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Mahashweta- A 'Must Read Book'


Well, today when I was just checking out the answers directory, I found one question ‘Have you ever cried while reading any book?’. That question grasped my attention. Reading different types of books, novels, magazines etc have been my passion since long time. Books were like my best friends and always I carried at least one book with me wherever I went, wherever I travelled. The main reason I love to read books is firstly, I can forget whatever my problems may be while reading the book, secondly I can learn a lot from those books and thirdly it increases my knowledge and also, improves my vocabulary. I have read about 60+ books till date and there are few favorites also. One among them is Mahashweta.

The Author: Sudha Murty

The Author: Sudha Murty

The Summary

Mahashweta is written by an Indian author Sudha Murty.The protagonist in the story is Anupama, a mesmerizing beauty complementing her name. The story revolves around her life. Anupama, who has a keen interest in literature, Sanskrit and plays and drama, gets married to Anand a doctor who falls in love with Anupama after watching her act in the play ‘Mahashweta’. She too falls in love with him and overcoming all the oppositions from Anand’s mother Radhakka, they get married. Things won’t be very easy for Anupama in the early days of her marriage as Anand leaves for England and promises to call her back after 3 months as she had to stay because of Deepavali Pooja that newlywed bride performs in Indian culture and to cope up with her in-law who had given in to their marriage unwillingly only because of her son. But Anupama promises herself that she will win the confidence and love of her in-law.


She dreams to join her husband as soon as possible. But the fate had something else in store for her. On the day of pooja, she notices, a white patch on her foot. As the days pass by, the patch begins to spread and this causes a lot of anxiety for Anupama. But yet she hides this fact from the family members and goes to a Dermatologist and the doc confirms that she is suffering from a skin disease called Vitiligo or Leukoderma. Anupama leaves the hospital with a heavy heart , fearing what future holds in store for her. Then the story of Mahashweta moves on with how her life changes because of this disease.

The Impact

Mrs.Murty has written this book so efficiently that you start to get an impression that you are actually feeling the pain and suffering that Anupama is going through. You almost feel broken as much as her when her husband, a doctor rejects her because she is suffering from the disease. You sympathize her, you cry with her and you respect her and feel proud about her when she decides to be strong and to fight against all odds in order to establish a life for herself. You feel disgusted about Anand as only the external beauty mattered to him. Anupama had enacted Mahashweta where Anand gets hooked on to her for life. But perhaps his love was only skin-deep. As he just leaves her when Anupama emerges as the real “Mahashweta” - ’the white one’.

The story deals with the struggle of how Anupama learns to lead her life, accepting the disease, and constructing herself a life which is independent and pursuing a job that gifted her a self satisfaction and peace of mind.


Last Note

This is one of my favorite books that I guess I have read almost about 8-10 times (yes I love this book a lot!). It’s one the precious books that I own. It really shocked me how a small white patch could destroy her beautiful life completely. It's also another example of how physical beauty matters to the world than the beautiful soul and heart. This book could change so many people's life towards better. It’s such a heartwarming story that you won’t be disappointed.

Though it's not recently released book, the values, the issues discussed in the book are relevant in today's world too.

Hat's off Sudha Murty for writing such a beautiful book.

Try it once. And I assure that you won’t regret reading it.



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Rajendra on October 22, 2015:

Really Awesome book, Thanks a lot for sharing this book

Harshita (author) from Karnataka, India on July 14, 2013:

Try all her books. They are worth it. :)

Sudha Murty is a great writer and Novelist. :)

aparna on January 01, 2013:

mahashweta is an awesome book. so is her 'bakula'. i want 2 try out dollar bahu too

Harshita (author) from Karnataka, India on October 26, 2012:

Thank you :)

ABCD on October 26, 2012:


Harshita (author) from Karnataka, India on July 21, 2012:

Thanks di! :) She is my favorite too! :)

mykhushi from Karnataka on July 20, 2012:

Fantastic job harshita... This is my most fav novel written by my idol.. Thanks a lot for sharing... and yeah i do cry whenever i read this novel..