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Magic Tree House Adventure in New Graphic Novel Brings Dinosaurs Into the Fun

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

New Adventure in the Magic Tree House Series Includes the World of Dinosaurs

Who doesn't love dinosaurs?

Who doesn't love dinosaurs?

New Adventures Complete With Dinosaurs in New Graphic Novel for Young Readers

Fans of the popular series Magic Tree House will be excited to read the newest adventure from Mary Pope Osborne with her Dinosaurs Before Dark. This adaptation is ready for young readers in graphic novel form with awesome black and white illustrations from the sisters Kelly and Nichole Matthews.

Jack and Annie are still asking the question of the origin of the tree house. They enter the tree house once again and Jack chooses a book about dinosaurs, a favorite topic with him. He opened the book and discovered that it could transport them back in time to the world when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Come along in this time travel adventure to the Cretaceous Period to discover all of these awesome dinosaurs. Jack and Annie also find a gold medallion with the letter M engraved and of course, this medallion adds to the adventurous mystery. Trouble comes along when encountering the dinosaurs and they must find a way to escape. Annie escapes, but Jack is stuck while trying to retrieve his book and bag. Young readers will find Dinosaurs Before Dark to be a page-turner as they read to see if Jack can also escape and return to the tree house. He gets a surprise ride back to the tree house.

Dinosaurs Before Dark is an easy read for ages 6-9. The text is written with easy vocabulary and there are only 10 short chapters. Young readers who are just beginning to read chapter books will enjoy the adventure. Each chapter also has a full page of awesome illustrations from the sister team Kelly and Nichole Matthews.

Dinosaurs Before Dark Graphic Novel was published by Random House Books for Young Readers/Random House Children's Books and has an ISBN of 9780593174685. Fans of the Magic Tree House series will be excited to add this one to their collection.

Keep the Reading Going for Your Children This Summer With New Adventure in the Magic Tree House Series

Teachers always want children to keep reading during the summer months and this new adventure from the Magic Tree House series is definitely a great choice for young readers to enjoy this summer. Dinosaurs are a favorite topic with young readers, and this adventure into time travel back to the world when dinosaurs roamed the earth will keep young readers engaged in summer reading. Young readers who are beginning to read chapter books will find Dinasaurs Before Dark to be easy reading.

The ten short chapters can be divided into several reading sessions. Parents who are reading aloud to their children can read one or more chapters each day.

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Make additional materials available for children to learn about dinosaurs while being engaged in the magical adventure. A globe and maps are a fun accessory for children to see the locations where dinosaurs may have roamed back during the Cretaceous Period. Jack and Annie enounter a Triceratops as their first dinosaur. Children will want to learn more about this dinosaur with pictures and resource books that describe the area of the earth where this dinosaur roamed. What did this dinosaur eat? What other dinosaurs may have competed for food along with the Triceratops.

Provide art paper, crayons and markers for children to draw their favorite dinosaur. Why is their choice of a favorite dinosaur their favorite?

A variety of plastic dinosaurs are available for purchase for children to have engaging play this summer along with reading Dinosaurs Before Dark. Children might like to engage in dramatic play to re-enact the adventures that Jack and Annie have.

What did each type of dinosaur eat? Engage children in an activity to classify the dinosaurs into plant-eating and meat-eating groups. Provide snacks of vegetables and lunch meat for children eat when classifying their dinosaurs.

What dinosaur helped Jack return to the tree house? Young readers will want to discover this special type of dinosaur and learn more about this one. How is it different from the other dinosaurs that roamed the earth?

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