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My Choice of Ways

I AM A STUDENT AT SUNYANI TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY. I am student of school of business. Currently i am studying Secretaryship and management .


There is a freedom of choice

I have a maiden mind of confidence

I built a bull of horn and a craft of a beautiful tail

By using it to swipe the dots around of my back,

I should be ready to overturn the situation

And overturning and overviewing stretched me

Making me weaker and weaker

Where the gym could not help

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But self enhancement and preservation

I became mentally developed and physically uncomfortable

But the deed day peep sooner and there,

My choice of joy is expected to reveal.

All the dots around me looked beautiful and charming

But I say that is my way.

And everyone chants and sings for joy.

© 2021 Apiah Ishmael Akeema


Apiah Ishmael Akeema (author) from Ghana on May 07, 2021:

A very lovable poem to ready. it invoke and attract abstraction for real life.

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