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Make Money Online as a Writer: Beat the 7 Common Challenges Easily!

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Accept the challenge!

You can reach the top despite the challenges. They made it, you can too!

You can reach the top despite the challenges. They made it, you can too!

You are Not Alone!

First and foremost, the challenges are there to make us move to the next level and as an online writer, I have had my shares of them too. Kindly note that I am not making the six-figure yearly income yet, but I am glad my efforts have been fruitful over the years and the amount I make may stir beginner writers to know there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Is it possible to make a living from online writing? The short answer is yes.

While it is possible, there are various challenges you may face, and the sure way to make money online as a writer is to overcome each challenge. Let’s get right down to the 7 common challenges of making money online as a writer:

1. Deciding the Right Platform

How can I make money writing online? Which platform is the best for me to make money writing online? This and many other questions may cloud the mind of a beginner writer. While there are many possible platforms on which you can earn money writing articles online, not every platform may work for you. Each article publishing platform has it's own rules and it's advisable to review them before submitting your article.

A personal blog or website may be a good option although it too has its own challenges. For instance, it may take a few months for your site to appear in search engines results pages, or the SERP. This, however, depends with the level of quality in your contents in terms of originality, SEO friendly, and grammar.

If a personal blog isn't your intent, you may consider the very many websites that offer the best platforms to write and earn money online. This includes freelance sites and content writing sites. Despite many of them being legit with the core intention of supporting authors and writers, many are scam.

Deciding the best platform can be a challenger and may take some time but reading online reviews is a good way to get started.

To beat this challenge, ensure you stick to one or two sites. This is crucial since you will focus more when you have few platforms on which you can direct all your writing resources. In the online writing industry, time spent online will either result production or loss.

While writing at your website may seem a loss at present, it may be a great future investment when you write quality and SEO friendly articles consistently. You should avoid spending too much time searching for the best online writing platform to make money when you already have some working ones at your disposal.

The major rule should be, since people are making money writing articles online on that site (according to online reviews), you should believe, that with the right approaches, you too can make money. Work hard to be productive on the site you write your articles and implement what people say works. For example, produce quality-SEO friendly contents consistently as and consider affiliate marketing as another way to make money.

I am not a native speaker!

Beautiful African writers!

Beautiful African writers!

2. Expression or Use of Words

I am a non-native English speaker and I struggled with this challenge in my early days of writing. One thing I love about challenges is that they make us move to the next level when we face them squarely. It is common for new writers to feel inadequate when they find that they struggle with their use/expression of words.

The thought that some professional native English speakers will read your articles should not dissuade you from writing. If you believe you can make money from writing online, don’t hesitate, rather go for it with confidence.

To beat this challenge, it is important to perfect your writing skills by reading many quality blogs or articles that focus on helping people become better writers. We know that practice makes perfect. Don’t be afraid of speaking or writing where a lot of qualified people are. Don’t fear being corrected and once corrected, avoid repeating the same mistake. Write more articles and join some writers’ forums where you may learn a few things on how successful writers write. Among the tips of making it as a freelance writer, don’t be afraid of placing bids on what you know you can deliver.

3. Writer's Block Challenge

The temporary feeling or condition of not being able to think of what to write or how to proceed with a writing idea is a common challenge to even successful writers.

When a writer lacks self-inspiration, the writer’s block may ruin their career as they may permanently lose the ability to produce new work. What causes writer’s block varies among writers, their level, and their success. This can include exhaustion, fear of rejection, laziness, lack of confidence, or lack of structure.

To beat this challenge, the desire to persevere as a writer is what will conquer it. According to most successful writers, the following tips to overcome writer’s block works:

  • Avoid over-stressing yourself and take adequate rest and sleep. Writing too much without resting will not only make you exhausted but also rob you of writing ideas.
  • To produce an informative and creative article, you need to read and read a lot of what other successful writers have written.
  • Be active and exercise frequently to be in the right frame of mind.

4. Lack of Ideas

There are times when I feel I have exhausted my writing ideas. I may have the article topic but figuring out the content structure may be difficult and time-consuming. This happens to every writer and the following tips can beat the challenge:

  • Put aside your writing pen and read anything that comes your way. Reading is a good way of developing relevant ideas that can resonate with what you intend to write on.
  • Research on Google or social media sites to find ideas on what you want to write.
  • Have an open mind when not reading or writing. You may get writing creative ideas by simply being observant of your surroundings and nature.

5. Online Budgeting and Investing

The other challenge of making money online as a writer is when you have to part with some cash in order to get the best out of your work. This may include personal web hosting costs, grammar checker tools upgrades, SEO tools upgrades, advertisements, and so on.

For most beginners, it is convenient to start at free hosting websites and free grammar and SEO tools. However, for one to see a breakthrough, some investment may be worth it.

To beat this challenge, you first have to know the sole reason for your writing. That is, apart from the intention of making money writing online, you must have the passion that will drive you even when you feel you are not making any profits.

Don’t measure your initial success by the money you make writing, rather by the impact of your articles on the readers. I get a positive thrill and motivation when people comment on my articles in my blog. As a writer, be confident that you will succeed at the end and don’t fear to take risks because most successful writers are where they are now after taking very high but calculated risks.

6. Lack of Rest

Taking a rest while writing an interesting topic can pose a challenge even to successful writers. While sitting for long hours poses various cardiovascular risks, sometimes I feel like taking a break will make me lose a popup writing idea into the thin air. Most writers spend more hours writing and researching without rest and unknown to them, this affects their creativity and thinking.

To beat this challenge, ensure you get more focused by sleeping the recommended 8 hours each night. Plan your writing schedule and avoid bidding on more work than you can deliver on a certain period.

Don't hide!

Don't hide!

7. Perfectionism and Lack of Confidence

Most writers struggle with this challenge. There is stiff competition in online writing and you may want to publish only what is best for your readers. This holds to most of us but once you know you have written what you believe is solid, you should be confident and publish it. You can, later on, perfect it after getting feedback from the readers. When aiming for perfectionism, you may lack the confidence to publish rich content, only to do so when no one is searching for it in the search engines.

To beat this challenge, take enough time to research your topic and use the necessary grammar and SEO tools. On completing your article, publish it without further delay.

Finally, there are other challenges that you may experience as a writer who intends to make money writing online but being determined to succeed is what counts for your success. Take all the measures above and put them into practice early to ensure you hit your writing milestones.

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Emee chan on August 01, 2021:

Thank you for sharing this, it was really insightful. I've struggled with some of these like writer's block, lack of ideas, but then again who doesn't? It's such a nice feeling when an idea for what to write next finally comes to mind. Keep up the good work!

Maryam Fatima from Pakistan on August 01, 2021:


Philip Agutu (author) from Mombasa Island on August 01, 2021:

Thanks Nian. You are much welcome.

Nian from Pakistan on August 01, 2021:

Helpful article.

Thanks for sharing.

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