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Manga Where A Character Is Involved In A Secret Marriage

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Faster Than A Kiss

I Can't Live Without You By AnimeGirlLover015

He Is Only Her Teacher

Tanaka Meca wrote Faster Then A Kiss.

Kaji Fumino is a very aggressive girl that beats up wrong doers. Ojiro Kazuma, spotting her fighting tells her that she could get hurt when she fights. So, she yells at him. NO one knows that they are secretly married.

This began when Fumino and her brother had lost their parents. They did live with relatives but they ran away. Unable to care for them both she decides to drop out of school. No one goes looking for her or her brother. The very moment she thinks of selling herself a teacher from her school finds her. She tells him that if he wants to help then he will need to marry her. The teacher then says yes. In her shock, he take her to his home.

He give her brother a candy and she says that it would be great if he just looked after her brother but he insists on marring her. So, just like that they are married.

They also have the neighbor helping them with her younger brother to keep him safe. The guy is not only her brothers teacher but he is use to work as a host his name is Ryu. And, her new guy does not like the way Ryu hits on her.

She is to dress in cosplay and he is to make dinner in order for them to stay there.

Naisho ja Tarinai yo

He Is Just Too Cute

Ando Mai wrote Naisho ja Tarinai yo.

Mayuko and Seto are secrety engaged to be married. No one knows about the marriage. They met when she had to attend arranged marriage meeting.

A lot of girls at their school are enchanted by Seto. They want to date him.

The couple thought do not talk in school because it will be troublesome for them. However, she gets jealous even when he is talking with his many friends. Her actions only confuse him.

Will her actions drive them apart?

Nanji, Chikai no Kuchizuke wo...

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Oota Saki wrote Nanji, Chikai no Kuchizuke wo...

Sanada Kyouta is 18 and Kawakami Rena is 16; They are getting marred with their parents permission. However, there are three conditions or the perents will send in devorce papers. One, the school can not find out. Two, Kyouta must get into the University of Tokyo. Three, they can not have children, yet. With that agreed up on they are about to start their new lives together.

She spends a lot of time worrying about spending more time with him instead of studying. He does not seem to notice.

Will they every be able to work their marriage out or will their parents force them to divorce?

He Is A Fan

Katsu Aki wrote Love Lucky.

He has very bad luck with woman. Fuuta tries to us Kirari song for good luck in love. So far, it has not given him good luck.

So, he has went to a matchmaker that thinks she can find him a new love. There is a spead date and a girl with hay fever asks him out. The next time she mets him she is waring a ski mask. He goes to the movies with her anyway. He also likes her smile. They even like the Kirari song. They go on many dates. On all of the dates she wears a mask. He eventually falls in love with her.

He tell someone who is trying to unmask her that she is his lover. She is very releaved by that.They confess there feling then she asks him to marry her. She does not want to tell anyone and he wanders if she might disapear on him.

They go to his aperatment and she revils her face to him.

Marry A Police Man

Miyoshi Maki wrote P to JK.

She goes on a mixer with her friend so that her friend's sister who is 22 will have two extra girls for the adult mixer. the friends sister wants to find a guy so she only invited ugly girls to the mixer.

This guy that she met at the mixer asks her if she is dating anyone. He wants to be friends with her. She tells him that she is only 16 and he gets her a taxi and she goes home. However, she thinks she might be in love with him at first sight.

The next day, he pretends to not know her. She tells him that she is sorry for him thinking that she was younger. He does not respeond to her.

Later, a pervert tries to take her with him, the cops show up. He is one of the cops.

Later she gives him some baked goods which he excapes and she askes him if he is dating anyone.

She sort of stalks him then confesses her love for him.He tells her that he can't be her boyfriend.

Secret Marriage

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