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Impyrium: Magical Characters, Sorcery, and Fantasy Thrills in a New Series for Fans of the Fantasy Genre

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Intrigue and Magic in a New Fantasy World

Young readers of this popular genre on the order of Potter and the popular "Game of Thrones" will be excited to dive into "Impyrium" by Henry Neff. The worlds of sorcery, magical characters, and intrigue are all in this new fantasy series to keep readers engaged in the story of Hazel Faeregine and her sisters. Hob,a young boy from the cold Northeast, joins in the mix to spy on the palace in which Hazel lives, and plots to destroy the Faeregine dynasty. Hazel is more interested in magic than she is in helping her family maintain the dynasty, but her mother has other plans to use Hazel's magical talent to save the kingdom. Both characters are joined together in all of the sinister happenings that will keep readers turning the pages until the end.

Neff's plot is magically well-developed and each character stands on his/her own with intrigue. Young readers will want to take sides as they read. The black and white illustrations lend additional magic to the story. Neff also combines a futuristic sci-fi genre with his fantasy in "Impyrium" that will appeal to readers. A character list and glossary of magical terms and places are also included at the end of the book.

"Impyrium" was published by HarperCollins Children's Books, and is recommended for ages 8-12. The YA audience will also enjoy the book. It has an ISBN of 978-0-0623-9205-3.

A New Magical Read in "Impyrium"

New fantasy series

New fantasy series

Magical black and white illustrations add to the story

Magical black and white illustrations add to the story

Hob has his own agenda along with Hazel

Hob has his own agenda along with Hazel


Get Acquainted with Author Henry H. Neff

Neff's first series, "The Tapestry", is joined by his new book "Impyrium" and the first in a new series. His first series combined his love of world history and mythologies. He sets his new story in the distant future and his characters in "Impyrium" have evolved from his first series in "The Tapestry".

Neff does not write for any particular age range, but he states that he is satisfied with the fact that his books are recommended for readers in the middle grades. He states that his character Hazel in "Impyrium" was the most challenging to develop, and he is very happy with the way that she underwent all of the growing changes through the book. and he feels that she is a plausible character. Neff states that he has pride in being highly detailed in his writing.

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You may learn more about Henry H. Neff by visiting his website at

Author Henry H. Neff

Get to know the author Henry H. Neff

Get to know the author Henry H. Neff

How Well Do You Know "Impyrium"

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Why was Hazel an outcast in her family?
    • She was an albino.
    • She was not very good at being a ruler
  2. Why did Hazel's mother want her to help the family?
    • Hazel's magic could save the dynasty
    • Hazel was one of three sisters
  3. What was Hob's goal in the story?
    • Hob wanted to spy on the Faeregine family and destroy the dynasty
    • He wanted to marry Hazel
  4. How many days did it take Hob to get to Impyrium?
    • Six
    • Ten
  5. Who protected the Faeregine sisters at the palace?
    • The Red Branch
    • The Black Guards

Answer Key

  1. She was an albino.
  2. Hazel's magic could save the dynasty
  3. Hob wanted to spy on the Faeregine family and destroy the dynasty
  4. Six
  5. The Red Branch

The Appeal of Magical Characters to Young Readers

Everyone knows the popular magical characters of the Harry Potter books. Neff's characters will join the Potter characters in popularity as readers get to know the characters in "Impyrium". Magical characters are appealing to fans of the fantasy genre for several reasons. Some characters or creatures are able to spark empathy in a reader. Young readers in the age range of 8 years to young teens are often outcasts and aspire to belong to the "in" group. Magical creatures and characters are often in the "out" group in a story. Magical characters are different and young readers are often able to relate to these characters or creatures. Magical creatures or characters often encounter prejudice in a story. Hazel in "Impyrium" is a good example of a character who is an outcast because she is different from her sisters.

Young readers also find magical characters or creatures appealing in that these characters help to develop personalities that have different perspectives on the presence of differences. These types of characters help readers to develop tolerance. Dragons and unicorns are just a few of the types of magical characters that fans of this genre find appealing. Young readers of "Impyrium" might like to research the similarities and differences found in other cultures when they read. Good perspectives about social values come from reading fantasy stories such as Neff's books.

Appealing Magical Creatures in Fantasy Stories

Magical characters or creatures appeal to young readers

Magical characters or creatures appeal to young readers


Fans of Sorcery, Magic, and Mystery

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