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Magic Childhood

City of golden magic

Childhood was a treasure of happiness.

. There is no sorrow in it, there is no concern.

Gleefully speak without thinking.

Neither fear nor value anything.

. All my neither yours nor mine, just be with everyone.

No one cares about playing by being fun all day long

. Fight fight, still get the same heart from friends.

Why early childhood would have been a short childhood .

may this childhood last for a long time, life should be happy.

The low laughter gets lost in the growing life.

That childhood smile does not come back in these confused days.

Childhood things that day seemed like it was a fairy land was it.

Good days are short that's why they end soon.

Played a lot in childhood, did a lot of fun with dolls.

Childhood gone friend changed life in these ups and downs.

All is lost as the magician sweeps and all is missing.

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It's like all the magic that was said in a moment.

Close your eyes and remember the golden days.

Live the same colorless life as reality.

Life does not change, neither happiness nor any enthusiasm

. Where was that childhood wave, where did it flow, where was it simplicity?

The magician of time took it all by hiding in his bundle.

Time has given youth, now get entangled with the philosophy of life.

Those golden days and childhood were imprisoned in the bundle.

Took the support of life, left it in the middle

. Be alone now in your life and fight now the battle of life.

Don't come, that magical world is all over now.

Remember, just stay in this sad life.

Remember in some labor and laugh a little bit.

Just come again, now this is life. Gone are the golden feathers of childhood.

Time has cut those golden wings. The life left is just sorrow in the memory of childhood.

Now we have to live life in memory, we have to live in our childhood.

© 2021 Sultanakhan

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