment and replies,” looks like an interesting place I would like to see it, any other myth connected with it?”

“Sir, this is not a myth, but the British resident was in love with the daughter of the ruler of Indore, and both of you them used to meet surreptitiously in this mansion. it appears that the ruler came to know about it and mysteriously the princess died, and the resident was transferred to Calcutta.”

The road was now bleak, and no vehicles were in sight. Now and then the horse seemed to throw up his head and sniff the air suspiciously. There was a nip in the air and the cold wind brushed Ronnie’s face reminding him that it was winter.

“Can we go and see this old mansion,” he asks.

“Yes, we can,” Salim replies,” but Sir there are rumors that the mansion is haunted, and the princess still comes to this place. I do not know whether to believe it or not, but these are just tales, so I wonder if you’d still like to go.”

Ronnie looks at his watch and says,” I have another hour to spare, so take me to this old mansion.”

The tryst

Salim wheeled the carriage to a side road and the vehicle began to move forward. Ronnie observes the road was desolate and dark clouds were covering the sky but more importantly, sees that the horse is becoming restless. A little distance away the mansion appears, and Ronnie makes out that it is an old structure and there were no doors and windows. Seeing the horse was getting more restless and not wanting to move forward, he says to the driver, “Salim, you stop the carriage here, I will just walk down to the mansion and have a look and come back.”

Salim was reluctant to stop but perhaps the restiveness of the horse and the air of finality in the tone of Ronnie had an effect and he patted the horse and said, “I wonder, why he is alarmed. But you go, sahib. I shall wait, but come back soon”

“Don’t worry”

Ronnie jumps out of the carriage and starts walking to the mansion. The road was desolate and all-around a stillness reigned. Before he reached the mansion the sky grew darker and blacker, shutting out the sunlight completely. Great drops of rain began to fall. Now the fury of the storm was upon him. Lightning flashes. Thunder booms repeatedly. The drops of rain turn into solid wind-swept sheets of water. The rain is now falling thickly, and he can scarcely keep his eyes open. In the vivid and almost incessant rain accompanied by flashes of lightning, he sees the outline of a large and imposing mansion and is delighted.

As the rain continues to fall, he quickens his pace and enters the mansion. As there is no door he enters. Inside it is dark and he wipes the water from his face. After a moment his eyes get accustomed to the gloom inside. He gets an eerie feeling and wonders why he should feel like this. He thought it better to go back to Salim but then he hears the unmistakable sound of a horse neighing just close to the door. He moves towards the nearest door from where the sound comes and looks out. In the gloom, he can see a large Victoria moving towards him. This is the backside of the mansion and opens into the driveway.

With the sky dark, he observes that the carriage is not moving on its wheels but is gliding along the earth. He didn’t have much time to think as very soon the carriage pulled up right in front of him. He dismissed the thought of the carriage gliding along the road and put it down to an optical illusion. He did wonder how the carriage had come because there was no driver in the front. He thought probably, the driver must’ve got down on the other side and he didn’t notice him.

Ronnie saw the carriage door open, and a lovely lady dismounted and came towards him. She was dressed in the Indian Ghagra skirt, and she moved very gracefully forward towards him. Again, he observed that the ghagra covers her ankles and feet but could not hide the fact that she was not moving with her feet but just gliding along with the earth. Ronnie stood rooted to the spot as the lady neared him. She does not say a word and as she brushes and passes Ronnie, to enter the chamber. Ere she enters a devilish display of thunder crashes across the sky and the mansion appears to shake.

Ronnie is perplexed but at the same time seeing such a lovely girl enter the room he walks up to her and says,” good evening my lady.”

She does not reply but shakes her head and in a deft move removes the hair clip at the back of her head and the hair cascade down. She does not say a word but just smiles and with the hair down she exudes sexuality. In the semi-darkness, he cannot make out her features, but her animal magnetism permeates through to him.

Now she’s only a foot from Ronnie and then something inexplicable happens. The girl takes a step forward and kisses him full on the lips. There is magnetism in the kiss and his lips open involuntarily, as the tongue of the lady slides inside his mouth. All this has happened so fast that Ronnie cannot react but at the back of his mind he realizes he is under the spell of this lady. He cannot but kiss back, but as his tongue goes inside her, some of his euphorias vanish as he feels that the mouth is icy cold.

He wants to drawback, but an invisible force holds, and he cannot escape. Does he want to? Perhaps no, as passion builds up inside him. Enjoined to her he cannot resist. In between, he feels an icy hand caress him and he is under a magical spell drawn irresistibly towards her. He’s witness to her luscious body as she slides the ghagra of her hips. He realizes she is beautiful and at the back of his mind, the idea comes that she is an enchantress who has him snared.

He is struck by her prodigious strength as she pushes him down, he feels himself shoot upwards towards the stars. They appear so close that he could pluck them from the sky. He is drained and makes a conscientious effort to rise, but some invisible force holds him down. No, he feels an icy hand around his heart, and he realizes, ‘my god I'm going to die’. He trembles and shakes like a dying animal


Dimly he hears a wolf wail and howl. Just then a crisp voice cuts across the hall and the silence, ” Sir, sir, wake up.”

He feels someone shake his shoulder violently. He opens his eyes and sees Salim. He stands like a savior over him holding a torch. His eyes move around the hall but there is no lady.

He gets up slowly. The room is empty, and he looks at Salim and says, “Salim, how did you get here?”

Salim looks at him and with a puzzled look replies, “sir, when you did not turn up for a long time, I came in search of you, I am glad I found you lying on the floor, you appeared unconscious.”

The rain had stopped, and it was quite dark outside. Salim continued “Perhaps, you will not believe it but they say that sometimes this mansion is haunted.”

Ronnie looks at Salim and asks,” did you see anybody here?”

“No sir, I didn’t see anybody.”

Ronnie shuddered and quickly left along with Salim. His mind was in a whirl, and he wondered who the lady was, a spirit? a Ghost? maybe she was the spirit of the princess but then he thought why she picked on him, why.

As the carriage sped forward, a thought germinated in his mind; what if he was incarnate of the resident; The man who loved the princess. That was the only explanation, he could think of. He decides to come back, sometime later, to get to the bottom of the mystery, but that gentlemen, is another story.


© 2022 MG Singh emge

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