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Manga Review: "Fate/Zero," Vol. 1

"Fate/Zero," Vol. 1 manga cover.

"Fate/Zero," Vol. 1 manga cover.

Quick Info

  • Author: Shinjiro
  • Publisher: Dark Horse Manga
  • Page Count: 174
  • Published: February 10th, 2016
  • Availability: Download on Kindle or buy at Amazon or RightStufAnime; purchase on Dark Horse Digital

Story Summary

In the city of Fuyuki, seven Masters have summoned Servants, historical figures summoned to the present day, to fight to the death in order to obtain the Holy Grail, a mythical all-powerful wish-granting device.

Kiritsugu Emiya has summoned Saber to fight for him; she feels uneasy regarding their relationship and accompanies Irisviel, his wife, to Fuyuki.

The Story Is Excellent

I watched the anime Fate/Zero (2011) and the manga is entertaining too. Both Shinjiro and Gen Urobuchi have made an excellent manga. It’s an interesting version of the story because it’s not just a recreation of the light novel or the anime because they have new scenes that are not in the anime or the light novel.

The scenes in the manga are a nice addition to the story of Fate/Zero. The scenes also add characterization to Saber and Irisviel and the friendship they have. There aren’t many new scenes but some of them are extended scenes between Waver Velvet and Rider.


The Character Interactions Are Entertaining

I really enjoyed the character interactions. The conversations between Saber and Irisviel are nice because they give both of them more characterizations for the added scenes.

The interactions between Waver Velvet and Rider are fun because of their clashing personalities. It’s very entertaining because of the character dynamic they have.

The interactions of Irisviel and Kiritsugu are also very sweet because of their relationship as a married couple.

The relationships make the story interesting, alongside the main plot of the story.

The Artwork Is Very Nice!

Shinjiro’s artwork is very nice. It does recreate many scenes from the Fate/Zero anime and it does look fantastic. While there aren’t a lot of action scenes in the story, the art still looks good.

The backgrounds in the manga look nice and are detailed. The art is nice to look at but it can’t match the anime by Ufotable.

The art compliments the writing but it’s not the best manga art I’ve ever seen, but it’s nice. The color pages at the beginning of the manga are also nice to look at.

The Manga Does Have a Typo

I have noticed that the manga does have a typo. They’re talking about the time between when King Arthur was alive and when Saber is summoned and they said it’s been 15,000 years, but it should be 1,500 years. The manga doesn’t match the anime.


The Story Can Feel Slow Because of the Pacing

The story can feel slow because of the manga’s pacing. There isn't a lot of action in this section of the story, but this part of the story mainly centers around the exposition of explaining the Holy Grail War and its rules.

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Some readers might find the exposition to be very boring and uninteresting, and it can drag down the story. If you’re looking for an action-oriented story, this might not be a manga you’ll enjoy.

There Is Too Much Exposition

Another issue that is also a problem in the Fate/Zero anime is that there’s just so much exposition in this manga. While I do enjoy the character interactions, a large chunk of this volume of the manga is just characters explaining what the Holy Grail War is to other characters, some of whom should know what these things are, but it’s only being explained for the readers.

This Is a Mature Story for Adults

I don’t usually mention manga ratings, but since this is a mature-rated manga I will mention that it does have violent content, even if it’s not in this first volume. The anime is also rated for mature audiences. This manga is recommended for ages 17 and up. This is for the adults, so keep this out of the hands of teenagers and kids.

Reader Poll

"Fate/Zero" Is a Fantastic Story

Fate/Zero is a fantastic story. It has an interesting premise and well-written characters. The setup for the Holy Grail is a unique premise for a death game.

While it’s based off the light novel and the popular anime and the light novel, it’s not an exact adaptation of the anime but the new scenes add characterization to the characters.

Quick Summary

What WorksWhat Doesn't Work

Interesing story plot and world-building

Manga has slow pacing

Extra scenes not shown in the anime

There's too much exposition

Nice artwork and illustrations

My Grade: A-

The manga is a nice interpretation of Fate/Zero. If you’ve watched the anime, you’ll enjoy reading the manga. The extended scenes are nice and make it unique compared to the anime.

It has an excellent story with some new insight into the characters that aren’t in the anime and since the light novels have never been licensed, this is the only written version of Fate/Zero that fans of Fate/Stay Night have.

The manga is something that any fan of Fate/Stay Night, it’s another way to enjoy the Fate series.

I love the manga of Fate/Zero and I’m happy to own this in my manga collection and I don’t buy a lot of manga since I prefer to watch anime over reading manga.

But Fate/Zero is an anime series that I loved the anime so much I felt that I should buy the manga. If you love the Fate franchise you’ll want to buy this manga series.

I highly recommend Fate/Zero for its intriguing story and urban fantasy setting. It’s unique and interesting with good writing and entertaining character interactions.

It is bogged down by the manga’s slow pacing when it comes to how the story moves along. Some readers can find think the story is boring because of the pacing.

You can buy the manga from RightStufAnime, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Amazon. You can also buy it digitally on Kindle and Nook too and it is a little cheaper than a physical copy.

This manga is well worth your time and money, it is an excellent manga and it’s not too expensive and it’s very affordable.

You can get any better if you love fantasy and if you enjoy urban fantasy, you will absolutely love Fate/Zero. If you like manga with a darker, more adult tone then you’ll want to read this manga.

My Rating

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