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Man Is Mortal but Art Is Immortal.

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How Art made a man immortal

It is an English proverb and it is proved as true. It is true that every man is Mortal means everyone has to die one day, every creature goes away from this world and accepts death but their art stays behind them which is remembered by the world that makes them immortal. Nothing is immortal here but the art and the deeds of the human which made them either high or low in their lives.

Let us consider, for example, the Nightingale bird. Poets have written about the nature-infused and ethereal beauty of its songs. There will come a time for a Nightingale to die and they will but their songs will remain alive. John Keats wrote“Ode to a Nightingale,” which became popular during his age —The Romantic era. He posited that singing is immortal and though the Nightingale does not remain, that her singing makes her immortal.

The same thought, it can be applied to the human as well, there are two types of human in the world. One who made their lives immortal from their work and contribution and one, who live their lives but after their death. Nobody knows who they were because they do not do anything special which made them able to be remembered by the world. There are so many artists whose art is immortal and they are remembered by the world. Although, they are not physically present their art which they left behind, made the world feel their existence even after, hundreds of years. If a singer dies he or she left his singing behind and whenever their songs are being sung people recall them and found them alive. If a painter who left his painting art he or she is being remembered, people celebrate their anniversaries and birthday on their days.
Deeds make people immortal-Same as the case with those who give their lives in the services of the human-like many of the scientist have given great theories and discoveries which gives life to humanity, they are appreciated in entire of the world.
Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Thales, and Democritus lived thousands of years back but see he is alive in today's world, in every class of philosophy they are remembered. Shakespeare, Goethe, Voltaire, Chaucer, and many more poets live hundred years back but they are remembered in the classes of literature. Same as that every scientist is remembered not only in the classes but also in the societies when people take advantage of their creation and they are remembered with pride, they gave their entire lives for discovering single creation. Not only the people of this time are getting benefits from their work but the coming generations will remember them with pride even many of the artists are working in their art certainly their names will stay in the world.

Artist use his or her emotions in the work which they give to world.

A girl with her art

A girl with her art

Why Art Plays an Important Role

Those who have fought for the truth their deeds made them immortal and till today They are remembered with golden words. Artists are like that though they are not present their art made them immortal. Art makes a person alive through their work like painting, singing, writing, and all other work.

Let us take few examples of Artists. Muhammad Rafi is a great singer of India. He has sung so many songs for Indian Industry; today, he is not alive but his songs are being played all over India. People remember him, it is his art that makes him immortal. Lata Mangeshkar is alive and her voice is her art .she has been singing, it will be playing till the world stays.

The Mona Lisa painting by Italian artist, Leonardo da Vinci is a great work of 1500 but still counted as a masterpiece. He is appreciated and will be appreciated till last for his art.

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Portrait Painting of an Artist

Why Man Becomes History

That's the contribution of the work which makes a man immortal and they never dies physically they are not felt but spiritually their work shows their presence. I quote words of the great warrior whose name is well known in the history of Greek, Achilles when he was invited by the king of Sparta to participate in the war and he showed his wish to go into the war, went to meet his mother who was a goddess in the Greek myth and she told him not to go in the war because this fighting is not good for you. He was also aware that this war is not being fought for the country but for the king's own reason after that he replied to his mother that if I am not going to participate in this war, I will consider a useless entity on this earth, history won't remember me because in his time there was no war to participate and prove his skills, so he went and died in that war. His words are still remembered in history and the English language made an idiom with his weak point as Achilles heal means a weak point of a person.
Artists are not only those who created something but I believe those who stayed and fought for the Truth and saved humanity are also true artists. The world is created so many great humans bedsides bad ones, who have fought and preached for the humanity .thousands are names are there in history whose names can be written with the golden letters and their deeds made them immortal, though their ways were different their message was same to protect the truth and they gave their lives to protect the entire humanity.

Today, Budha is remembered for his preaching, Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him is known for his love, truthfulness, and trustworthiness of humanity, Jesus for his and patience and trust. Rumi for his poetry and thousands are there whose names stay in history. We all should contribute something as we should be remembered in history and our generations always remember us with good words. If we look at their deeds, we will be able to know that why they have so many followers. The answer is simple, their way of life made them higher.

Artists are actually the heroes who always stand with humanity. The scientist gives their entire life to give one creation that stays till the world is on the planet and people will find them as well through their innovations, discoveries, and creations.

Art Never Dies


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