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Short Story "Mysterious Case"

I write this story in free time. I don't take out specific time for it. This is my first story. Hope you people will like.

The Beginning......

"Yeah, I'm coming! I know we played last time in this park when we were fifteen!" Replied Tommy.

"Boom!!!" Suddenly bomb blasts!

"Somebody help!!! Please! My brother is in danger!!" Shouted John.

"Don't worry about me! Just run for your life....Aah!!" Replied Tommy in his last breathe.

"No.....!!" Shouted John.

"Boom...!!!" Another blast!!

John saved his life and reached home in very bad condition. He was bleeding from head to toe!!

Michael asked John "Son! What happened to you?"

Katherine sobbingly said "Where's your brother!"

"He-hhheee- is dead!!!" Replied John stammering!!

Calling for HELP!!

Katherine was out of senses. Michael held her tightly so she didn't fall down. Then he called Inspector Carter,

"Hello!! Sir!! Is this Mr. Carter? Please come to our house as quickly as possible!!".

"But why?!! What happened?!! Is this that much important?" Carter asked as trouble is on him.

Michael replied quickly, "I can't tell you right now!!" The line dropped.

"Aah... What happened now?!!" Carter asked to himself.

Then he quickly went to their home. He listened crying voice of a lady outside their home. He became very worried and knock the door. The door was opened. As he entered ...He saw blood stains everywhere!!He was shocked to see blood as he was thinking that someone was murdered in the house. As he went inside the room he saw that John was bleeding. The bed was full of blood. He asked Michael in hurry,

"Why didn't you take him to hospital?Call ambulance!!"

Michael quickly called ambulance. He said to Carter,

"I was not able to understand what to do so I called you. Tommy...My son.... He is dead!!!" Tears were rolling through Michael's eyes.

Then ambulance arrived and John went to hospital and was recovered in few days.

Investigation Started.....

Carter started investigation. He went to the park where the bomb was blasted. The park was on fire. It was burning like petrol!! Fire brigades were trying to put out the fire, ambulances were roaming here and there. Rescue workers were searching for dead bodies in that fire. Carter was shocked to see these all things. That area was not under his control but he was appointed to solve that mystery case!!

There was a CCTV camera on the house in front of that park. He thought that there should be a recording of that blast. When he rang the bell many, times no one came. Then he was little bit suspicious about the home. Then he called his friend George, who was in intelligence. He phoned him,

"Hey George!! How are you? I need your help to solve the case? Will you help me?"

"You should be asking me about the blast in the park but I am busy in another case". Replied George.

"Please George!!" Insisted Carter.

"OK... I will try" George replied.

"Thanks!!" Carter cuts the call.

Then Carter met George and asked him to keep an eye on that house. George ordered his team members to notice that house all night and at 3:00 a.m, a van came and enters the house. He quickly called Carter and told him to come at once.

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Carter quickly arrived with his team. He then rang the bell. A man looked from CCTV recording that it's Police so he shouted,

"All of you get ready..!!! Get in cover now!!! Police has arrived!!"

Carter listened all this and ordered to break into the house. As they enter, the man behind the door tried to kill one of policeman, but he fails.

Then there was a huge exchange of fire in which all members of gang died and three policemen died and two became injured.

Inspector Carter got the PROVE!!

Then Carter looked for the recording and finally he found it. He got inside the room and was suspicious because bed was not on its place so he said his men to remove the bed. He was shocked when he saw that !!.... There was a hidden basement inside that house. He got inside the basement and said,

"Oh God!! What the hell is this ?!!" He was shocked to see the blood stains on walls and floor everywhere.

There were heavy chains for tying people and many tools for torture. It was looking like a torture room. There was a head table which was full of files and bomb making equipment!! George was related to these things so he recognized there were the same equipment used to make the bomb which was blasted in the park. Carter took all files and ordered his men to seal the house. He went home and didn't sleep all night as he was looking for information in the files. He picked one file and he opened it..... He was shocked!!

Found the VILLAIN!!!

He saw that .... The boss of the gang was his old enemy.... Shaka!!!

He said in anger,

"This is the only one terrorist whom I'm not able to catch!!!

Huh!! This time he will not skip from my hands!!!"

The next day, carter checked the recordings and got the proof that Shaka was a man who was the bomb blaster. One of the man of the Shaka got report about all these things and Shaka got angry and confused. George was still spying Shaka and his team. George saw that one of Shaka's team member came to see that what was going on in house which was in front of the park and then George followed him. He stopped in a house which was in forest.

Ending with JUSTICE...

George called Carter and told him that he had found target. Then Police came and there was encounter between Shaka's team and Police. And Police killed all men and arrested Shaka and presented him in court and showed proof. Shaka was then given death sentence. Government gave the prize to Carter and promoted him and apologized Michael and Katherine and gave them money. All the culprits got their punishment and Michael's family got justice.

© 2019 Muhammad Anas

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