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Man on the Edge


Man on the edge

Walking through the quiet dark night was that man, standing on the edge, his face i do not know, his thoughts i can not say. he was on the edge on a dark lonely night, waiting for the right moment for the cool night breeze to sweep his life. His eyes as dark as the night and his face as pale as a corpse.His joy has been lifted from him, his pain has been formed from sin. Deep down the dark eye of his lost soul are the worries of not been missed, his love his gone and his pain has come. His dreams washed away like the sand on the sea beds and reality done on him like a man not fed.As he closes his eyes to take a final breath, i could feel the wind pause, motions stopped, all for the soul about to be lost. one step after another the pale body sank into the deep.struggles never existed the man never resisted, for the battle was already lost the day he was born and the story has been written for him to be gone. Has i rushed up to the edge in amazement, i saw the body floating and i could feel my tears flowing for i had just realized something, that man was me.

© 2019 Asanka Nelson


Asanka Nelson (author) from Nigeria on August 26, 2019:

thanks a lot.i guess my message got to you

Lorna Lamon on August 26, 2019:

Powerfully written - I felt the sense of sadness and hopelessness within the lines.

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