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Maraya by MS Penarts


MS Penarts is a published author of various mini-novels and poetry books.

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Maraya by MS Penarts

Maraya by MS Penarts

Short and Sweet

The first person that came to my mind when reading the book was Kunta Kinte from Roots. Some research would have gone into writing this book. It was very much different from the books that I have been reading in the past few days and weeks. A mixture of romance, aristocracy, history and culture.

— Author Joseph Perera

Book Synopsis:

The story is set during the Spanish colonial era in the Philippines, and tells about a woman's love and hardships in fighting for what she aspires and believes in albeit the society's rigid expectations.

Maraya, as the only daughter of a prominent Criollo of Luzon, had been brought up as someone to grace the upper echelons of society someday. How far can she go to be able to stand tall and be heard?


February 14, 1876
Don Mariano Crisostomo Mansion
Calamba, Province of Laguna

The birth of Maria Yohana Beatriz Diamsay Crisostomo Y Arellano was met with great spectacle of fireworks displays and grand celebration, courtesy of her father’s Chinese friends and business partners. A band of musicians played all evening and all throughout the seven days that followed. The entire town of Calamba, its Friar and even the Kapitan-Heneral partake in the week of festivities.

For the infant girl, though not of royal blood, is nothing ordinary at all. Maraya, as her Aunt fondly called her, is the third child and only daughter (the most longed daughter in fact) by her parents, Don Mariano Diamsay Crisostomo, the richest, most prominent and the most influential landowner of Luzon, and his beautiful wife, the Doña Inez Arellano.

The precious child, Maraya was baptized the next day in the presence of his godfather, the town Friar himself and several prominent, if not rich others. She grew to be more precious as years go by— being a regular apple of his father’s eye. Even the Friar favored her as much as if she was his own.

Her mother, unfortunately, had passed on mere months after she was born. Don Mariano donned his mourning suit even to this day and refused to marry another. His spinster sister, Maria had taken to managing his household and the business of raising Maraya as the one to grace the upper society in the years to come.

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  • Maraya - Paperback | Ukiyoto
    Set in the Spanish colonial era in the Philippines, the story tells about a woman’s love and hardships in fighting for what she aspires and everything she believes in albeit the society’s rigid expectations. MARAYA, as the daughter of a prominent ‘Cr

About the Author:

MS Penarts is currently living in Manila Philippines. She loves reading classical books as much as she loves Harry Potter series and detective stories. She is also into haiku and couplets.

It is her greatest ambition to visit all prominent libraries across the globe. That include the Vatican's Secret Archives, of course.

You can follow her Facebook Author Page and Instagram account @mspenarts.

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