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Maddox Bellacole and the Child of Two Worlds: Prologue


His blood dripped steadily onto the white dirt below his feet. Maddox Bellacole was a man bred for battle by his military father yet he had rarely seen any fighting, much less engaged in the act. He is a family man, or at least he used to be, he thought to himself.


This ravenous dog-monkey monstrosity trying to kill you doesn't yield to sympathy for a widowed man. Hell, most humans don't either.

Think of Cyan.

Think only of Cyan and how she'd be just as lost without you as you would be without her.

He clutched his wound and stood upright, managing, just barely, to bring himself up to his full 6' 2". It was just him- the inexperienced and badly injured father- between a grotesque and agile native carnivore of Mars and his infant daughter.
Failure simply wasn't an option.

Renewed, Maddox thrust his sword toward the beast, but only managed to graze it's hide. It whipped it's large clubbed tail in retaliation, striking Maddox hard in the calf muscle of his right leg. Maddox ignored the resulting pain and swung his sword wide behind his head. It was a blind attack, he knew that, but it was one he knew he could quickly recover from should he miss.
Luckily, the steel of his weapon met the flesh of the creature, right near it's eye. It stumbled to it's side and fell over but for a moment before kicking itself back upright.

At the same time, Maddox and the beast realized how close the thing was to Cyan and the animal made a dash for it's easy meal, her being such small prey. Thinking quickly, as only a parent really could in this situation, Maddox launched his sword between the two of them and he got up and ran forward to close the gap between himself and his daughter. He knew that throwing the blade directly at the creature was futile; between it's thick armored sides and his failing strength, the sword had no chance of hitting it's mark, so he aimed his throw towards the soft Martian soil between the creature and it's intended victim.

The weapon stuck firmly into the ground and at that precise moment, the beast ran headfirst into the newly planted steel pillar that was Maddox's trusty sword.
The animal was momentarily dazed and disorientated.

That precious moment was all Maddox needed to pull the sword out of the dirt and inject every inch of it into the roaring beast's tender belly. It slumped over, dead.

As Maddox retracted his blade, a calming, yet unwelcome, wave washed over him and he too slumped to the soft white ground of the red planet and thought wistfully of his wife, Tina; his daughter, Cyan, and the events that brought him here, perhaps to die and leave his only daughter a defenseless orphan on an alien planet.

The entire world around Maddox Bellacole went dark.

© Andy J. McGuire

Olympus Mons. It will be a key location in the finished novel.

Olympus Mons. It will be a key location in the finished novel.

Now, I need your help!

Well, that's the prologue chapter.
Is Maddox dead? What's Cyan's big secret?
How is Maddox going unite Earth and Mars? Who is the ancient evil known as Infestus Vita?

All these answers and more will be revealed one day when the adventures of Maddox Bellacole are written and published. I have been slowly building notes upon notes to add to, and enhance the story. If successful, I wish to make it a series of books centering on Maddox as he raises Cyan.

In the meantime, please review the prologue, offer any opinions and share with others to generate excitement and motivation for me to finish it, for I am quite lazy.

I accept all criticism and praise, so go nuts.


Andy McGuire (author) from Los Angeles, CA on February 15, 2013:

Thanks Anna. I liked your critique about the fact amongst the feelings and will def edit that.

Anna Haven from Scotland on February 15, 2013:

Sounding good and leaving his wifes demise a mystery as well, intriguing.

I really like the second last paragraph 'As Maddox[...] defenceless orphan on an alien planet.' I thought that 'relatively new terraformed landscape' was not needed as it sounded very matter of fact in amongst a really good paragraph of thoughts and feelings. I thought you summarised well, leaving a lot of questions open and it was a good way to end.

The onset of darkness added to this,to echoe his foreboding thoughts and foreshadow drama in the next scene. Interesting storyline :)

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