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Manga Review: Bleach Volume 2 by Tite Kubo

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Bleach Volume 2 cover.

Bleach Volume 2 cover.

Quick Info:

Author: Tite Kubo
Publisher: Viz Media
Published: Aug 3, 2004
Page Count: 200 pages
Availability: In print, buy on Amazon or at your local bookstore

Story Summary:

Bleach Manga volume 2 has Ichigo trying to protect his friend Chad after the parakeet Chad has is being chased by a Hollow, will Rukia be able to hold it off until Ichigo can take his sister home?

This is a Fun Manga:

I enjoy Bleach manga a lot, it’s not my favorite manga but it is one that I’ve enjoyed reading. Bleach is the first anime that I watched that I knew was anime, even though I have watched Superbook and The Flying House when I was little, but I didn’t know it was anime back then.

Bleach is a typical shounen manga and even though it uses a lot of clichés in the genre, it’s still a very enjoyable story to read, although there are other manga that has better stories, it's still a great manga to start with if you’re trying to get into reading manga.

Ichigo dealing with a Hollow.

Ichigo dealing with a Hollow.

The Characters Are Interesting:

One thing that I enjoy about Bleach is the characters, and even though some of them are just being introduced, they are all unique and interesting to read about.

I like Chad and Orihime they are both interesting characters and I enjoy that they both have connections to Ichigo and it’s fun to see them interact with him. They’re a very odd group of people and it’s fun to see them bounce off each other.

The Art is Nice:

I like the art in the manga Bleach. It’s nice to look at and while it's not one of my favorite manga it’s still one that I enjoy, not just for the story, but also the art.

I like that the character designs because they’re unique and I can remember the characters because of their traits and art style designs. It’s different from American comics because comics are colored and manga is not, so the designs have to be unique in order to stand out because of the lack of color.

Tite Kubo’s work is good, his art is getting better and the fights are good, I like his illustrations for the fight scenes and that’s why I keep reading Bleach.

The Story Can Feel Generic:

Bleach can feel very generic because of the genre it’s in, and it does use a lot of topes and clichés in the genre, but it’s still a fun story, but you will be seeing familiar topes in shounen if you read Bleach.

Because the story can feel generic, not everyone will enjoy it, especially if you have read a lot of shounen manga. There has been a lot of manga that is better than Bleach, but this series isn’t bad, it just feels very run-of-the-mill when it comes to this genre.

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Parental Rating:

This manga is rated T and recommended for ages 13 and up for language, violence, fanservice and tobacco use.

Ichigo's dad talking about Chad.

Ichigo's dad talking about Chad.

It is a Fun Manga, A Great Series to Start If you’re Curious about the Genre:

Bleach is a fun and enjoyable manga series that is great for newcomers if you’re trying to get into manga if you’re curious about manga and you like action/adventure series with interesting characters and nice artwork.

It’s a fun manga but it’s not the best shounen title I’ve ever read. It’s still one I can recommend to newcomers. It’s worth your time to read it, but its up to you whether you want to buy it. Keep in mind if you do start collecting this series you’ll need a lot of space.

Quick Summary:

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Good story and characters

Can feel generic at times

Nice Artwork

Can be very expensive to collect

Decent shounen series


My Grade: A-:

This manga is good, it’s an enjoyable Shonen adventure story and it’s an interesting read. It is a little slow getting started, but it’s taking its time to establish the main characters and I don’t really mind that.

It’s a story that I enjoy a lot, but it’s not a perfect story at all, but it’s a lot of fun and it’s not one that you’ll think is the best manga series, but it’s one that you’ll like if you enjoy action-packed series.

Bleach started off strong as one of the “big three” in Japan as the most popular shounen manga magazine Weekly Shounen Jump. It is popular because people enjoyed reading it, and while it was running and even though its popularity dropped off towards the end of its run, it still did very well. It’s still enjoyed by a large audience despite being finished. It’s well worth it to read the story, even if you don’t buy it.

The art is nice and the action is exciting and keeps you entertained. The story is interesting and exciting and the characters are unique and interesting.

I recommend Bleach if you’re new to manga and you like stories with a supernatural twist to them. This manga is very popular over here in the United States and I don’t have to pick it up for my manga collection because it’s freely available at my library.

Your local library is a great place to read the manga because they buy it so you don’t have to. It’s a nice way to save money and still enjoy a popular manga.

Check your local library to see if they have it. If you’re going to collect this one, prepare to get another bookshelf because this is a long manga series and it’s been finished. The manga does seem cheap but it can add up over time with the sheer amount of volumes in the series, which is why I recommend borrowing it from your local library because not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on one book series.

It’s definitely worth a read to check it out, but you’re going to be putting a lot of money into this series if you’re a collector.

They do have 3-in-in editions of the manga that will be cheaper for more volumes but it’s still going to take up more space on your shelf because there are so many volumes in the series.

My Rating:

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