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Madison's Arranged Date

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July 2019

My dad was friends with his dad. That's how I ended up being taken out by Latanzi, the R&B singer.

I know that he was hesitant, because I spied on him out of my bedroom window. He sat in his parked car with the headlights on for about 15 minutes before he actually got out and rang the doorbell. It was the longest 15 minutes ever. And didn't know whether to cry as he sat or jump for joy when he finally came to the door.

Though I wanted to go out with him, I didn't want to go out with him if he didn't want to go out with me. I was anxious, but I wasn't desperate ... Not really.

He was cordial to the 'rents. Shaking hands. Taking pictures with my stepmom ... But grimacing whenever they weren't looking. "Uncomfortable" and "put out" written all over his face. However when I walked down the stairs, his facial expression showed some sign of hope. Because even though I wasn't a super model, I knew that I was kind of cute. At least, I'd been told on several occasions that I had a cute face. And though I was a big girl, I did have some sex appeal. And the dress and designer heels probably didn't hurt.

So even though he had expected not to have a good time, I managed to charm him a little bit. Enough that after the comedy show we attended, he took me to the steakhouse at the casino boat. A really swanky and sophisticated place. To me anyway. Because no one had ever cared enough to take me there before. So it had to be special. Right?

My pulse raced as he grabbed my hand, crossing the busy street. And when I attempted to let go after we made it over, he wouldn't let me. Which only made my palms sweaty. But still, he wouldn't let go.

When we we were waiting for our meal and he fed me a battered jumbo shrimp from our shared appetizer ... Then ... Right then and there was when my lady bits couldn't take it anymore and my body just let go; totally saturating my panties.


Latanzi Matthews lived in the city, but was buddies with super producer, Chris Stephens. And he had keys to Chris' huge mansion. Allegedly he was allowed to stay there whenever he was in town

So when Latanzi asked me after dinner if I wanted to go see a movie, I had absolutely no idea that he meant a private theater inside of Chris Stephens' house. I mean, who does that?

I'm talking, authentic movie theater quality seats. I'm talking a concession stand that we had the total run of. Really and truly. Full of all kinds of old school candies and gumdrops and cookies and chips galore.

So we sat there, watching an exclusive print of Avengers: Endgame -- seriously, who does that? On the 10 feet tall/30 foot wide screen. Not only that, but sharing a tub of caramel corn, cheese popcorn and regular popcorn mixed together. Buttery/cheesy hands co-mingling and what not ... This was too much.

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And then he had the nerve to lean over and kiss me, right as MARK RUFFALO was putting on the gauntlet. And it was such a good kiss. As powerful as when Ruffalo put on the gauntlet. So good that I missed the big battle scene and Tony Stark's sacrifice ... Because we were kind of on the floor, rocking and rolling. And he was kind of taking off my dress and putting his buttery/cheesy hands all over my body.


November 2019

I was four months pregnant.

It took me that long to contact Latanzi and let him know the "deets".

Partly because I was scared out of my mind of the possible reaction. Partly because of flashbacks of miscarrying my stepbrother's baby so many years ago ... Long story for another time.

I'd been celibate since the aforementioned step ... person ... last touched me ... Which had been a long time. Only touched by myself for ages, that is until my father brokered that date with Latanzi. And even though he made love to me like I was HALLE BERRY, I didn't expect anything more past that one night. That was the cost of being a big girl. Sometimes they didn't call back.

Strangely enough, he surprised me by making once a month visits to my neck of the woods. Which I didn't quibble about, because I felt privileged on one hand. And on the other hand, I knew that he was a busy entertainer, being pulled in many different directions. That he could have any woman that he wanted. So anytime he chose to spend with me felt like Christmas day. Especially when he spoiled me by taking me to fancy restaurants and showered me with expensive purses and shoes that were the envy of all of my friends. Stuff I definitely couldn't afford on my own.

I worked at my friend Quincy's upscale thrift store. A nice little boutique where we made a killing via the college students. And they referred us to their visiting friends and family, who then referred their friends and family from other parts of the country ... Our online sales were booming .... But it still didn't place me in the tax bracket where I could afford the types of items that Latanzi dropped in my lap ... $500 purses ... $1,000 boots ....

Don't get me wrong. I loved the gifts. But more than anything, I loved to watch Latanzi as he ravished my body like a natural man ... Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph ...

When I broke the news to him, I got scared. Because he kind of just stared at me for a couple of minutes. And I kind of flinched when he came towards me. Flashbacks of the more exploitive LIFETIME movies where the guy just hauled off and slapped the woman out of the blue.

He took my face in his hands and kissed me so tenderly that I got dizzy. Or maybe it was the morning sickness. But thankfully as I stumbled, he was kind enough to keep me from falling.

We made love in Chris Stephen's guest house.

He wasn't mad about the baby.

He moved me out of my daddy's house and into a place of my own ... Where I continued to wait for his monthly visits. Not perfect, but it was something more than I could have expected.

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