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Mode of Silence by Science



People are very highly impressed by the powers and achievements of Science. The reasons for this are obvious. Science has made numberless valuable contributions to man's understanding of the cosmos and the forces of nature. It has made available to man many useful inventions which technology has successfully put to use for making man's life more comfortable and convenient. It has also given man more thorough knowledge of his body, brain, and nutrition and has thus enabled him to combat many diseases, Moreover, with the advancement in science, man can now grow more food, do things more quickly by the use of automation and computers and can have better control over some forces of Nature.

Can ultimate, perfect, and whole truth be known through science?

But no one can deny that probes made by Science into the nature of the cosmos and the secrets of life have not yet enabled him to know the ultimate truth. Cosmos and Consciousness remain to man a mystery as ever before. In fact, some eminent scientists themselves have suggested that Science has raised more questions than it has solved and that, in certain areas, particularly in some fields of physics and cosmology, its conflicting theories have created confusion and are either like metaphysics or like fairy tales.

Further, it would be admitted by all that every successive major finding of science has brought to light some flaws, lacuna, or anomalies in the prevalent or preceding 'scientific view, thus pointing out that discoveries of science, however wonderful and perfect they may appear today, are imperfect and full of gaps after all. One can better understand this unpalatable fact if one keeps in mind the fact that, with the invention of new and more sophisticated instruments such as telescope, the microscope, the electronic microscope, bubble chamber, EEG, etc., new phenomena and more facts have been coming to light which made changes or corrections in the existing theories obligatory. This, therefore, means, in other words, that those theories were not correct and perfect and man will never be able to know the perfect truth through Science because one cannot practically have a perfect instrument. Moreover, as 'Heisenberg's Principle of Indeterminacy' suggests the subtle experiments, by their very nature, are such that the very presence of the observer, man, disturbs those experiments and the subtle phenomena are (due to other reasons also) Indeterminable through gross Instruments and by an observer who is in gross, i.e., physical state. All this shows that what is called scientific knowledge is in truth not scientific; it is not free from defects and is, at best only, approximate and limited truth, relating only to the physical world which forms only a small part of the cosmos.

Is Science only a boon?

Another bitter truth about science is that, while making attempts to make man's life more comfortable, it has given rise to certain new irritants and new troubles and, while trying to solve some existing problems, it has resulted in raising new problems. For example, the technological uses of science have caused grave problems of environmental pollution, nuclear radiation, and rapid consumption of the world's non-renewable mineral resources and energy. In fact, the unprecedented danger of a nuclear catastrophe, confronting mankind today, is also a spin of Science and Technology.

Furthermore, though Scientific Knowledge has made attempts to explain the relationship between one thing and another, it has failed to make the relationship between one man and another man more cordial and ethical. The fact remains that it has made human relationships more mechanical and worse by making him more materialistic and comfort conscious.

Science has invented powerful rockets that have the ability to put a man on the moon but it has not an enabled man to have the power of controlling his mind and have peace. What use has rockets and all technical know-how if a man has lost his peace and sleep? What are all boons worth if a man has lost his inner contentment and happiness?

Again, whereas Science has greatly helped prolong the average life-span of man and has equipped man with the knowledge of heart-transplant, kidney-transplant, eyes-transplant, etc., and has done considerable service by inventing sophisticated surgical techniques and life-saving drugs, yet there has been a spurt in the incidence of heart-failures, psycho-somatic diseases, cases of cancer and other killer-diseases in areas and countries which are known for great scientific and industrial development.

It might have enabled man to conquer, in part, forces of Nature yet it has not an enabled man to score a victory over his own nature so that he has to go to psycho-therapeutists for his mental ills. Moreover, the fury of Nature continues to devastate and ravage the earth despite man's great scientific knowledge and skill.

Yet another serious charge against Science and Technology is that both these together are uprooting the balance of Nature, causing disharmony, making life artificial and, above all, these are leading the world to destruction because, according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the high-entropy rate, caused by Technology, has highly speeded up mankind's march towards a state of utter degeneration.

Powers and Fruits of Silence

By Silence is meant the quiescence of spirit, the calmness of mind, or the state of mental equipoise. Though silence of the tongue helps to attain this state yet it is not to be identified with the stillness of speech; for, it is mainly a state of mind in which all turbulence has ceased. It is attained and experienced when the soul rests in the self and God, the Ocean of Peace. In this state the bubbling or muttering of Mind has stopped, the consciousness has withdrawn from the outgoing senses and all noises of vices have died away. It is not to be identified with dullness, sleep, or total passivity, rather, it is a state of heightened consciousness, the actualization of the Spirit, and activity at a different level of existence. It is a very powerful state which can do greater wonders than Science. It energizes the spirit so much that the latter begins to radiate very powerful waves of peace and currents of a new type of energy that revitalizes the elements of Matter and fills all things with essence, energy, freshness, and harmony. It is the only means of reversing the entropy law and bringing all Matter back into its original state of high energy and vitality. Different from the physical and chemical actions, it is the only form of activity (activated state) or the state of being which recharges the spirit with new energy and which, automatically, conserves the material energy and, above all, sets in a process of bringing all things back to their pristine state of purity, power and peace and heals the wound inflicted by Science on the earth and the atmosphere.

Silence is an effective medication

The State of Silence, which comes from intense Spiritual Meditation, gives man's mind the greatest relaxation, restfulness, and refreshment. There is sufficient medical evidence on this point. Silence straightens man's thoughts, soothes his emotions, and gives him wonderful composure and enthralling calm. It restores inner harmony and weeds out all disturbances and pains of the conscience. Thus, it is far-far superior to all drugs and medication that is aimed at bringing relaxation to man's troubled mind, disturbed psyche, and turbulent emotions which cause even such grave diseases as cancer, hypertension, arthritis, rheumatic pain, heart attacks, asthma, allergy, lack of resistance to onslaughts of disease, fatigue, stress, etc. Silence has helped even terminally ill patients, it has been observed by medical researchers that Silence of Mind helps speedy recovery and greatly assists the inner physical forces at work for a patient's convalescence. The reason for this is that it prevents negative thoughts, emotional turmoil, trauma, mental fatigue, and dissipation of useful energy by wasteful thoughts. Silence gives man patience and peace so that there is no increase in stimulation of Adrenal, Thyroid, Pituitary, and Pineal glands and consequently, there is no hormonal disturbance or imbalance and all the systems of the bodywork in union and inner harmony. Thus, man's mind feels at ease so that the chances of disease are greatly reduced.

Silence makes Mind a fit instrument for clear knowledge

Since man's mind is now unruffled like the surface of a calm lake, the reality is now clearly reflected in the mirror of the mind. As the thoughts of the mind are no longer murky, the truth reveals itself in its full radiance. As there are now no motives of selfishness and hankerings for name and fame and novices are lurking in sub-conscious layers of mind, the Instrument of mind in Silence is efficient to grasp the truth in its pristine purity.

It should not be hard to realize that the sole instrument of all knowledge-mundane or transcendental-is the mind. And, since Mind in silence is undisturbed, calm, and in a state of purity, it can comprehend the truth in its original grandeur. The mind, being detached and withdrawn from the body and its sense organs, is now rid of the shortcomings which hitherto affected it, and thus it can now understand the cosmos in its real nature.

One rediscovers the self through silence

Above all, man can rediscover his own real identity only through silence. attained utilizing Spiritual Meditation. And what worth is life if a man has known the rocks, the rivers, the earth and ether, and the flora and fauna but is ignorant of the self? Of what use is all science if it does not bring in real and lasting happiness? And, surely, man cannot have unalloyed joy, constant happiness, and spiritual bliss if he has not realized himself through Meditation and restful silence.

While Science aggravates Desires, Silence brings Satisfaction

Again, science is devoted to material pursuits. It makes available to man material goods in abundance to satisfy man's desires. But does it really enable man to satisfy his desires or it gives a fillip to his cravings for more modern and more sophisticated means for satisfying his earlier desires and for fulfilling his new longings? Telling the truth, it is silence that brings contentment to man's mind. In silence, one gets experiences that are unequaled by the satisfaction of worldly desires. The state of calm and silence puts to end all cravings for worldly things because there is no attainment like it. It gives to man the treasure of divine wisdom and the invaluable gift of heavenly peace and rare contentment and a sense of fulfillment.

Silence enables the soul to communicate with God and to get at the truth

However, the greatest boon which silence showers on the soul is its contact with God, for man can communicate with God through silence and not through any vocal prayer or Incantation. It is in Silence that the greatest mysteries of Consciousness and Cosmos are revealed to man.

Since silence removes distraction and mental discord and produces composure and softens emotions, it gives to mind the power to have ulsion of the subtlest varieties. It is in silence that man's intuitive faculties work in full strength and his transcendental abilities and latent faculties get activated. that what were hitherto mysteries to Science are now mastered by Silence. Thus silence is the sheet anchor of peace and poise; it is the enemy of ignorance and leads to illumination and right living. It gives to one's personality the quality of spiritual radiance.

Silence gives a wealth of virtues

Silence gives a great wealth of virtues. One gets great confidence, courage, serenity, patience, humility, and inner strength so that one can cross over great obstacles in life, face big problems and confront grave situations with calm and confidence and maintain his tranquility. All difficulties melt away if one taps the source of power provided by Silence and Meditation. Thus, silence is the key that unlocks the door to sublime virtues and success and gives easy access to God and bliss. It subdues the mind's waywardness and tendencies to go outward. It gives to mind the ability to keep away from the lure of sense objects. Above all, waves of silence move with tremendous speed and force toppling negative forces in the world and, establishing, in their place, love and amity, compassion and composure and peace and purity.

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