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My Husband's Final Surprise

My husband surprised me in many different ways during our life together

After 72+ years of marriage and his passing, my husband Lowell still had a special surprise for me!

My tale begins wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back when Lowell and I were dating. His first surprise was a proposal of marriage and a ring. The proposal was plain and simple, as was my answer of "yes".

After a year's engagement, we were married and moved into a small house on a farm owned by his parents. Our first Christmas together Lowell came up with his next surprise. Christmas morning, he happily informed me that my present was in the basement. Hurrying down there I found a brand new "Flexible Flyer"! Many fun-filled hours were spent on that surprise flying down the hill on the farm. Of course, there was a small creek at the bottom of the hill, so you had to be going fast enough to fly over it or slow enough to be able to stop or turn away from it. Naturally there were times you were unable to do either and ended up in the creek!

The next surprise wasn't actually from Lowell. Living on a farm you planted a garden, and we were especially proud of our first garden that looked fantastic, especially the potatoes. However, when it came time to harvest them there were absolutely no potatoes under the ground--our lovely potato patch was all plant and no potatoes!

After ten years of marriage, Lowell brought home a surprise that he was especially proud of. This was a lovely hooded black dress. After my initial shock, and with my heart in my throat, I had to tell him there was absolutely no place that I could wear such a lovely dress and would be returning it. The dress was too dressy for church, and we never went anyplace where it would be appropriate.

Many years later we moved to a farm in southeastern Minnesota and our family had grown to eight, with five boys and one girl. One afternoon when I was visiting our neighbors, Lowell had a brand-new automatic washing machine delivered and installed. That surprise made my task of washing clothes much less of a chore.

Our next move was to Conrad, Iowa. Our monthly card group happened to be meeting at our home and on my birthday. Lowell surprised me with a beautifully decorated birthday cake. Needless to say, everybody enjoyed that tasty surprise.

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While living in Conrad, Lowell and another man named Lowell owned a Ford dealership. Lowell ordered a 1984 red Ford Mustang, my dream car. There was a very sad ending to that surprise as it burned up during our house fire in May,1985.

Many times, throughout our married life Lowell would have a special greeting card on our kitchen table in the morning to surprise me on my birthday, Valentine's Day, our anniversary or Christmas.

Valentine's Day was a favorite of his. This picture shows the Singing Dogs I received as a surprise one year. They sing "I've Got You Babe" and their mouths quiver while singing. Very cute! Another Valentine's Day Lowell topped all of his surprises when he engaged a quartet from the local men's chorus to serenade me with "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" and they presented me with a beautiful red rose. At this time, we had moved to a senior retirement center.

Singing Dogs


Now for the final and best surprise. Sadly, Lowell passed away on Friday, August 13, 2021. During the difficult task of sorting through Lowell's belongings, I discovered this lovely Christmas card that he had purchased and hidden away to surprise me on Christmas. If you ask any member of our family, they will tell you it is almost impossible to surprise me--the detective in me always hears something or notices something that gives away surprises. But this Christmas card definitely surprised me and made me laugh and cry. Lowell came up with the FINAL AND BEST SURPRISE!

Christmas Card


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