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MS Penarts: Author's Interview

MS Penarts is a published author of various mini novels and poetry books.

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Author Biography MS Penarts

About the Author:

“MS Penarts“ is a regular introverted nerd who loves to gobble books like wolves do, and who ardently wishes that someday she would be able to pass on her penchant in reading and writing to her two lovely cubs. She has published her debut novel through Ukiyoto Publishing in April 2021.

Currently living in Manila, Philippines, she loves reading classical books as much as she loves Harry Potter series and detective stories. She is also into haiku and couplets. It is her greatest ambition to visit every prominent libraries across the globe, including the Vatican’s Secret Archives of course.

You can also follow her at her FB Author Page and IG @mspenarts.

What are you currently working on?

I'm currently writing three books simultaneously: one is a sequel to my book Maraya, one is a poetry book and lastly a memoir.

What is your recent career highlights?

Aside from being able to published a book the traditional way, I also co-authored an anthology book titled "SPARK OF SOUL" which was compiled by Pranali Vira.

Here is the link:

I am also going to be featured in the "WHO'S WHO OF EMERGING WRITERS 2021" which is set to be published in June 2021.

Authors Interview MS Penarts

What do you think makes a good story?

Authors have different perspectives when it comes to making a good story, but for me, if you can able to motivate your readers to stand up and do what is right, then that is a good story. If you can inspire your readers through your characters-- make them feel their moods and feelings, I think that is a good story.

What is the difference between a writer and an author?

There's a thin line of difference, actually. Both the writer and the author are writers, but if the writer published his writings in a book, then he or she became an author. Simple as that.

Does writing energize or exhaust you?

No. Writing is where I relieved all my thoughts, may it be positive or negative. Hence, whenever I write I feel refreshed afterwards.

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When do you write?

I write during evening because I have a day-time job.

What is your kryptonite as an author?

I am, by nature, shy and reserved. I have a problems with my nerves whenever I talk before a crowd. I guess, I am not yet prepared to do video interviews and book signings, but I am currently working on it.

Where do you get your inspiration in writing one of your books?

If you would search the history of my country Philippines, you would know that there is no secret society or any society founded by a Filipino woman for women. So, I suddenly got an idea to write a novel and create a heroine that can build a platform for women's voices to be heard, to empower them and to make them feel that they are equal to men albeit the society's rigid expectations in the year 1870's.

What comes first - the plot or the characters?

I write the plot first, then create characters into my list of characters afterwards. I think it works for me that way.

How do you select names for your characters?

It's a secret actually, but I'll tell you. I derived my character names by searching for baby names online. There! That's not secret anymore.


What are the most common traps for aspiring writers?

There are too many to mention but I guess the most damaging is doubting oneself. Aspiring writers should never hesitate to move their foot forward and to take that long-overdue "first step" to reach their dream of becoming an author someday.

If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be?

I'll advice her to keep on writing even though she is not living to her expectations yet. I'll tell her that she'll get there someday if she keeps on trying.

How do you want to help moving humanity forward?

Wow, that was deep (chuckles). Well, I wish to reach out more to my co-genders - those women who are suffering right now because the society that they are living in chose to ignore their sufferings. I wish them to be aware that it is not right for them to suffer. I wish them to take a stand, to voice out and to be heard until, eventually, they can also be a voice and, maybe, an inspiration for others.

Please walk with me, and together let us inspire others as we journeyed to reach our dreams.

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List of Books

My list of books available in Amazon:

My friend Miki (A recluse's painful journey to self-love)

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