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MY PASSION FOR CREATIVE WRITING: Friends and Family Don't Get It

John-Boy Walton

John-Boy Walton

I’ve always had a thing for JOHN-BOY WALTON. You can call it a crush if you wish. But it isn’t the kind of crush where you get butterflies in your stomach hoping that this person likes you as much as you like them. Nope. My crush was because John-Boy, played by Richard Earl Thomas on the old CBS drama series The Walton’s, was an ASPIRING WRITER. John-Boy once said “I used to think I’d be married to my writing and books would be my children.” Then he got engaged to a beautiful editor. How convenient.

I’ve also been quite attracted to CLARK KENT. I could care less that he turned in to Superman and had fantastic powers of flight and speed, strength and endurance. I was intrigued with Clark Kent, the writer and columnist for the Daily Planet.

Then there’s JESSICA FLETCHER, the mystery writer on the TV series Murder, She Wrote. I’m attracted to her too!

More recently, I am infatuated with RICHARD CASTLE, a best-selling author of mystery fiction on the current ABC crime series Castle. And there are many other wonderful characters whose occupation as a writer/author has caught my attention.



It all started when I was very young, maybe 8 or 9 years old.  I wrote a poem book titled “Love Is.” It covered all the letters of the alphabet. Love is Apples I munch in my lunch. Love is Brian my friend till the end. Love is Chrissy, one of my sisters who is prissy. And so on.

I still have my Love Is poem book although I’m not sure where it is at the moment ~ probably in the Junk Drawer. I am thankful to my Mother who saved all these wonderful mementos. I also received my creativity and passion for writing from her.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) American statesman, scientist and philosopher.



Wikipedia describes a writer as a person who produces literary content, including but not limited to stories, poetry, music and other literary art, advertising, procedures and books.

If this is true, then I am a writer. I’m a writer. I AM a writer. Whoooo hoooo!

Now this simple description does not delve into whether I’m a good writer vs. bad writer. We’ll just leave that topic for another hub. I am simply thrilled to say that I am a writer. I have a passion for writing and I write.


MY INSPIRATION FOR THIS ENTIRE PIECE CAME FROM SUNNIE DAY'S HUB TITLED Living in LA LA Land (no longer published on HubPages, moved to another site)

“Thank you Sunnie D. for your wonderful writing, encouragement and inspiration. You have become a dear friend. I am so glad we've crossed paths in LA LA Land.”

This magical place, LA LA Land as Sunnie calls it (HubPages to most of you), is where those who have a passion for writing can be themselves and find others with a similar enthusiasm. I stumbled upon LA LA Land almost two months ago while job searching. I was immediately intrigued. I read and learned, then wrote my first piece.

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Back on February 22, I was extremely nervous.  The publish now button was quite intimidating to me. But I did it, I published my first article, and continue to do so quite often. The support and feedback from others who understand my passion is incredible.


               My Writing Bug

I have a passion for writing, it started years ago

I get the writing bug, and the words begin to flow.

This bug could appear anywhere, in the car or a beautician chair

If I don’t take care of it soon, it’ll cause me to pull out my hair.

I wish my friends and family, would understand my fate

And not look at me, as if some bad bug they ate.

I have this passion for writing, and feel at home in LA LA Land

Thank goodness I have found, at least one other buggy fan.

                                 Sharyn's Slant

Intrigue ~ Brainstorm

Intrigue ~ Brainstorm


My favorite word is INTRIGUE followed by the word BRAINSTORM.


On and off throughout my life, I get the bug. The writing bug. I’ve never had a career as a writer. Although in my lengthy jobs as an administrative assistant and education program manager, I have been able to use my creativity to write brochures, proposals, website content, study guides, etc. At times when I was in a position where I had no creative outlet, I quickly became frustrated.

Journal: I wrote in a journal for many years. I have a huge box that contains about 30 green-lined steno note pads written on both sides of each page.

Poetry: I’ve written poetry as far back as I can remember. I have pages and pages that probably no one will ever see.

Magazine Articles: I’ve written articles and submitted them to magazines. I’ve had several published yet the stack of rejection letters is at the top of that box. Rejection is part of the game. I get that.

Fiction Novel: About 15 years ago, I got a bug to write a fiction novel. Any free time I had was put toward this new endeavor. I was obsessed. I bought a computer and I wrote for months and months. I worked so hard that I actually felt like this novel was getting close to being a finished draft. Then my life changed and this hard work sits in a box to this day.

Comic Strip: I was a member of the initial start up team back in 2002-2003 for the comic strip Flo & Friends. I wrote hundreds of comic strips with some of my works being published.

I’ve been hit by the writing bug on many occasions when I am driving in my car. I simply put a piece of paper on the steering wheel and write as the car continues to move.

I’ll get a creative idea and can’t quickly find any paper. So I use a napkin or an envelope or even the palm of my hand.

I keep a pen and paper in my nightstand so I am prepared if the bug creeps up in the middle of the night.

I’ve written many lists over the years titled “writing ideas.”

I’ve begun to share my writing on

I’ve lost many hours of sleep because my right brain, the creative side, just won’t stop.

I've listed some of my experiences above to show others that may not understand ~ what my passion for writing looks and feels like.



The trouble with young writers is that they are all in their sixties. W. Somersett Maugham (1874-1965) British novelist and playwright.

Writing is an adventure. To begin with, it is a toy and an amusement. Then it becomes a mistress, then it becomes a master, then it becomes a tyrant. The last phase is that just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster and fling him to the public. Winston Churchill (1874-1965) British politician.

After all, most writing is done away from the typewriter, away from the desk. I’d say it occurs in the quiet, silent moments, while you’re walking or shaving or playing a game, or whatever, or even talking to someone you’re not vitally interested in. Henry Miller (1891-1980) American author.

You must not suppose, because I am a man of letters, that I never tried to earn an honest living. George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) Irish writer.



  • After I published my first six hubs, I printed each one and handed them to my Father. I wanted to share with him why I am on the computer so much and to prove to him it was not because I was playing on-line poker. He read part of one piece and gave the stack back.
  • Then there's my partner who was initially excited for me and does encourage me to write. But two months have passed and I would have appreciated a comment here and there about specific pieces of my work. It simply hasn't happened.
  • I wait until after I post maybe four hubs, then I send out an email. It goes out to all those who know me and I think would be interested. I tell them how to sign up on and comment. I ask for their feedback letting them know how important it is to me. The only thing I have received is a "like" clicked on my Facebook link a few times.
  • My one sister has sent me a couple emails about some of my work, especially my hubs about our Mom and Grandma. My other sister rarely goes on the computer although I’ve mentioned to her on many occasions that I would appreciate if she checked out my work.

I am realizing now that most of the important people in my life just don’t get my passion for writing. I have to accept that. They may look at this differently if I was making lots of money with my passion. I wish I did. Maybe I will.

Without all the wonderful writers here on HubPages and the support that I have received, I would have quit before I really began. I am truly thankful that I found new friends that get it.

Thank you for reading ~ Sharyn's Slant





Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 19, 2014:

Hi How To ~ So glad to find another person that understands ha!!! Thank you so much for your comments and share too.

L M Reid from Ireland on April 04, 2014:

Lol Not too many of my family members read my articles either. They do understand how much I need to write for my own sanity though because I have told them enough times.

Great article I enjoyed reading it voted up and shared on Twitter

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on October 10, 2012:

Hello Carlos ~ it's great to meet you. You made me laugh because I do understand the "love-hate" relationship. Best wishes with publishing your short stories and poetry. And may your vision always remain clear. Thanks so much for your comments.


carlossalinas from San Antonio, T.X. on October 03, 2012:

I am addicted to writing, and after a love-and-hate relationship has developed I finally embraced it. I have started a book of short stories and poetry and huave published most of them on here. I am will self-publish these books later this year (as soon as I finish them). Why try to make a publisher happy? They don't have my vision for my writing, we may want to go in different directions. No one out there thinks the same was as the writer and few can see their vision for their work. I too have paper and pen in my pocket and by my bed! :) I also wrote a hub on writing and why everyone should do it. GREAT hub! :)

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on July 11, 2012:

Hey TT ~ Oh gosh, do I hate that "when will you be making some real money." grrrrrrrrr so aggravating. I hope it changes for you and me too. Thanks for your feedback.


Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on July 11, 2012:

Hi Vicki ~ No, family nor friends have not come around much. Every once in awhile, someone will tell me "hey I saw that article . . . " But for the most part, no. I'm sure you understand how so many people just don't "understand." Thanks so much for stopping by!


Terrye Toombs from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map. on July 10, 2012:

Boy do I feel your pain. Again and again I've looked for approval from my husband (who is supposed 'love, honor, and cherish' right?). What do I get from him? "I'll be impressed when you start making some real money." I don't think I'm allowed to share what my response was back to him. :) I, for one, love your writings. Keep it up! :)

Victoria Lynn from Arkansas, USA on July 10, 2012:

What a great hub about what it is being a writer and how so many people don't understand. Does your family understand better now? Have they come around? Thanks for sharing this!

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on July 07, 2012:

Ha ha WD Curry ~ I see you totally understand. It's frustrating when the people closest to us cannot give support. And, yeah, they think we are wasting our time and might be a lil crazy too, lol. It's a process to get to the point where we are not affected by what others think. Thanks so much for your feedback. I'm glad to know that I'm not alone.


Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on July 07, 2012:

I appreciate that, thanks Cristina!

WD Curry 111 from Space Coast on July 07, 2012:

Sorry about your luck. There is no hope. You are a nut case.

By the way, it takes one to know one.

"Why are you wasting your time with . . . "

I dunno. Maybe it is a calling?


CrisSp from Sky Is The Limit Adventure on July 07, 2012:

Pleasure Sharyn and by the way, I just shared your hub. It has to be shared.

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on July 07, 2012:

Hi Cristina ~ Absolutely, you definitely are a writer! I hope you enjoy the connection with other writers that HP gives to you. Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback!


CrisSp from Sky Is The Limit Adventure on July 06, 2012:

Oh my Sharyn's Slant! I love this hub! This is so so me- a writer in my heart and soul and in deed. I've been writing (and reading) all my life for as long as I can remember. Apart from my journals, I also have some published articles and it's gratifying for my soul to be able to simply express myself and put my thoughts into writing with or without readership. But now, on HP, I aim for connection and readership and happy that this community is very supportive that way.

This is beautifully crafted and allow me to confirm-You are a WRITER!

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 30, 2012:

Yup, you are really lucky Stacy to have a supportive hubby (it could be the phone at times:). And I know your sis is a great support too. But fellow hubbers, they truly understand and we are fortunate to have each other. Take care!

Stacy Harris from Hemet, Ca on April 30, 2012:

I actually convinced my husband to get a hubpages account just so he could comment. Unfortunately... I forgot what his name was... I think it was moviedude31. He only wrote one hub... now he uses it as a good means to comment on hubs he does read. His excuse, he reads them but because he does it from his phone it is too hard to comment. But lucky for me, he has always been really supportive of my writing. My sister is also on here as well and I have had a few friends leave comments as well, but my main support is from awesome fellow hubbers like you! :)

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 30, 2012:

RTalloni ~ I do understand what you are saying. At first, I tried to mix my personal family and friends with my writing and I ended up disappointed. I don't push it any more. But I have not given up either. I am positive the reason I did not give up was because of all the support I receive here on HP. Thank you so much for stopping by. Best wishes,


Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 30, 2012:

Hey dmop ~ Nope, you are definitely not alone. I do believe that your brother will eventually check out your work and give you some support because I'm sure he understands that passion. But certainly, most of our support will come from our peers right here on HubPages. I really appreciate your comments, thank you!


Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 30, 2012:

Hi Jennifer ~ My greatest source of support is also all the friends I have made on HP. Thank goodness! Thanks for your feedback and votes.


RTalloni on April 30, 2012:

Yep. :) These are some of the same reasons I've just kept this a business-type arrangement. I don't want to mix people I love and my love of writing because some of them simply don't like to read, some of them don't share my passion for writing, and some of them--well, that's another hub, too. ;) It feels odd to describe this as a business-type arrangement, same as it would feel to say that about being a mother, but that's the best way I can describe it. If I make money at it, great, and I do want to learn more about that little how to, but either way, whoooo hoooo! I'm writing!

dmop from Cambridge City, IN on April 30, 2012:

I'm glad to know that I'm not alone. I have writers in my family, but haven't seen any of them on my Hubs. It's funny, my brother published his book and I ran out and bought it and read it. Maybe he'll make it here eventually, I do know he is very busy. It is OK though I get all the support I need from my Hub family and friends. Thanks for sharing your experience, and God bless.

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 30, 2012:

Hi Kathleen ~ YAY, YES, WE ARE WRITERS! WHOOO HOOO! I love when I find people that understand and feel the excitement. Thank you so much for your positive feedback!


Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 30, 2012:

Hi Honesty ~ How are ya? I agree that a person who does not have their own "passion" is less likely to understand and be supportive. I do believe that writers who are making a living working their "passion" are more likely to get support because it is seen as a job and not just a "hobby". I am hoping that at some point, that changes for me. Thank you so much for your feedback! Good luck to you!


Jennifer Essary from Idaho on April 29, 2012:

Voted up and awesome! My story is similar in that my greatest source of support comes from the friends I have made here. Thank you for sharing your story : )

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 29, 2012:

Moonmaiden ~ oh gosh, I am so sorry that your BF said that. Ouch! Try not to let it get to you. Just the other day I was talking to my sister and she was talking about her daughter's boyfriend. She said "he is never going to make anything of himself. He's going to school for journalism." I was like WTF. But I was in no mood to get in to it. So I just said, well be glad he is at least going to school and showing responsibility. Ugh, anyway, best wishes to you. It's great that we have other writer's to chat with that "get it." Take care,


Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 29, 2012:

Hi Stacy ~ I didn't know that Eli commented on your work. That is WONDERFUL! I know, you said for a while he didn't, but gosh, he's willing to step it up when you said something. One of my sisters has commented on occasion but it is rare. I've had friends mention they saw a hub but never commented. I believe it's because they see it shared on Facebook. I AM much better about not looking for that support where it just isn't possible. I think it had a lot to do with my own confidence. It's building now which helps. Thanks so much for your great comments.


Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 29, 2012:

Hi Susan ~ thank you so much. I never thought about having a separate FB account. Maybe I should, but I don't worry about what others see. I was just thinking today about my writing and lack of at least "an interest" from those that are closest to me. I really think that one day when I am gone, there will be people that then say "oh, now I get it, she loved to write." And hopefully they think I was somewhat good at it too:)

As far as the book, I did actually take it out of the box about a month ago. I started re-reading the first chapter and that's as far as I got. Oh well, some day! Thank you so much for your feedback and friendship!


Kathleen Kerswig on April 29, 2012:

Great hub! Yes, you most definitely are a writer. I am too! I felt the excitement too, the first time I realized what I was doing here on Hub Pages. It's a great feeling. I look forward to reading more of your hubs.

Cathy from Louisiana, Idaho, Kauai, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri on April 29, 2012:

A really good hub. I think it's interesting to learn when a person doesn't have a passion--that type of person might find it difficult to support someone else's passion or drive to fulfill one. If a person doesn't care or isn't interested in what another is doing, there won't be a lot of support. People who are creative, though, who have the drive and passion to write, we understand the value of rendering support and encouragement. We care and take the time. Because there's mutuality. Thumbs up on your hub, Sharyn. I enjoy and appreciate your enthusiasm and determination. Best regards.

Fayme Zelena Harper from Lucerne Valley, CA on April 29, 2012:

I feel your pain. My boyfriend just told me I was delirious to think of my writing and art as a real job. After 12 years together it makes me sad to see how little he respects my career.

Stacy Harris from Hemet, Ca on April 29, 2012:

When it comes to my family and friends supporting my writing... it really goes half and half. My husband swears that he reads everything he writes... but he never comments. I called him out on it one time and he started commenting again. I have family that never read a thing and I have family that reads everything. It kind of all depends. Great piece of writing. As a hubber - we all know this passion and somewhat don't necessarily get the understanding we desire from the family and friends around us. However, that is why us hubbers get along so well!

Susan Holland from Southwest Missouri on April 29, 2012:

Sharyn, I understand where you are coming from about family and friends. Writing takes passion and persistence. I do not share everything with family and friends, which is why I created a FB page for my hubs where I can choose who sees it and who doesn't. Encouragement is what we need from family and friends. I get it, but at the same time, there are things I write that I do not want to share with them.

You have had some great accomplishments with your writing! WOW! Keep working on that novel. At least keep it in the back of your mind and jot a note or two down until you can get back to it. I am so impressed with all you have done.

Wonderful Hub! Votes and Shares!! :-)

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 22, 2012:

Hi Tina ~ When I first started writing on line, I would send out emails to family and friends letting them know I published a new hub and also how they can follow me and comment. I felt lost because the support did not come as I had hoped. So I stopped the emails and I no longer expect feedback from those close to me. I do receive some at times. But as time has gone on, the feedback I receive from my hub friends is extremely fulfilling and fills that gap! Thank you so much for your feedback Tina!


Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 22, 2012:

Hi Judi ~ Thanks so much for your feedback. You are lucky that your husband is supportive. Not everyone even has that. It does seem that the more I am writing, those close to me are taking a little more interest. For that, I am very much appreciative. Best wishes to you!


Christina Lornemark from Sweden on April 22, 2012:

You described the passion so very well! It is something special about writing and I agree that we need the thumbs up from others but I usually don't show my writing for my relatives and friends. If they are interested, they know where to find it! Thanks for the wikimedia description of a writer! It takes a while to get used to say that you are a writer:)) This is a wonderful hub, lovely! Voted up and more, sharing


Judi Brown from UK on April 20, 2012:

I can identify with the passion for writing - I do wake up in the morning thinking about it. I can also relate to the people around you not getting it - my husband has yet to read anything I've written (he is, however, very supportive of me in that he never hassles me to stop).

Lovely hub, voted up etc.

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 09, 2012:

Hey MO ~ Ha, John Boy! Thank you so much for your great feedback and votes. I don't think I'll ever stop writing - just slow down at times :)


Marisa Hammond Olivares from Texas on April 07, 2012:

Sharyn's Slant - Voted up and across. John Boy! I always admired him. I love creative writing. I can't decide what I like more - reading it, writing it or teaching it. Imagery and sensory details are my big thing. I am a very visual person and I love the journey that words take me on. Your writing bug poem was so cute! Keep em' coming Sharon and never quit writing! :)

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on March 03, 2012:

Hello That Grrl ~ Thanks so much for stopping by to read and comment. I appreciate the compliment. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


Laura Brown from Barrie, Ontario, Canada on March 03, 2012:

Nice Hub. I haven't even finished reading it all. I like the way you arranged and set it up on the page. Really creative.

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on December 28, 2011:

Hi Tammy,

I totally understand when it comes to the job thing. I work part time and do not make much money. So friends and family assume I'm wasting my "other time" writing. I guess they are right in a way since it's difficult to earn an income writing, but they just don't get the "need" I have to write. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your feedback.


Tammy from North Carolina on December 28, 2011:


Excellent! I know exactly what you are talking about! I started writing poetry when I was 10. No one appreciated it. None of my friends and relatives understand. Now that I have been jobless for 6 months and turning to Hubpages, my family is quite disappointed that I am not out looking for a real job. It is something I always keep to myself. Very great hub for fellow hubbers!

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on December 27, 2011:

Hi Vinaya,

Yes, we are on the same side. It can be sad when we are excited about something we have accomplished and do not have the support of family and friends. That is why other hubbers are SO important :) Thanks for stopping by!


Vinaya Ghimire from Nepal on December 27, 2011:

I have been writing for more than 10 years and my family too thinks that I'm wasting my time. I think we are on the same side. We must be always hopeful.

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on August 16, 2011:

Hi Sarah,

Sometimes it's difficult when you have such a passion for writing and those you wish would support just cannot do so. I don't think it's because they don't believe in us. They have their own lives and this is just something that is not important to them. Someone who truly has a passion for writing will continue to write no matter what. That is truly what I have done! I wish you the best!


Sarah Anderson on August 16, 2011:

No one has ever believed in me.

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on June 17, 2011:

Hi Plarson,

I really appreciate you stopping by. We cannot always get our "kudos" from those we wish we could. The writing itself has to be satisfying and meaningful to us personally. That's an interesting point you make about being inspired by others so it's not all our work alone. I do think that is the case for me in much of my writing too. Thanks for your comments ~ have a great day!


Plarson from Alabama on June 17, 2011:

SS - Well, you summed up completely the reason I post peoms. I write "just cause" I can and want to. I don't copyright my poems because the words might have come from me, but the "reason behind the rhyme" is inspired by others, so the poems are not mine alone. Keep up the good work. -Paul

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on May 24, 2011:

Hello UTL,

It's great to meet you. Thanks so much for stopping by to read and comment. I will be patient and look forward to the WOW someday :)

Welcome to HubPages ~ best wishes to you too!


Under The Lamp on May 24, 2011:

I've drawn a layout for my magazine ideas, complete with covers and topic pages for January through June. I haven't been as bold to summit them yet. I've returned my focus to the story of the screenplays I've written.

You will get a chance to wow the right people with your talents one day. I hope I'm there to cover the story. Best wishes. Thank you for the inspiring hub.

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on May 10, 2011:

Hello David,

It's great to meet you and follow. I will get the novel out of the box one of these days. I need a long span of time where I can just retype away . . . Thank you so much for stopping by and for your awesome comment.


David Steitz from Nevada on May 09, 2011:

AWESOME HUB!!!! I'm pretty new here at five weeks but feel as though its been much longer. I was almost getting a complex regarding the lack of interest from family and friends regarding my hubs. Perhaps only those of us that truly love writing understand? I liked Superman but also recall thinking what a great job Clark Kent had! You should get that novel out of its box. Thank you for such a great hub!

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 27, 2011:


Thank you for such a nice comment. That really made me feel good. I also feel that your wonderful writing and extremely informative hubs are inspiring to me. Thank you again ~ have a great evening!


toknowinfo on April 27, 2011:

This is a great hub. You are in a community of people who can totally relate to you. Your honest style and down to earth writing makes it so comfortable to read you hubs. You are an inspiration and I love the way you write! Keep filling HubPages with your creative ways.

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 25, 2011:

Hey pinkydoo,

Thanks for your "understanding" comments. I do hope to retype the book soon. Thanks for your encouragement. Have a great day!


pinkydoo from New York on April 25, 2011:

This was such a fun hub to read! And yes, I think we ALL understand this "passion to write"...that's why we're all here at hubpages! You should definitely ressurect that book - maybe try and get it published! As far as spouses go, mine definitely does NOT understand. He feels if I'm not "making money" I'm wasting time. Oh least we all understand each other!

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 22, 2011:

Thank you b. for stopping by and commenting. When I was in early grade school, my teacher wrote on a report card that "Sharon is bossy." Hmmmm. My mother kept that one :)

Have a great weekend!


b. Malin on April 22, 2011:

What a wonderful Hub on the subject of writers and those that play them. I too have loved writing since grade school. My teachers thought that I had a great sense of imagination...My family and friends come by from time to time, but there's nothing like another Hubber to say, Two thumbs up, or I could relate or, you made me smile today.

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 21, 2011:

Good Morning A.H.,

Thank you so much for your comments. I do believe that many hubbers will relate. I am honored to have you as a new follower. Have a beautiful day!


attemptedhumour from Australia on April 21, 2011:

Hi Sharyn, you have the write idea, only about two percent of the people i know show the slightest bit of interest in my scribblings, but a few hubbers from around the globe at least swap comments. It doesn't matter what piffle you churn out, as long as you enjoy the process and are happy with the outcome. Your hub was great and most hubbers will relate to your thoughts. Cheers from a new follower.

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 20, 2011:

Dear Mar,

I do think we have a lot in common. You made me LOL! I have thought about the day my family will be going through my stuff, junk drawers included, and they'll be like "hmmmm, is this what she was doing?"

Thanks for your support! Have a great night,


Maria Jordan from Jeffersonville PA on April 20, 2011:

Oh dear... I believe I have found a soulmate the more I read your work... I start thinking I am possessed when I have notepads strewn about/ including the steering wheel when stuck in traffic...bedside cabinets...

N O O N E cares about my writings (my sister being a wonderful exception and Mamma in heaven...!) except my new hubbing buds... anyway, they'll all feel bad one day when they are going through my junk drawers and find my master pieces (LOL!!!)

Keep me smiling... Voted UP, AWESOME & BEAUTIFUL...!

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 20, 2011:

Hello PrairiePrincess,

It's so nice to meet you. Thank you for your awesome comments and also your wonderful fan mail. I will check out your work as well. Have a great day!


Sharilee Swaity from Canada on April 20, 2011:

Sharyn, I love this hub! You have written in such a fun, upbeat style, and I TOTALLY relate to this! I feel a little better now, knowing how common our predicament (based on the comments.)

I post almost all my articles on my FB, and about 1/6 maybe gets a "like." People just don't seem interested. From reading your hub, and the comments, it's reassuring to know it's not personal.

My husband is the one that encouraged me to get into writing, but he finds it hard to sit down and read an actual hub,too. I guess we writers are a strange breed!

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 19, 2011:

Hi Kath,

You and I sure have some stuff in common:)

Of all your hubs you would want your Dad to be impressed with, it certainly would have been that one. And I know what it's like to miss that support from your Mom.

My Dad reads the entire paper from front to back, on and off, all day long. On Tuesdays, we get all the ads for the grocery stores etc. in the mail. He reads those too. He loves reading cook books, etc.

He's been retired for 10 years and still reads the entire "job ads" for openings for me and others in the family who are searching. I try to tell him that I get email alerts and can see the same job postings on line (in a larger print) but he does it anyway.

I do think if I wrote hubs on current sports or weather or about our Governor (who he does not like), he might read it :)

You know Kath that I always appreciate your support and your writing as well!


Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 19, 2011:


Did you and Sydney ever start that back and forth, building on each others writing? I thought it would be fun. Tell Syd I said hi!


Kathy from California on April 19, 2011:

Hi Sharyn-

My Dad did the same thing when I sent him a link to the Dove Recipe Hub I did, I thought, wow he'll be so impressed! He actually read all the other very dark poetry hubs instead and it upset him - Oh well. He and most of my family have never had any interest in my writing. My Mom was the only one who was so supportive and proud of me.

You are a writer Sharyn, no doubt, families just don't get it sometimes but that is ok!:) Great Hub BTW

Kelly Umphenour from St. Louis, MO on April 19, 2011:

Hey you know you really made me realize it's more special than I thought! I do enjoy it but yeah, I bet we will share our writing later too!

Thank you Sharyn!

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 19, 2011:

Hey Mar,

You made me chuckle! (not needing the thumbs up . . .)

I guess I'd be better off if I felt more like you. But I need a few thumbs from time to time :)

And you are a writer with talent ~ just read the wiki description!

Thanks so much,


Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 19, 2011:

Wow Diana,

Such a nice comment. Thank you.

I knew I wasn't alone and that so many others would relate. I just hope I'm not making the people close to me feel bad or get upset with me. That was never my intent.

Thank you for your encouragement!


Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 19, 2011:

Hi Kel,

Your comments are always so encouraging. You and Sydney are lucky to have a passion that you both understand. She's so young ~ just wait ~ it could be a lot of fun. My Mom and I would share writing stuff with each other. And she wasn't afraid to give me constructive criticism. I guess I'm really missing that connection. Enjoy the connection you have with Sydney.


Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 19, 2011:


Ha, I love the name you know. And I love you too.

Thank you for reading and commenting and for your support! It means more than you know!

Sharyn XO

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 19, 2011:


It's nice to meet you. Writing can definitely be a stess reliever. Thanks for stopping by.


marellen on April 19, 2011:

Sharyn, I haven't shared this site with many friends or family members because I don't really care if they give me thumbs up or not. Just getting the comments and scores on HubPages is enough for me. Maybe the difference is that I never really considered myself a writer but I'm sure having fun here. Who knows maybe I have a secret talent. As always a fun heartwarming hub.

Diana Owens from My Little Hole In The Wall, HubPages, USA on April 19, 2011:

Hey Sharyn...

I totally, totally, TOTALLY get you!!!! (:

I'm really glad you are the way you are. You have shared some fantastic Hubs for the rest of us to read! (:

Thanks for sharing, Sharyn.

peace to you...always,


Kelly Umphenour from St. Louis, MO on April 19, 2011:

This is so great Sharyn. I try to remember to that when I write it can be hard for my family to judge the work. They aren't writers except Sydney. She will read my hubs and tell me how much she loves them. I know she is sincere. No one else really shares that passion so I just feel sorry for them! Haha!

Up and everything:)

rabrus on April 19, 2011:

I do understand you!

Why do you think I love you so much!!

I will try to be more supportive and give more feedback

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 19, 2011:

Dear Epi,

I love when you stop by. Thank you for your sweet words. You are definitely an example of a writer with a passion. I am grateful that I found you here in the hubs :)

Have a great night!


Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 19, 2011:

Hi D.A.M.,

Thanks for your support. My Mom wrote poetry and sometimes little short stories. She was creative in many other ways too. She also used to help me come up with new ideas for the comic strip. I miss those days. Your encouraging words mean a lot to me always.


TheSloneGal on April 19, 2011:

people who can not write they really do not get folks like ourselves for me writing gets stress out and lets me be myself and say what I want to I love to write and I happy that you do as well

epigramman on April 19, 2011:

...well I certainly have a passion for your creative writing - and I love how you write about the creative process here in this hub - and you have such a wonderful attitude with a god given ability to communicate through the unique channel of your words ......

dearabbysmom from Indiana on April 19, 2011:

Love this hub, Sharyn! Probably why we are all on here, just looking for others who understand. I remember the first time I was paid for a free-lance piece and my husband seemed angry I had been paid so much. He wanted to know why I thought my time had been worth that much. I told him it didn't matter what I thought, because the editor apparently thought my time had been worth it. I'm curious as to what kind of writing your mother did. You are a writer, period. It's what you do and what you love. And you have a gift. Never stop!

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 19, 2011:

Hello MCK,

Thank you for your kind comments. I do have to open that "novel box." Everything has to be retyped since I first did it on a word processor years ago. Good thing I type really fast. I'll get to it one day, hopefully soon.

Have a great evening!


mckbirdbks from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on April 19, 2011:

Hello from LaLa land. Great Hub, you are amongst some very fine writers here. So, learn from them, dust that box off, and reaquaint yourself with your novel.

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 19, 2011:


Thanks so much for the votes. I am glad you are here with all of us in LaLaLand.

Definitely check out Sunnie Day's writing. She's very good. There's something about her writing that is calming and I love it. It's always a pleasure to see you too! Have a great day!


tumblintumblweed on April 19, 2011:

Sharyn ,I think your hub is awesome,useful,uhhhh well,I'll just push all the 'good buttons'....Thanks for making my day ! And I will go hubbing over to La La Land now....

Always a pleasure! Thank you!

Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 19, 2011:

Hi Katie,

Thanks for stopping by. I understand. It's kind of like "scratching and itch." ha

You must take care of it or it will drive you crazy. Have a great day!


Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 19, 2011:

Hello Hyphenbird,

It's ok with me if you and Sunnie Day split time with John Boy. Today, I'll take Richard Castle!

You are right, I do hope that this piece might encourage those who do not feel they have support with their writing in their personal life.

So far, I have linked all my hubs to Facebook. Today, I checked to see if at least any "like's" were clicked. Not one for over a month. Oh well. Maybe this piece will help a little. We'll see. Thanks for your support!


Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 19, 2011:

Hello M.O.,

I personally am one of your biggest fans. New to writing or not, your work is awesome and unique. I'm glad you can relate to this as I'm sure many writers can. Thank you so much for your support!


Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 19, 2011:

My Dear Sunnie Day,

You were my inspiration for this piece. That's why I told you in my comment on LA LA Land that I had wrote so much but then deleted it because it was turning in to a hub. This piece is the result :)

As always, thank you for your words of support and encouragement. I don't know if I'll ever get my book published. I did make some strides though, I actually found the box and took it out of storage a couple weeks ago. Now it's sitting on my desk still sealed. If only I had those 36-hour days!

And yes, I actually watched part of a Walton's rerun a couple weekends ago. I wouldn't mind being a Walton, life seemed much less crazy back then.

Until we meet again in LaLaLand ~


Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 19, 2011:


Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and votes. I agree that I too cannot imagine my life with out my new HP friends. On occasion, there has been someone here who I really like and then I do not seem them. I actually feel sad. It's a great connection. Have a great day!


Sharon Smith (author) from Northeast Ohio USA on April 19, 2011:


Thank you for such a wonderful comment. It is true that life without passion is empty and boring. Thank you for your encouragement. I am grateful to also have this outlet and for people like you!


Katie McMurray from Ohio on April 19, 2011:

I like the way you think! I write because if I don't my mind never stops screaming write this down and move on would you! :) Katie

Brenda Barnes from America-Broken But Still Beautiful on April 19, 2011:

Hey, John Boy is cheating on me!!!! This writing crave is strong and powerful. I remember writing way back when I was young. I once wrote a horror story at Halloween featuring all the terrors, Frankenstein, Dracula and the Werewolf! I was very young, perhaps third grade. As time went by, I allowed life to intrude and set it all aside. But inside I wrote constantly.

Thanks for this inspirational Hub. Perhaps it will encourage some creative folk to write and not hide their words.

I also have friends and family that will not read my Hubs. I used to post every one on Facebook. Now I don't even bother. My little boy though knows I am writing most of the time on the computer. I write stories for him and read them at bedtime so all is great.

MysteriousOne on April 19, 2011:

Sharyn, this is so true.Most of my friends or family are really not interested in my writing. The best friends that I have made, are right here on hubpages.I am fairly new to writing,and the support of my new friends has been unbelievable.

Your hub was very interesting,and I could relate to a lot myself....voted up and Thank you for sharing this wonderful hub! Now I'm off to check out LALA Land....ty


Sunnie Day on April 19, 2011:

Good Morning Sharyn,

What a wonderful hub you have written that touches us all... I thank you so much for the shout out. That was such a nice suprise about LaLa land. I really don't understand why people closest to us do not seem that interested..I will post a couple articles on face book and honestly after all the hubs I have put out, I may have posted four (once in a blue moon) and I get no response from friends and family. It is rather dishearting but I am so thankful for our hub family. You my friend are gifted beyond belief and one day I have no doubt that novel will be in print.

God bless..Up awesome and beautiful on this one for sure.


PS. I had a crush on John Boy too..I wanted to be a Walton..hahaha

bbnix from Southern California on April 19, 2011:

I agree with both you and No_', that this is "the place to be".

In fact, although I have had many creative pursuits, I am fairly new to writing, especially poetry.

And now, I couldn't imagine my life without it, but much more powerfully, I couldn't imagine my life without my friends here at the hubpages.

In the couple months that I've been here, my life has been transformed for the better far beyond my wildest dreams, and the crazy thing is, I was incredibly happy before I stumbled here.

I mean what is the superlative of a superlative a few times over... I don't know what you would call it, but I've got it bad...

Thanks Sharyn for the beautiful hub and prompt. I'm hitting all the buttons here...

No_Clue on April 18, 2011:

Sharyn, I sooooo understand. No one in my family, neither siblings nor sons (I have 3, grown) will go to Hubpages to read any of my stuff, and I have one friend only who will read and comment on my work. And, get of my sons is a broadcast journalist by trade and writes for a living! So I relate more than I wish I did. I am so happy that you are here and would encourage you strongly to keep at it, understood or not. Life without passion is empty and boring! Passion unfulfilled is even sadder! It is folks like you that make this place the place to be, and I, for one, am grateful for you!

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