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Math Problems, Neighborhood Noise, and How to Solve Both in Delightful Picture Book

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Math, Noisy Neighbors, and Problem Solving

Fun book for young readers who love math

Fun book for young readers who love math

Isobel Loves Math and Problem Solving

Kristy Everington's Isobel Adds It Up is a fun read and picture book for young readers who love math. Math homework can be challenging even if you have a quiet room. Isobel must find a way to finish her math homework while trying to guess where all the noise is ocming from in her neighborhood.

Isobel loves math and numbers. She has always been able to finish her math homework quickly until some noisy neighbors moved in. She must finish this homework by Monday with many addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems to be done. Isobel cannot concentrate with all of that stomping and banging going on next door. The neighbors really like their loud music! Isobel decides to turn her own music up to annoy those neighbors, but they like her loud music. What is she to do? Isobel comes up with a creative way to solve her problem because she cannot be late with her math homework. The surprise ending teaches a life lesson in cooperation.

AG Ford contributed his talents as an illustrator for Isobel Adds It Up. The illustrations fill each page with delightful details that add to the story. Isobel is featured as an African-American child which makes this picture book a great addition to your child's bookshelf if you want to add diversity.

Isobel Adds It Up was published by Random House and is recommended for ages 5-8. It has an ISBN of 978-0-593-17810-2.

Delightful Illustrations Help Tell the Story

So much noise!  What's a girl to do if she has math homework to finish?

So much noise! What's a girl to do if she has math homework to finish?

A way to solve the problem

A way to solve the problem

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Bring Isobel Into The Classroom for Fun Math and Reading Activities

Picture books were always my go-to tool in my early childhood classroom when I taught pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students. Math was a favorite subject with my young students and I always used a variety of picture books to introduce a math concept. Kirsty Everington's Isobel Adds It Up is a great choice to use for teaching math with young students. I especially like the surprise solution that Isobel devises to meet the neighbors who are making all of that noise. Math is used in the surprise solution.

*Read Isobel Adds It Up in a story time session. Call attention to all of the numbers on each page. The illustrations with numbers are a delightful way to teach number recognition with young readers.

*Call attention to the variety of math problems that Isobel must solve in her math homework if you have early elementary students. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems are all featured in the illustrations.

*Isobel has an idea to meet the noisy neighbors. She decides to make cookies. Cooking is an activity that uses math. Call attention to the fractions that are in the illustration that features Isobel in her kitchen making cookies.

*Prepare a cooking activity for your students to make a classroom-friendly recipe in order to use math skills for measuring the ingredients.

*What is the lesson that Isobel learns after meeting those noisy neighbors? There is a life lesson for cooperation that Isobel learns.

*Numbers are featured in colors and decorated in the text. Prepare an art center with number stencils, crayons, markers, and drawing paper for students to draw numbers to decorate.

*Count the number of times that a given number is featured in the text. Prepare small pieces of paper with numbers and engage your young students in drawing a number and finding it in the text while reading Isobel Add It Up. This is a fun activity to promote both reading and number recognition.

*Engage students in early elementary classes in solving the math problems that Isobel has in her math homework. Find the hidden problems in the text.

*Peanuts are featured in the story. Bring peanuts to class as a snack. Make it a priority to send notes home to ask parents about serving peanuts because some children are allergic to peanuts.

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