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Martian Musings?


It has been a long while, since I last communicated, my thoughts on this platform. Much has happened, I was able to journey back to Mars, visit my family and spend some time there. Oh how I miss, the lower gravity, oh I how miss my pet, (resembles an earth dog), my children, and of course, my wife, Karoka. What it was to breathe full carbon dioxide, instead of this oxygen stuff, you earth-dwellers breathe into your lungs. Of course, through DNA manipulation, once more my body had to be prepared, to breathe this gas, that like oxygen on your world, keeps my people and every living thing on Mars - alive.

Of course, as you know, from past writings, my people live in the interior of my world. There is a whole ecosystem down there, a hollow Mars if you will. Created centuries ago, by what was left of my people. We created a new world, not only for my people but every living species on Mars. It is a place, resembling the surface of Mars. A planet, that was like your earth, streams, lakes, seas, forests, all manner of animals. But like you now, through disregard for our planet, by war, consumerism, greed, exploitation of other species, Mars became the arid wasteland it is today. Not forgetting, our atmosphere became thinner, radiation became more intense from the sun, as our atmosphere blew away into space.

We realized, we were out of step, with the universal creator or what you call 'God'. So, we turned a corner and lived underground. Conditions at first were not ideal, but eventually, through our spirituality, our greater care, we created a world where there were fewer of us. But, there were more animals and plants, just as Mars was in the beginning, a paradise world, before our species, made Mars the dry husk it has become, a cold barren desert world. You people on earth, are making the same mistakes as we did. And, while we do not force you to change, we are observing you, in many forms, in many ways, some technological, some you could not even begin to understand.

Your probes circle and crawl across the top surface of our world. We know, you are intrigued to find life beyond your world. Mars, my world, has always fascinated you because you see it as a sister world, to your earth. Yes, Mars has seasons, it has polar caps, like your world and in the past, Mars was another earth. We hack into your primitive technology and let you see, what you think is our barren, cold, spartan world. We know you are amazed, by sunset on Mars or the sun's rising on Mars, just as it does on Earth. We are not so horrible, as to not allow you, those treats, we too enjoy such things, after all, we Martians are not that different from you. We are human, but not as you are, we share similar physical appearances, but there are also differences. Remember, Mars and Earth, share similar traits, so Mars, also, experienced a second 'Genesis' as you call it. Upon Mars, there arose our species, human yes, but not an Earth human, a Martian version. As a species, we have had our highs and lows, however, we have survived and learned the lessons, we needed to learn. You Earth beings, must also, learn this or the only way for you is destruction, we know, we have been there. This may sound arrogant, but take this as true, we Martians, are an older and wiser civilization. This warning I give you is not pleasurable for me, it is in fact, sad. To observe an intelligent species like yourselves, making the same mistakes as we did. Unless your leaders, take definite action on climate change, reverse this international rivalry as nations, end the rampant consumerism, materialism, etc, you are doomed. Not only as a species, but you are dooming your planet and all other species on it and that, is selfish. The global fires, the pandemic, etc, are but a taste of things to come for your world unless you change.

I am sorry to be so depressing, but as someone, who lives on earth amongst you, I am being truthful. I am here, as a permanent agent, I can be anywhere, at any time, any place, yet seemingly living a normal life in this world. The abilities my people possess are technological, yes, but we have abilities, that you would think are paranormal. You are not evolved enough to understand, all the things, we can do. We do these things, in the name of the supreme being, who fashioned us, you, and everything else, in the universe.

Having returned to earth, with my holiday from your world over, I return to my life as an earth dweller. That for the foreseeable is my mission, I will communicate again.

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