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Mary Stone's Series: Ranked

Mary Stone brings the mystery and suspense in every book.

Mary Stone brings the mystery and suspense in every book.

A bit about Mary Stone's series

Mary Stone has created 8 series thus far. Most of her series feature a second author who helped create the stories within. You can find her books on Amazon, Kindle and GoodReads.

To read about new releases and upcoming series, you can join 'Author Mary Stone's Task Force' -- her Facebook group that brings her readers together. We often receive sneak peeks at her next book cover or details regarding which character's book we may be getting next.

If you enjoy shows like Criminal Minds, CSI, The Killing, FBI, or anything similar, then you'll love Mary Stone's series. I know I do!

1. Autumn Trent

The Autumn Trent series

The Autumn Trent series

The Autumn Trent series is essentially a continuation of the Winter Black series, although it gets far more gruesome. It's my favorite of Mary Stone's book sets so far.

Winter meets Autumn during her time in the spotlight and they become fast friends. Now, the criminal forensic psychologist is working to help uncover the dark mind of Winter's brother. There have been 9 books in the series so far, with a 10th expected. The series got its start in June 2020. It was originally anticipated to run for the usual 9-book length Mary shoots for, but that has expanded further for a few of her series.

Due to some confusion with the Winter/Autumn saga, Book 10, titled Autumn's Deceit, will begin a Season Two for Autumn Trent's story. Autumn's Deceit is expected on February 3, 2023.

Autumn series book order

List of Titles

1. Autumn's Game

2. Autumn's Break

3. Autumn's Fear

4. Autumn's Rage

5. Autumn's Chaos

6. Autumn's Risk

7. Autumn's Strike

8. Autumn's Prize

9. Autumn's Trap

Autumn season two

List of Titles

1. Autumn's Deceit (Coming February 3)

2. Winter Black

The Winter Black series

The Winter Black series

Winter Black is the first series I happened upon of Mary Stone's. It's my second favorite behind Autumn who continues her journey. I came across Winter's story on Kindle and didn't want to put it down once I got into it.

Winter was beaten as a young teenager and left behind as her brother was kidnapped and her parents were murdered. Now an FBI agent, she has to work to find the serial killer who's still in the wind and hope she can find out what happened to her brother as well.

The series got its start in April 2019 and wrapped after 9 books in March 2020.

By December 2021, Mary decided to bring Winter back for a short story. Winter's Black Christmas released on December 7th. The short 87-pager offered plenty of suspense.

With so many people in love with Winter and Noah, Mary has decided to bring them back in a second season of the series. Winter Black P.I. Season Two is indicated on the cover. Technically book 10 of the full series, Winter's Return marks the beginning of her new job as a P.I., away from the incredibly taxing and dangerous life of an FBI agent.

Winter series book order

List of Titles

1. Winter's Mourn

2. Winter's Curse

3. Winter's Redemption

4. Winter's Rise

5. Winter's Ghost

6. Winter's Secret

7. Winter's Web

8. Winter's Storm

9. Winter's End

Winter's Black Christmas - Novella

Winter Black P.I Season 2

List of Titles

1. Winter's Return

2. Winter's Rescue (Arriving 2023)

3. Stella Knox

The Stella Knox series

The Stella Knox series

Mary announced that her 7th series, Stella Knox, was arriving in April 2022, and it did just that on April 6th. She partnered with Stacy O'Hare to bring the book to life.

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An email to Mary Stone's insiders revealed that Stella is a street cop turned FBI agent in Violent Crimes. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Her father was killed, and she uses that to fuel her desire to help others.

The cases in this series are sinister, yet gripping. It's quickly upping itself on my list of favorites from Mary Stone with the fast pace and unique cases.

Stella series book order

List of Titles

1. Killer Smile

2. Killer Style

3. Killer Shot

4. Killer Spirit

5. Killer Memo

6. Killer Note

7. Killer Encore (Arriving 2023)

8. Killer Knockout (Arriving 2023)

4. Ellie Kline

The Ellie Kline series

The Ellie Kline series

This series is co-authored by Donna Berdel. It's another great one, with plenty of gore, drama, and of course, love and friendship. The first book was released in January 2020 and the series initially wrapped up with 9 books in May 2021.

Detective Ellie Kline was kidnapped and tortured as a teenager. She now has to hunt down the psychopath who took her, all while solving other cold cases. She quickly enlists the help of her partner, Jacob, her new-found friend, Jillian, and their dogs.

For an early Christmas surprise in 2021, Mary announced that Ellie would be back for book 10. The original release date was set for May, but Mary surprised fans yet again when she announced it would be available to read early, by February 28, 2022. The 11th then followed on May 19th. A 12th is in the works, though with numerous series ongoing, it could be a while before this one returns. She's added a June 2023 date as of right now, but it could appear sooner if her schedule allows.

Ellie series book order

List of Titles

1. Cold Truth

2. Cold Hunt

3. Cold Threat

4. Cold Highway

5. Cold Grave

6. Cold Shadows

7. Cold Revenge

8. Cold Trail

9. Cold Death

10. Cold Heart

11. Cold Judgment

12. Cold Intentions (Expected on or before June 19, 2023)

5. Charli Cross

The Charli Cross series

The Charli Cross series

This is the 6th series Mary Stone created, and it quickly moved up as one of my favorites due to the amazing writing and captivating storylines. She partnered with Donna Berdel again for it (from the Ellie Kline series). It's essentially a spin-off from Ellie. Ellie encountered a detective named Charli near the end of her series who works in Savannah. She's a straight-to-the-point kind of person.

Charli lost her friend, Madeline, as a teenager to murder. Now as a detective, Cross is having to relive those memories while she hunts down other killers also harming young girls, as well as taking on other gruesome cases.

Charli Cross Series: Book 1, titled Dark Purpose, arrived on October 5th, adding to her already impressive collection of stories. The second book immediately followed with a November 10th release date, with the third arriving on December 23rd. These writers were on a roll! The 4th book soon followed on February 19th, with the 5th announced for the middle of June. A sixth finally arrived on December 19th. There are at least 3 more planned.

Charli series book order

List of Titles

1. Dark Purpose

2. Dark Greed

3. Dark Power

4. Dark Malice

5. Dark Silence

6. Dark Obsession

7. Dark Bet (Coming 2023)

8. Dark Mask (Date Unknown)

9. Dark Suspicion (Date Unknown)

6. Amelia Storm

The Amelia Storm series

The Amelia Storm series

Amelia Storm got its start in January 2021. Nine books have been released so far, with the latest coming out on March 24, 2022. A 10th is expected, although the date is currently set for April 19, 2023.

The series is co-authored by Amy Wilson. FBI agent Storm works to solve cases primarily involved in human trafficking. Her co-workers are unaware of her ties to the cartel, now led by her former high school boyfriend who she teams up with from time to time to help catch bad guys from opposing sides.

With a fellow FBI agent causing her problems, Storm is not sure who she can trust. It's another riveting series by the talented Mary Stone and her co-author.

Amelia series book order

List of Titles

1. Storm's Fury

2. Storm's Peril

3. Storm's Cage

4. Storm's Ruin

5. Storm's Wrath

6. Storm's Rite

7. Storm's Justice

8. Storm's Nightmare

9. Storm's Revenge

10. Storm's Cut (Expected by April 19, 2023)

7. Shadow Island

The Shadow Island series

The Shadow Island series

On April 18th, 2022, Mary announced that a new Shadow Island series, co-authored by Lori Rhodes, was in the works. By April 25th, she revealed the cover and let her fans know that this new series would become available shortly, on May 2nd.

Former FBI agent, Rebecca West, is summering on the island where she vacationed as a child. With the death of a teenager and the meager police department struggling to find her killer, West is now brought in as a deputy to help get the girl justice. Will she return to vacation life after the case, or will she join the department and remain on Shadow Island for good?

For me, personally, book 1 was still a worthwhile read, but I didn't connect as much to Rebecca in this first installment as I did with Mary's other characters. However, once book 2 arrived, it changed my mind completely! The sinister and gruesome case was more intriguing than the last, and we got to see the heart and grit of Rebecca that pairs with the rest of the women in these stories. Book 3 followed suit with a macabre case. I'm excited to see where the story goes.

List of Titles

1. Shadow's Secret

2. Shadow's Captive

3. Shadow's Deadline

4. Shadow's Force

5. Shadow's Watch (Release date unknown)

6. Shadow's Hostage (Release date unknown)

7. Shadow's Ritual (Release date unknown)

8. Shadow's Conspiracy (Release date unknown)

8. Kylie Hatfield

The Kylie Hatfield series

The Kylie Hatfield series

This was the first series Mary Stone concluded. It ended after just 5 books. She began the series in July 2019 with the help of co-author, Bella Cross. It is far less twisted in terms of cases, but still has similar elements. It focuses more on the sexual relationship between Kylie and Linc.

Kylie begins working at a private investigator firm -- but only as an assistant needed for paper filing. She soon starts taking cases on her own, despite her lack of credentials. She and her dog trainer, Search and Rescue specialist Linc Coulter, end up in some scary situations together that end up bringing them close. Although the series is at the end of the list, it's still a great one worth reading.

You truly can't go wrong with any series by Mary Stone. Luckily, many more book titles have already been revealed and will be arriving within the next couple years.

Kylie series book order

List of Titles

1. Deadly Act

2. Deadly Lies

3. Deadly Games

4. Deadly Dreams

5. Deadly Silence

Additional Recommendations

~Mary Stone herself has recommended her fans check out the works of Katy Pierce. Mary knows her personally. Katy Pierce penned the Allie Grecco Mystery Series, which currently has 4 books and at least one more on the way, as well as the Harborside Secrets series, which has 2 books thus far with a third coming soon.

~I, myself, discovered the book, The Girl in Room 16, by Eva Sparks, after it was recommended to me on Kindle. It was very reminiscent of Mary Stone's work, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys her books. The series now includes 4 books, with a fifth on the way.

~I also really love the Detective Ellie Reeves series by Rita Herron, and am currently working through her The Keepers series.

~Completely unrelated, but The Adrift Series by Trinity Dunn is also a must-read! It's listed under time travel romance, but has so much action and adventure as well. More of Us to the West is book 1. There are currently 4 novels included, with a 5th coming that will end the series next spring. Plus, a side story is in the works as well for her lovable/quirky character, Jim, and she has a fantasy series coming. I'm excited for it all!

You can't go wrong with any of Mary Stone's series!

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Brandi Goodman (author) from Holland, MI on June 01, 2021:

Absolutely. She's a great author and keeps her fans up-to-date via her Facebook page and through email if you're signed up. There's definitely some gore and shock to them though, particularly in the Winter and Autumn series, just FYI.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on May 31, 2021:

This sounds like a very good series of books. I ;am always looking for something new to read, so thank you, Brandi.

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