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Magical Items collected by John Constantine to Kill Trigon

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5 Magical Items John Constantine used to Kill Trigon

The ending of the first Dceased series was heart-rending. We had to witness the demise of the world’s beacon of hope, Superman.

His transformation into one of the undead meant the survivors had to evacuate earth, immediately. And they did, albeit the chase from the man of steel.

Dceased II brings hope as cyborg is able to transmit a distress call across planets to the league’s new found home.

Although this second installment is based on the cure, our heroes face another formidable force, one that is hell-bent on wiping the entire world, Trigon.

Apparently, the demon was angered by the fact that the souls of the undead were trapped within their bodies and not descending to hell.

John Constantine, is made aware of this by Etrigan, and has to work out a plan to take down the all-powerful demon.

So John, being John, assembles a group of heroes who wouldn’t mind doing some questionable things for the greater good.

Using the team, that consists of, Damian Wayne’s Batman, Redhood, Cassandra Cain’s batwoman, Swamp thing and the Ravager, John embarks on a journey to collect some of the most powerful magical objects in the universe.

1. Madame Xanadu’s Crystal Ball


The crystal ball is a magical object that enables one to see the future. It is a priced possession of the powerful sorceress Madame Xanadu.

The sorceress, used the crystal ball alongside her fortune tarot cards, to predict the future of countless people including heroes who would come far and wide to seek her abilities.

We first notice that John has the Crystal ball when the new league devises a plan to get hold of the mobius chair so as to find the cure.

John presents the crystal ball to them so it could be used as a bargaining chip since Metron seeks knowledge above everything else. Madame Xanadu’s crystal ball would enable him to see into the future.

During his fight against Trigon, John Constantine used the crystal ball to evade the demon’s attack as he knew exactly where and how he would strike.

2. Ragman’s Cloak


Ragman’s cloak has the ability to absorb people’s souls, but not just any soul, evil souls. Once absorbed, the wearer becomes stronger and faster. He or she can also gain the soul’s memory.

John acquires the cloak after Rory Regan is killed in a confrontation with the anti-living plastic man. Blue devil also falls during this fight. In one scenario in the comic, we see the cloak trying to claim John Constantine’s soul.

3. Spear of Destiny

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The spear of destiny dates back to the period of Christ and is believed to be the spear that pierced Jesus on the cross. As his blood flowed through the lance, it gained unimaginable powers, some of them including the ability to raise the dead and control souls.

The spear has been wielded by a number of people for different reasons throughout the DC history. For example, Adolf Hitler used it in World War II to stop superheroes from interfering with the war.

Perhaps the wielders with the most noble reasons were Superman and Shazam who used the lance to fight Spectre, one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe.

Yes, the spear of destiny is powerful enough to wound the Spectre.

In Dceased, the spear of destiny is located in Nanda Parbat, a place hidden from John Constantine’s magic. John’s connection with Swamp thing enables him and the team to travel through the green to the hidden city.

On arrival, they are welcomed by Boston Brand, well not before going through a hoard of the undead. As Boston Brand gives the other heroes a tour through the hidden city, Constantine finds the holy lance and behind it stands the guardian, Rama Kushna.


Constantine knows she would never allow them to depart with it. However, the spear is an integral part of his plan. To the dismay of everyone, he stabs Rama Kushna with the spear, wounding her although not fatally.

Boston Brand attacks immediately but John uses Ragman’s cloak to trap his soul. They then depart to their next location with the heroes accompanying him still in dismay.

4. The Magic Staff (Shazam’s Staff)


The magic staff is a mystical weapon wielded by the Wizard Shazam. With it comes wisdom, strength, endurance, power, courage and speed, all attributes of the ancient gods Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury respectively.

The staff granted one unfathomable power, however, they had to be pure of heart. John Constantine acquires this weapon next after the spear of destiny though not easily.

After spearing Rama Kushna, Constantine and his team move to the Rock of Eternity, the wizard’s home. All seems calm for a while until an undead Captain Marvel Junior shows up and blasts into Redhood, breaking him into half.

Swamp thing immediately restrains him while Batman flings explosives at the undead hero, but all this proves to be futile. There was only one object that could help them win, the staff.

Batwoman notices it lying on the floor, picks it up and shouts the name Shazam. She quickly gains the wizard’s powers. And with her new abilities and the fighting skills gained over the years, she is able to take down Captain Marvel Junior with ease.

5. Doctor Fate's Helmet and Amulet


Doctor Fate’s helmet was created by the god of order, Nabu. Anyone who wore it got the powers of the god. This included flight, energy blasts, speed, teleportation, damage resistance and Astro projection. Aside from all these, one had knowledge and access to all the spells and magic in the universe.

Doctor fate’s helmet and amulet were the final mystical weapons John required to take down Trigon. John had been assembling all these weapons inside fate’s house but Doctor fate had no idea since the room was hidden from his sight.

When he finally gets a glimpse of what John Constantine had collected, he stands in bewilderment and only utters two words “My God”.

As he dons Ragman’s cloak, Constantine requests Fate to hand him his helmet and amulet.

Fate refuses to do so, forcing the Phantom Stranger to stab him using the spear of destiny. This is only meant to subdue the sorcerer supreme allowing John Constantine to use the wizard’s magic to remove Fate’s helmet.


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